Monday, August 18, 2008

Me Gots Another Award!

From Elizabeth

And this time the award is for flapping my gums on people's blogs! Or should I say tapping my fingers? Well, in any case, I just received this neato award from Elizabeth over at Thoughts of an Evil Overlord, and I couldn't be happier! If you've never stopped by Elizabeth's place, please do so now. She's got a great blog going, one that I find interesting and eclectic. One day she'll talk about something nice and light, and the next she might write something that really has you thinking. She's got a wonderful attitude toward life and always has a positive outlook. Elizabeth is a proud cancer survivor, but is now going through a disease related to the CURE for her cancer. Never do hear this chick complain though. She's wonderful!

So anyway, I truly do try to keep up with all the comments that are left on my blog, and visit the peeps I have yet to meet and tell them that I appreciate their stopping by. Of course I'm not perfect, and once in a while I'm going to forget to recheck my comments, but you all can blame that on five lovely ladies whom I have an email loop with. That's right. You try keeping up with reading every blog on your blog roll, keeping up with comments, and reading up to 400 emails a day. That, on top of having two kids that sometimes need/want/demand my attention, a new and serious addiction to the Twilight series, and my overwhelming need for daily naps. Factor all that in, and I think I'm doing fairly well!

Thanks again, Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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