Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Wordle and a Word About Buffie and Mike

It's a Wordle! Hey, don't blame me this time for the goofy post. This time it's all on Gigi's head for showing me her newest blog toy. And because I find myself ultra bored this a.m. (no blogs to read people!) I decided to hop on over to Wordle and make my own. Bridget did it one way, by just putting in her blog's URL address and letting Wordle pick her most used words. I went one step further (ooh, surprise!) and copied and pasted text from some of my favorite posts of the past and let Wordle do its thing.

This is what it came up with, and with just a tiny bit of aesthetic tweaking from me and a whole bunch of saving help from Bridget.

This was a fun little project until I realized I couldn't save the darn thing to my computer no matter what I did. Not sure if that's a MAC thing, or a Wordle thing, or I'm- an- idiot thing. In any case, Bridget swooped down off her perch and helped me out once again. Thanks Gigi! Love ya girl!

And let me take a moment to give you a quick update on our beloved Buffie and her hubby, Mike.  As of yesterday, Buffie's best friend Janet (who is a major sweetie pie) kidnapped Buffie from the hospital (at Mike's request) and brought her home for a good night of peace and relaxation.  According to Janet, Buffie was dead on her feet, both from tending to Mike and not getting any sleep at all for two nights running.  It's no wonder that a sleep-deprived and loopy Buffie left the hospital WITHOUT her laptop, which is why we haven't heard from her today.  Mike, although in pain, is doing remarkably well.  Here's a picture of him 24 hours post-op, standing up before taking a stroll of the hallway.  Amazing!  GO MIKE!  I love ya, you sexy thang, you!

7 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Boobs! Bra! and other hilarious words! Too funny!

    Glad our Buffy got some rest! I miss her, hope she is back soon! Yup, Mike is a cutie!

  • Bridget

    Look at that, I take a wittle nappie on a Sunday afternoon and wake up to this. You done gone crazy again Tiney. lol That explains the unusual assortment of words in your little "word cloud."
    Mike looks quite hot in his brace. I'm sure he is going to love wearing that thing for who knows how long! Poor Mike and poor Buffie. I hope we will have them both back home soon!

  • Janet

    Thanks, Justine, for printing the update! Stupid me and my new phone which I'm not 100 percent used to yet, I don't have the video I thought I did of Buffie buying the new mattress for Mike to sleep on till he can trudge his way upstairs (and being flirted with by cute salesman who thought she needed "company" while her husband is laid up... HA!) or I would have sent it to you to post... dang! oh, well... sigh...

  • Janet

    okay, well, first, love your blog and can I vote for two different options, namely don't change a thing and the unnamed person being a turd????

    anyway, due to stupidy on my part, being up since 5:00 a.m. and working nonstop till I took Suzanne out for a mattress shopping spree and coffee at Starbucks (sorely needed by me, her AND Mike) or just still not knowing how to work the new phone (okay, I've now had it a couple of months and should know better!) the video I *thought* I took of Buffie flirting with the mattress salesman is non existent! boohoo.... drats and double drats. oh, well, will try again, maybe when we go to set up the new mattress tomorrow evening. Steve kinda got "volunteered" to pick it up... HA! he's a sweetie, though, will do anything I say pretty much...

  • Lisa

    Your Wordle thing is HILARIOUS!! What post did you copy and paste? I wanna go read it!

    Glad Buffy got rest and Mike is standing up. Surgery is no fun!!

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Perky boobie wordle, lol! Too funny!

    Best wishes to Mike!

  • Buffie

    LOL! I didn't see this before! I love the caption! You're so sweet to to this too! Thanks! Love you!