Monday, August 18, 2008

Beware! I'm on Another Facial Mission! This Could Get Ugly!

As you all know, I've recently become obsessed with having the perfect brow. Leaving behind the swimming spermies and grabbing anxiously at that elusive perfect arch. The last three weeks have been trying to say the least. Each time I grab my plucker and look in the mirror it's all I can do to keep myself from snagging those new-growth hairs and send them flying. It's only my dream of having those perfectly proportioned arches that keeps me from doing it. I must have them. I covet them. I watch TV and find myself jealous of every women who has perfect brows.

As you can plainly see, I'm far far away from having what I so desire. The hair that I need to grow closer in to my nose is coming in sparsely and standing straight up at attention. I couldn't even fill in with pencil or powder at this point. I'd look like a freak! I swear, I'm thinking of buying some Rogaine to get these suckers growing.

But alas, this is not the only facial issue I have right now. I'm aging! Yes, you heard me, I'm getting older by the day and do not like the way my face is responding to it. If all I had to deal with was the slightly drooping upper lids and a few fan lines here and there, that would be fine. But those big bags under my eyes are outright grotesque! Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about them at this point, nothing but glare at them in the mirror and lightly pull my skin back to see what I'd looked like 10 years ago. Thanks Mom, for the heredity you've passed on to me!

But wait, it gets worse. I have acne! As a teenager, I had the most luminous, clear skin, not a blemish to be found. I used to get complimented on my skin. Then I had babies! That was it for my face. Out popped the babies, and out popped the zits! Thank goodness I'm not talking about some huge pustules that ooze all over the place. No, I have your average garden variety bumpy zits that don't even appear to have a head on them. But there are millions of them and no amount of exfoliating with baking soda has helped. And once in a while, I'll get one of those huge, hard ones that stay buried under the skin, hurting like a MoFo and stretching the surrounding skin until it starts to peel right off. I have one on my chin right now that's about the size of a baby Lima bean. I shit you not.

So yesterday I was reading Buffie's blog, or I should say, watching her videos of her at-home facial. What was that she had in her greedy little hands? Was that a glycolic acid peel? The REAL stuff? Oh yes it was, and she even told us bloggers where she gets it from! My fingers moved like lightning over the keyboard to get to that site! And oh my word, not only had a glycolic peel, but also something much stronger called a TCA. I read the description, then read it again, and decided I had to try this. I owed it to my skin to try this!

Here is just some of what the site had to say on this product...

Trichloracetic Acid - TCA - is the primary ingredient in the Obagi Blue Peel.
Noticeable peeling will be realized, with some down-time that will vary from client-to-client, dependent upon your skin type.

Our TCA Home Peels are excellent for softening deeper wrinkling,
reducing/removing less severe facial lines, improving sun damage, fading hyperpigmentation (freckles, "age" spots), reducing scars (not keloid scarring, however), reducing acneic conditions with/without scarring, reducing and/or completely removing upper lip lines. Improved skin coloration/brightness will be seen after peeling, with a fresh, more refined texture to the skin.

***TCA peels typically tighten the skin and provide a lifting effect.

***Begin with either our 8% (lightest/beginner's kit) or 12.5% peel if you haven't used TCA's previously. Once you have become accustomed to using TCA's at home...and should you feel you need to use a stronger percentage...graduate-up to the 15% or 18%.

21% should *only* be used by clients who have tolerated the 18% very well. 21% is *very* strong and not for the beginning/novice TCA user.

I got the 12.5% peel, and this is supposedly considered a "light peel", but after reading more about this, my skin really is going to slough off. Isn't that just too disgusting? I've seen it on Extreme Makeover and it's a scary sight for sure! In fact, I'll have to use Neosporin over my entire face for 48 hours after I do the deed! Can you just picture me walking through Wal-Mart with huge flaps of skin dangling off my face? The very thought gives me the giggles, because you know I would do it, and if I could drag Jill with me, all the better!

Now you know what's coming next, right? Oh yes bloggers, I'm taking you on the journey of the acid peel with me!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you excited, or what? I will make sure Mikayla is available to take pictures of me as I apply this stuff, so she can capture my reaction when the burning pain kicks in. From there, I think a daily photo diary will be in order, so you can all enjoy the various stages of this journey. Will I post it day by day? Or make you wait until the end and do it all in one post? That's something even I don't know just yet, but ooh, can you feel the epidermic excitement? It will be at least a week before I even receive my product, so don't hold your breath in anticipation just yet. Ooh, this should be interesting!

