Saturday, August 23, 2008

Interview with Jill and Mikayla. How Do I Look?

The TCA acid peel is here, and I'm nearly ready to go! I just did my patch test and will see how my skin does in that area overnight. But in the meantime, I decided I would conduct a quick question and answer session with Jill and Mikayla, getting their personal opinions on my face. Last week Elizabeth asked if maybe I had something which I think she called Facial Dysmorphia and it truly gave me a giggle. She was describing a syndrome in which a person looks at their face and sees something totally different than what is really there. Kind of like how an anorexic always sees a fat body when they're nothing more than skin and bones. I assure you, I have no such syndrome. I'm just blatantly honest about what I see when I look in the mirror. Nothing wrong with that, especially if there are products out there that can possibly help with my issues.

So I asked both Mikayla and Jill their personal opinions on 7 different questions regarding my face. Here we go!

1.  How old do you think I look?
Mikayla:  I think you look 38.  (Well, that's good consider I AM 38)
Jill:  35

2.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, how bad do you find my droopy eyelids, and under-eye puffy circles?
Mikayla:  7.  Your lower circles are very big and puffy.  Upper lids look dark to me.
Jill:  2.  They're just not that bad.  You're out of your mind.

3.  What are your thoughts on my sperm brows?
Mikayla:  They're getting bushy!  Must trim them!
Jill:  I hate them!  They're short, too far apart and look like a big check mark.

4.  How would you describe the texture of my skin?
Mikayla:  Unknown.  But you do have a big dot on your forehead.
Jill:  Alligator-ish.  Just kidding!  Bumpy like mine.

5.  How severe would you say my acne is?
Mikayla:  Not that bad.
Jill:  Moderate.  Needs some sand-papering.

6.  What about discoloration?
Mikayla:  You skin looks speckled with brown and red dots.
Jill:  You're blotchy and Indian-like from the dot on your head.  Should be replaced with a rhinestone.  Much more attractive.

7.  Do you think I'm crazy for doing a TCA acid peel?
Mikayla:  Well, you're not a professional, so kinda, yeah!
Jill:  Yes, absolutely, because you're going to burn your friggin' face off.

25 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • French

    Your so silly!!!!! Kids are always too honest aren't they? Yikes! I am sure Jill was very honest with you as she is your sister! I would listen to her! lol French

  • Anonymous

    I thought you looked lovely when I saw you and I just saw you as a person like everyone else does. Only you and your family sees you that close oh and maybe your dentist.

  • Bridget

    Great post. I think I have that facial problem that Elizabeth mentioned...I'm really a beauty queen and can't see it right? I said RIGHT? Come on Justine!!!!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    This was a totally funny and entertaining read! yet slightly worrying..................

    I kindah think you have that syndrom too!

    Seriously maybe i cant tell from pics but i see nothing wrong with your face! I side with Mikayla on wether or not you should do the acid peel, it sounds painful!

    But then i find so much fault with myself who am i to say?

  • Justine

    Geez Louise, after all the hard work I put into this damn blog... Didn't ANY of you notice my beautiful drop-cap first letter??????????????

    Justine :o )

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Oh yeah! how'd you do that?

  • Tootsie

    haha! you are older than me! I am only 37...and Yes I agree with JILL!!!!! dont' do it..I am scared for you!

  • Sue

    Its me, I'm here for my daily laugh, of course I'm LMAOROF!!! You are toooo funny!! Now stop putting acid on your face, you are too young to be doing stuff like that, and you're old enough to know better! UTOH, I sound like Dot! LOL! Til next time, Sue

  • Sue

    BTW great drop cap first letter!!!


  • Justine

    Ancient Italian secret. Can't tell or they'll kill me. LOL! It's a hack I found on But blogger is messing with me. it keeps changing things on my blog!

  • Justine

    I'm sorry Sue, and all of you concerned about me melting my face off. I've just gotta do this! The patch test went really well.. no funky reactions, so we'll see. And, Mikayla is all ready to record it all! I'll try and get some close-ups of my face to show imperfections and then we can retake those in a few weeks and see if they're still there. Now that's fun shit!

    Justine :o )

  • Lisa

    While your daughter was nicer in her answers, I would believe whatever your sister says. Shes gonna tell you the truth. Unless she wants you to burn your friggin face off LOL.

    Seriously though Justine, I have seen your face around your blog a few times and I keep comin back here. So you aint bad in the face department! But, if smearing chemicals all over your face and burning it all up will make you feel prettier than go for it. But if you do it and you do not feel prettier dont go all nuts and get Botox and facelifts. Dont wanna turn out like Joan Rivers or that other lady TMZ calls CatWoman. Now, thats scary!!

