Monday, August 4, 2008

Crocs and Gators and Kids, Oh My!

Yesterday we celebrated Madison's 7Th birthday at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park. She had three of her good friends there, two with their moms, plus Jill and her girls, plus both my parents. I wish I could say the experience was astounding, but from an adult's point of view it basically sucked. I paid $250 which got everyone into the park for free, but all they offered me for that amount was a room with tables and chairs. When we got there someone unlocked the room, and when our two hours in there were up, someone came to re-lock it. There was no communication or interaction with any of the park staff the entire time we were there. No one even poked their heads in the room to see if we needed anything. Ah well, we only needed the room to serve cake and open presents, and the rest of the time we spent wandering around looking at reptiles and birds. Our party ended at 4:00, but me and the family stayed almost until closing at 6:00.

Jill got some pretty cool gator shots. Here's one of an albino alligator. I know he looks stuffed, but he's real.

I love this picture. Yes, that is a rat hanging out of his mouth. They have them flown in frozen and they defrost them, then feed them to the gators.

The really fascinating part is that the zoo employees aren't throwing these gators food from up on a deck. They actually walk around, among about 75 gators. All are known by name and are in a way partially tamed. Supposedly, they know not to walk toward one of the zoo keepers unless their name is called or they receive a hand signal. I know this sounds crazy, but it must work, because there were two people and all those gators, and nothing got eaten aside from the rats. Did you know that on average a gator in the wild only eats once per week? Of course that meal might consist of a large wild boar, but hey, a girl's gotta eat, right?

Here's a picture of Alexa, Gianna, and Mikayla holding a baby albino. The kids look like crap but the gator is cute!

Everyone has been asking about Poopy Pants and how's she's doing after her eye surgery. Well, not so great all of a sudden. Her eyes had been turning in, and the surgery was done to try to correct them, but now her right eye is suddenly turning out and it's horrible looking. I think both her eyes look messed up and just want Jill to get her back to the doctor. Not unexpected, as they told her it could take several surgeries to get the muscles just right, but no one wants that for their child. In this picture with Mikayla you can tell there's something wrong with her eyes.

Here are the girls. From left to right: Alexa, Amarita, Julia, Madison and Bentley.

Mikayla chomping on a corn-dog.

Birthday girl with the cutest look on her face. My Little Pony cake, of course. Nothing to do with a reptile theme, but hey, she's a girl! Look at little Amarita's face squeezed into the side of the picture.

Jill and Poopy Pants. My sister thinks she's ugly, but I think she's beautiful.

My goodness, if this wasn't the most boring post ever, I don't know what was. Not a solitary giggle in the whole thing! But hey, maybe that's not so bad. Gotta change things up around here once in a while, and I happen to be in an uber crappy mood right now, which I guess is reflected here on my blog. Knew it would happen sooner or later!

Until next time, Justine :o )

10 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    My brother had surgery similar to Gianna's, but since his eyes were turning out, they did surgery to pull them in...and he looked cross eyes for a while, but then the muscle relaxed. But you're right that she should get her back to the doctor, because my brother's doctor got the muscles a little too tight, and he had to have a second surgery. After that, his eyes were great!

    Anyhow, looks like everyone had fun! Love the pic of the girls with the albino gator!


  • Shelia

    Hi Justiney! Sorry you're not in the best mood. You know, sweetie, it happens to the best of us and you're one of the best. Sorry about the nasty employees at the alligator place. But it looked like the girls were having a good time except the one picture where their little faces reminded me of that movie 'Children of the Damned' - don't kill me, that's supposed to be funny and you're supposed to be laughing now and feeling better! LOL Poor little Poopy Pants. Bless her heart and I hope the doctors can get her little eyes fixed. Your sister is pretty and you two look a lot alike! I don't have any sisters, for that matter I don't even have any brothers! It's just me!!
    Be a sweetie,
    P.S. Thanks for setting me straight about the links to the Bathroom gals...I don't know nuttin' 'bout no puters!!

  • imjacobsmom

    Wow! An albino alligator I didn't even know they existed....anyway, my son is 14 and I've been through many years of "party room rip-off" - lazer tags, bowling alleys, go-karts, etc. it's just part of the cycle of spoiling your kids, I guess. Tell your sister to hang in there, my cousin's daughter had the same surgery a while back and it took a few weeks for her eye muscles to settle in. I think that I would have the doc take a look tho just for peace of mind. ~ Robyn

  • Bridget

    Shelia's comment was funny! They do looked like they could be starring in a Stephan King movie.
    Jill...are you listening? YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Get yourself a new mirror girl...the one you have must be broken.
    That's a bummer that the shindig didn't turn out as you'd hoped. Maybe if you let them know, they might give you some free passes or something.
    I hope Gianna's doctors can do something to make her eye better. The poor little thing!

  • Smilingsal

    That's a high price to pay for a room, table, and chairs for two hours, but the good thing is you didn't have your house torn up. And, how many kids can brag about having a party at alligatorland?
    As to a child not being pretty--Humpf! All God's children are beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Zzzzzzzzzz! Oh Hi Justine!

    Not boring at all, I love to see your pics and although I wasn't there I can even smell the alligators(peeewwww).

    Poor Poopy, she is gorgeous, they all are - especially Jill! and yes the albino croc is very cute too.

    See ya in 7 sleeps!

  • Picket

    Morning girl! Happy Birthday to your little one...sorry to hear about your neice's eyes...that poor sweetie...hopefully they will ge tit fixed in the end...just so hard for a parent to see their baby go thru most people take their kids to a petting zoo..soft fuzzy bunnies..sweetest little fluffs of baby chicks...ohhhh and baby ducks..but nooooooo you gotta take yours on the wild side..AN ALLIGATOR FARM!!!!! lol lol Oh girl go on and is a new day..make it a good one!

  • onlymehere

    What a fun and unique place to go for a party. The girls are all so cute! I remember my Brianna loved My Little Pony too and she's 22 now. Things always seem to come back in style don't they. Hope your day gets a lot better! I'm actually praying for rain here since we have a slight chance of it and my yard is so parched! :)

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Hi Justiney!! still stalking your blog............ For me, some outings are just about the kids! Your family is so close, it's wonderful how you all turn up for each other's birthdays.


  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    I can't beleive the piss poor non "service" for that much money! Oh well, pretty cool I guess. I don't know if I could hold a gator tho!
    Happy Birthday Madison!!
    I hope Poopy's eyes get strong and do what they're supposed to. Very scary thing.
    Jill is NOT ugly. Besides, how could such a gorgeous child come from ugly? BTW, tell Jill that I think of her every time I blow my nose in the john.