P.S.  Don't forget to leave your reaction answer down below!  It's a new gadget of mine!  Have fun!

35 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • justjill76

    I tried clicking the "your crazy button" more than once but it wouldn't work! WHY? I have to get the message across!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you endure pain through the process! All the times you've embarresed me! I hope your skin melts...

    Oh.. heres A... comment!

    i love you!

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear I fear I will never again gaze into the face that is Justine. Who knows how it will end. This is how Michael Jackson started......just a stray hair here and a pimple there...

    farewell my new blog friend.

  • Bridget

    Hang in there on the brows! It will be worth the wait.
    Good luck with the peel. I want to see daily posts!

  • Anonymous

    I went to bed,could not sleep so decided to do a little reading here in blog land.My god are you crazy? Every one experinces adult acne. Hell just the other day I re-experienced bed wetting. Or either my water broke from my pregnancy 27years ago. Last time I looked I thought you were quite beautiful. And what's wrong with your eyebrows?

  • Anonymous

    You have not visited my blog, I hpe that your eye brows grow in like Phyllis Dillers.Ha!

  • French

    Yes definitely Crazy!!!! Peels are fine but the thought of you walking around Wally world with skin hanging off well...there's only so much a girl can take (lmao) French;)

  • Kathy

    Your brows are coming along nicely, I am not sure if I can watch the Acid Peel Test though, I am a bit squeamish!!!, sounds painful to me, I think you look really young and pretty, wait till you get to my age ughhhhhh. Kathy.

    I love all the extra bits 'n' bobs you have on your blog.

  • Tootsie

    girl, I have trouble coming up with one blog each day...and here you are with multiple entries!!! I am very afraid of those peels and things like that. I can't pluck my own eye brows,and cry like a baby when the woman rips off the wax thing every other month. good thing they grow so slow!lol
    You be careful with that peel thing...I am scared for you! afraid you will look like one of those burn vicitms from extreme makeover! luv ya

  • Picket

    Have you lost your mind girl!!!! lol lol Bend over so I can kick you! lol You are too young and too beautiful to be doing this kind of Horror movie stuff to yourself..what is wrong with you girl! lol lol Come closer...let me tell something to you...#1 stop touching your face so much..#2 don't be so graphic with your description of your zits...I was eating an Oreo!...#3 get your self a jar of original Noxzema...put a thick layer all over your face everyday and let it soak in completely..I mean completely soak in and then wash your can do this each night a couple of hours before you go to bed or each morning while you are doing around in the house....I did this as a teenager and it works..I had clear baby bottom smooth skin from then on out and it is still clear and smooth to this day (well if you don't count the chin hair and the little fuzz that is trying to take over my upper lip!) Girl I just hate to see you go to such drastic measures...maybe you should get yourself a frogie and some brush rollers...a new outfit always makes me feel better! lol Just be careful girl...I think I am starting to like you! lol lol

  • Tootsie

    forgot to add!!!!! I am on the list! I am on the list!!! I AM ON THE LIST!!!

    and it's about damn time!!!!

  • Buffie

    ROFLMAOPIMP!!!!!! I want to see daily photos of the awful sloffing! Oh do a video of you putting on your face!!! LOL!!!

  • Smilingsal

    Whoa, wha r ya--cra-zee?

  • Alex

    I'm chuckling at all the comments left....they are are crazy!! ;-) But, you also sound like a lot of fun.

    Thank you for the birthday wish yesterday! And I should know when the surgery will be tomorrow. That's when I head to St. Louis to meet with the surgeon.

  • Sue

    Justine I read your hilarious blog every day and this is my first comment, You make me laugh out loud girl and I love reading about your daily comings and goings!! Ya know, me and Dot are best boogs, any friend of hers is a friend of mine! Good luck with your acid peely thing, BE CAREFUL!!! Sue

  • Holy Crappers

    Brows do not look bad.
    They are a pain in the ass though, aren't they?


  • artis1111

    Justine , take a mirror and put it on a table. Then look down into it. That Is really scarey. Think!!!Who's on top! Heee.Kathy

  • Naz

    To quote Justine: Wal-Mart with huge flaps of skin dangling off my face.....That's priceless. I've seen far worse things there so feel free to wander the aisles.
    That acid thing worries me. Please be extra careful. I know Buffie demonstrated it yesterday, but she's our crazy blogger. Wait, I'm writing on Justine's blog....she's crazy too. LMAO Nevermind.....

