Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Crap, I've Been Tagged Again!

Yes, tagged again, this time by Dot at Picket's Place. Little southern stinker couldn't just pass me by on this one, could she? Nope, just had to involve Tiney!

So what's the tag? Well, I'm to tell you five songs that I'm embarrassed to actually like. Now, me being me, it takes a lot to embarrass me and and listening to silly songs just isn't one of those things. Ripping out a fart in public might turn my face red, but not telling you about my quirky taste in music.

If you're here you already know I'm a frog lover. Tree frogs for the most part, but all frogs are cute in my eyes, Kermit included. So, my first song is, It's Not Easy Bein' Green by Kermie.

This next one I had on my Playlist a while back and actually insulted one of my friends with it! Well, maybe not insulted, but she had to turn off the music because it "disturbed" her. Definitely not someone who would ever want to hang out with me, that's for sure. Now I've got this song as my cell phone ringer and I listen to it proudly and loudly!
I Kissed a Girl, by Katy Perry.

This next song actually made me sob the first time I heard it. I was driving at the time and could barely see. I am so not an emotional person and it takes a whole lot to make me cry, but this song just hit me HARD.
Jesus, Take the Wheel, by Carrie Underwood. Isn't her face just exquisite?

Okay, so it's not a real song, but I love it anyway!
The theme from Survivor by Ancient Voices.

And last, but certainly not least, a very handsome and dynamic man who is just funny as all hell. Anyone who can write a song as brilliant and hysterical as this is tops in my book!
The Hanukkah Song by Adam Sandler.

So there you have it. I'm supposed to now tag 7 other people, but you know me, I must go against the grain. Nope, not gonna do it. I leave it up to you. If you think this would be a fun tag, join right in!

Until next time, Justine :o )

21 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you, thank you for not tagging people, especially me! I certainly am not embarrassed that The Hanukkah Song & Kissed a Girl are songs I like! My favorite Kermit song is Rainbow Connection! I love the boppin' beat to Kissed a Girl, I don't care about the lyrics!
    My cell phone plays Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer! Can you say 1986?

  • Anonymous

    Now then....

    Crazy Frog - I just showed the youtube video of this to Alexander and he howled with laughter.

    Cinderella, Rockerfella by Nina and Fredrick. Awful song but it reminds me of a very good friend of my parents, a policeman who would sing it to me when he came round. I was about 3 the first time and apparently I went round singing it all the time.

    On the Beach, Chris Rea. This is actually 'our song' as we spent a lot of time on the beach in the early days. But for some reason people raise their eyebrows and go "Oh yeah?" in that wink, wink, say no more kind of way.

    Can't think of any more just now.

    Great non tag!

    6 sleeps.....!

  • Linda

    LOL - I love most of those songs too - specially the Hanukkah song, Jesus take the wheel and the Survivor theme.

    How exicting you are going to meet an online friend! I have done that twice in the last 2 years and it was amazing. I hope your experience is just as much fun and as rewarding.

  • Dawn

    I've done the same tag. I'm not the least bit embarrassed by my song choices either. Adam Sandler is just too funny. I tagged my daughter on this too and she picked Adam Sandler's Lunch Lady song. LOL!

    BTW, my cell phone plays the theme to I Love Lucy :)

    take care,

  • Naz

    I thought I was the only person who loved the theme song to Survivor. It's nice to know I have company lol.

  • Shelia

    Morning, Justiney! Yep, there you are on my blog just looking like the prettiest as any Bathroom Diva could look! This was fun. I was hoping to have more gals participate, but some are still promising their mug shots...we'll see. Snap away oh, Darling Diva. I will post you until eternity!!
    Snap on and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Kathy

    Great song choices Justine, I love Kermit and it is not easy being green haha, see you soon, have fun, Kathy.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I love "I kissed a girl" too!
    Just stopping by to say that i BUSTED UP laughing at your post about my being a "product snob"! LOLOL! I wish i could be a bit "snobbier" even, but DH would kill me if bought the EXPENSIVE stuff i want to buy... Will def. try the baking soda. Tell me more. How do i do it? Make a paste? Rub it on dry?

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I love "I kissed a girl" too!
    Just stopping by to say that i BUSTED UP laughing at your post about my being a "product snob"! LOLOL! I wish i could be a bit "snobbier" even, but DH would kill me if bought the EXPENSIVE stuff i want to buy... Will def. try the baking soda. Tell me more. How do i do it? Make a paste? Rub it on dry?

  • Anonymous

    oh, duh. you approve comments. sorry. i sent it twice. it could have been a lot more if i hadn't looked up just now! LOL! I'm an airhead.

  • French

    Justine your not alone I love the Survivor theme too!!! And the show!! Hugs French;)

  • Alex

    Hi Justine. Thanks for stopping by. I have been through what seems like TONS of tests. My Medical doctor referred me to a GI specialist and I had my appointment late this morning. I have having my stomach scoped this coming Monday afternoon. This specialist seems confident that he will have this figured out quickly...I hope so. In the meantime, it doesn't help me feel better. =/

  • .Nicotine.Queen.

    I have Kermit's Rainbow Connection on my ipod. I shouldn't have admitted that, huh?

    And I adore Katy Perry!! She's amazing. I saw her perform and got to meet her way before he album came out and no one knew who she was. You should check out her whole album, especially "You're so gay"

  • Shelia

    Morning Justiney!! Hope your day is going well. I've got to get busy but had to check on my buddies! Well, I kinda hide, um, put my little treasures away for a few days and then they slowly come out of hiding. Mr. Precious says, "where did that come from?" And me in all my honestness says, "Oh, that? I've had that a long time!" and it is kinda true!! I'm very good at this! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Alex

    Hope you had a good day.

  • imjacobsmom

    Thanks for reminding me about Adam Sandlers Hanukkah Song, I love it, too. How about Puff the Magic Dragon or the Unicorn Song? ~ Robyn

  • French

    Ok my hand is replaced by a rubber stamp what does it say? " PAY UP SUCKER"~~~French;)

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Fun choice of songs! I remember the It's Not Easy Being Green song by Kermit. Have you seen Kermit's "Hurt" parody? You can catch it on Youtube but it is kind of sick. Who am I kidding? You'd love it! lol


  • Shelia

    Morning, Justiney! I see you put the little dragon fly on your blog! He is a cutie. Yes, my dear, I did all of this for our tea party today. But the food didn't go to waste - I fed it to Mr. Precious!! He'll eat anything! Hope you've plans for a great weekend! Now you be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Justine... How's it going? Glad you liked my sectional! I dont even know where to begin with the rest. I guess I will take my time on the rest!


  • Anonymous

    Now I can get the weather forecast for days I'll be in Florida. Sunday we will miss most of but Monday looks hot and sticky!