  • Tootsie


    so there! I hope the un-named ASS reads this!

  • Elizabeth

    Like Tootsie, I didn't vote that the person was a turd because I think she/he is an ass0!
    Be careful w/ that peel, maybe just do the side of a cheek first.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    The moral of the story: Don't ask a kid unless you want an honest answer, lol. Mikayla is too funny! I have no doubt that Jill was putting her real two cents worth. My own opinion is that you're just fine, but I can't wait to hear about the acid peel. Glad you did the patch test! Sounds like it should be ok.


  • Picket

    I cannot leave you alone for one day! lol I have been back reading and trying to catch up..oh my word! I have had to pull off in the ditches many a time at schools when the kids were little try to get to a certain function!lol The question thing...girl...I outta know by know that you will always be able to shock me! lol Now this 'might as well take a blow torch' to your face treatment you are still possessed with...I just don't know...I done told you what to do...I swear, you young people today...I try and I try to raise you right ...send you to school and buy you books and you still AIN'T GOT NO SENSE!!!!!! LOL Ok I didn't want to have give out the 'family' secret but you have forced me in to it...come close...closer..ok, here's what you to a remote part of town (make Jimmy stay with the car...just so you know the car will be there in one piece when you get back) go in the little store on the corner (yeah, the one with bars one the's also a pawn shop..but don't pay any attention to that) go on down the isles pass the dirty magazines (don't be looking at that stuff) ok...right there on the shelf next to the shot gun shells you'll see it (don't be afraid of that man in the corner that looks like the son of satan himself, I think he's an undercover agent..just don't make eye contact)'ll see it right's called 'Preparation H'! Don't give me that look! You just put alittle on those puffy places and those bumpy places and they'll swivel up and shrink so tight you'll look 10 yrs younger!lol

  • Naz

    Good luck with the acid because you're a braver person than I.

  • Justine

    The poll is MULTI-ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blogger wouldn't let me tag that on later!

  • Picket

    Uh...Justine..I didn't see anywhere in that conversation that I had ever USED THAT STUFF!!!!!! I said it was a family secret...I have had family members try that...but this girl ain't going there!!!!!! lol lol I just thought if you'd try the scid then you were up for trying anything!!!! lol lol

  • artis1111

    OK!!! I have heard enough! Ladies if you want a facial that is great for your face , tightens the skin helps with wrinkles. GO< NO RUSH TO THE FRIDGE! A 20 some cent EGG! If you have never tryed an egg white facial you are wasting ypour mone elsewhere. It is simple easy cheap and it works. Take it from a hairdresser. We studied the face along with the hair. Kathy

  • Penny

    Woooweeee I think I would be sorta scaredy cat with this one. In fact, I personally could not do it even in the docs office.
    I'm sure it will all turn out okay, but good luck anyway.

  • Smilingsal

    I have done the egg white facial but not since I was a teenager. Since then, all I've done is wash with a washcloth and Dial bar soap.

    BTW: You DO have insurance?

  • onlymehere

    Thanks for stopping by. I knew you were busy so I forgive you for forgetting me! I'm actually trying to catch up on blogs today. We've been in such a horrible mess with this water and the crawl space. I took three days off work to try and get it cleaned up. Now it's up to the sheetrockers, plumbers, and floorers to finish. I'll try to paint before the flooring people come though. I saw your poll and voted. I can't believe someone said that! I know sometimes people look at me strange when I tell one of my stories in person but I don't lie in my blog or in person. I'm just recording things for my posterity and sometimes we have to respond with laughter to keep from crying, which makes the moment funnier! Not only that, for me blogging is good therapy! Thanks again for stopping by. Now I have 1/2 an hour more to try and catch up on your blog and others!

  • onlymehere

    Okay Justine, those are fighting words!......"smooshy and yucky" lips on Kiefer! LOL, those lips are exactly the biggest thing that attracts me to him! We need to get you some taste in men girl! I just couldn't let that comment lay there, could I?! Oh, and the part about cuddling up with my husband after seeing his new scary movie....AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! LOL! He goes to bed between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and I'm alone all night. When I go up to bed about 10:30 he's just waking up to go to work! I spend my nights alone. That's another good reason for blogging and why I took up quilting! He gets home around 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. (yup, a 12-14-hour day is common for him) and then he takes a nap so we don't have much time together at all. I see him Tuesday night and Saturday night bz he has Wednesdays and Sundays off. I'm a lonely, lonely, sad old woman! LOLOLOL.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    LMAO! Mikayla and Jill sound like a blast. Jill cracks me up.