  • Justine

    Sue! I cannot believe you visit me daily and have never left a comment! For shame, woman! Don't you know that us bloggers live for comments? But you're friends with Dot, so I can forgive you almost anything. Isn't she the bestest?

    And Naz, I really wish you'd either start a blog, or publish your email on your profile so I can contact you once in a while. Ya know, thank you for a comment here and there...

    Justine :o )

  • Bridget

    I clicked it last night but it didn't stick! I just clicked it again.
    BTW, Katie saw you blog last night and was pleased that you have not given into the urge to pluck!

  • Pleasing Procrasinator

    This is my first time visiting Froggy Bloggy but I will be back.
    I am hooked now, I am waiting on pins and needles to see the sloughing begin. Actually if it works I am on board. Like you nice complexion when young and now I look like my chheks are at my chin and I have just hit puberty..LOL

  • Caution Flag

    I've always wanted to do a peel. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes! I would be scared to death! I am such a sissy! But I guess no pain, no gain! I cant wait to see the pics!

    Good Luck!

  • Picket

    Hey girl...glad you liked that fountain...but you gotta go buy your own! lol Oh and why do you hate K-mart with a passion...did they catch you on camera trying to use all their toilet paper up in the bathrooms for your bathroom Diva pics!!!! lol Ours down here is not like it use to be and not many people go there but you can catch some good clearance things at the end of the seasons...Hope you are having a great day girl!

  • Lisa

    I hear you on the whole acne thing. My mom used to tell me that it was in my genes to get zits and stuff after I turned 30. Turns out she was telling me the truth. I had ZERO skin issues as a teen, but now at 31 Im more zit prone than ever. Damn those genetics. Ill pass on the acid peel however. I fear I would do damage than good. I shall wash and moisturize daily and wait to outgrow this phase.

  • Linda

    Oh this is going to be interesting! At least the actual hairs in your eybrows aren't an inch long and as curly and wirey as an old mans! That is what I am dealing with now.

    Can't wait to see how the peel goes - I might to get me some too!

  • Nancy Jane

    Hi Justine-Just found out at Bridget's that I'm a "blurker" on your blog! Sorry...wasn't being rude, just short of time lately. Anyhow, I think your blog is a riot and you are one very funny woman. Your brows aren't as bad as you think! As soon as I have time I'll do a post on brows that you won't believe! Nancy
    PS: Had to rate you as crazy, but that's the good kind of crazy. (Except for the peel. They always sound dangerous to me, like they should have a "Don't try this at home" warning! Be careful!)

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    I await your reaction to the peel with bated breath! I too am coward and may not try something so drastic.

    Your face looks fine to me, stop being so unecesarily hard on yourself!

    Love ya!


  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Wait a minute!! I'm on the top ten list!! Yay!! I read it before and did not see my name!! then i read it again!!

    Did i mention...................Yay!!

  • Elizabeth

    A couple of things, you nut!
    1) Your brows are coming in nicely.
    2) I like your new gadget-but I think you may be a widget addict.
    3) Have you heard of body or facial dismorphia? It's when people don't see themselves the way they really are. I don't notice any aging on you, let's see a picture from 10 years ago, sister!

  • imjacobsmom

    Hey be careful with that facial stuff - you may have Rosecea! That's what I got after decades of faithful Clinique use. I had a perfect complexion like you until about 5 years ago and then Bam! Rosecea! You can't use any harsh chemicals or any alpha hydroxy (?) stuff on it. Clinique even gives up on Rosecea sufferers. Just a something you may want to look into ~ Robyn

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Ok girlie... I'm waiting to see these results!!

    I hear ya sister, my skin has NEVAH been so bad. Huge honkin' cyst like zits. I've noticed it's always the same exact poors tho. Gotta be something I can do about them.
    Of course it's always a week or two before *moon time*.

  • Samismomma

    HI! My name is Nikki, I did a 12.5 TCA peel seven days ago, layered it 2x, just a light peeling, still I can see a difference, acne, blackheads, and discoloration from sun going away:) going to do another in about a week. Tried aeverything, think TCA is the best. Just thought you might benefit from my experience with it.. Got it from Makeup Artist Choice. Good Luck!!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Where's the reaction thing? Anyway, I think your brows look better already! Just a bit of shaping and you'll be happy.

    I can't wait to see the facial peel working... I'm scared for you but intrigued!!!! You crack me up.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Oh and by the way... Smoking adds years to the way your face looks!!!! Just HAD to add that!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just love these blogs!!! Your are so funny! I really think you should look into a book deal..... "THE ADVENTURES OF THE GREAT JUSTINE"....