Saturday, August 9, 2008

My First Pink Saturday! Doin' it Tiney Style!

Here I am posting my very first PINK SATURDAY! This weekly game is hosted by Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound. Click over and give her a look-see!

Now from what I've seen of most Pink Saturdays, the ladies involved post beautiful pictures of their china, depression glass, tea sets and nick- knacks. Well, I don't have any of that stuff, even after 15 years of marriage. I know, I know, it's damn pitiful but will hopefully some day be corrected. Until I really started thinking about it, I didn't even realize that I owned anything pink. Then, while drinking coffee the other day it hit me. My mug is pink! Okay, it's not exactly my mug, but Mikayla's, but I use it all the time. Cute, eh?

Yesterday, I was sitting out here on the back patio and my cell phone rang, and ding ding ding! I realized my phone is pink! It's also "tattooed", which was designed by no other than Ami James from Miami Ink.

And then the mail came yesterday, and with it, a box of some items I'd ordered from Fashion Bug. Ooh, what's this? It's a nightshirt and it's PINK! Adorable little moo moos on it too, don't you think?

Here's a close-up of the pocket and the very cute cow adorning it.

And now for my very favorite entry into Pink Saturday! I was going to model this for you, but figured there would be a lot of screaming and crying through the blogosphere, not to mention damaged retinas. So, Madison's huge panda got the honor, and I think she wears it well.

I was going to stuff it to make it look more realistic but I didn't have any cantaloupes in the house. But look at how cute this little dangling jewel thingy is. For some reason when I saw it, I though of Shelia.

Well ladies (and gentlemen), I do believe that's all the pink items I have to share with you. I'm constantly amazed with the amount of items some of you can come up with each week. Thank you Beverly for allowing me to become one of the pink ladies!

Until next time, Justine :o )

26 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • artis1111

    See you do have Pink girl! I too am doing Pink Sat. I had mine all ready and WHASM! I lost all of it. I had to do mine this morning, so it is kinda rough. PINKNESS to ya>Kathy

  • Linda

    LOL - mine would need watermelons to stuff it! I don't even have a pink one of those! NOPE as I was just telling Picket, I have pink slippers and a robe and pink flowers outside. That's it! Pink and prim just don't go together! LOL

  • Naz

    That's one fancy bra you've got there Justine lol. I really like the little diamond accent piece in the middle of it. It makes a girl feel pretty.

  • onlymehere

    I too swear there's no pink in my house so now you've got me thinking....nope no pink cell phone, no pink mug, and no pink bra. Guess I'll have to go on a hunt. If I find anything pink I'll join in next week! By the way, Mr. Panda looks great in the bra!

  • Alex

    How fun! Loved the pink bra! ;-)

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Roflmao!!! You did it! You posted the pink bra! Love it, and it is pretty too! I adore that pink cup! I was just telling Dot that I was going to post pink nighties too, but got lazy and didn't spend the time to take pics. I don't have a pink bra though, but I do have some in black and leopard print, woohoo! lol


  • Beverly

    Justine, welcome to your first Pink Saturday. Keep looking, I'll bet you'll find more pink to share next week. I notice that a lot of participants take their camera with them to photograph pink.

    I love your post. It just makes me smile. Cantaloupes, huh?!?!!!

  • Shelia

    You soooooooooo silly. What chu talkin' 'bout girl - the little thingy reminds you of me?? Oh, and about Chloe Dawn - she needs to go to the beauty shop. Have to get the little booger's hair cute once a month. She gets embarrassed when she gets shaggy and I think that's why she wouldn't look at me with her little love eyes. I'm so glad you participated in Pink Saturday and you did good! I love the little pink mug, nightie and of course the pink bra - why does not remind you of me - hummmm I'm a D cup!!
    Be a pink sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Buffie

    LOL! You're a nut! I love the panda wearing the bra! Cute bra by the way!

  • Smilingsal

    LOL And thank YOU for not modeling! lol At least you wouldn't need any fruit! lol

  • Keeper Of All Things

    My pink bra would have to be stuffed with water baloons......saggy water baloons.....LOL


    Happy Pink Saturday!

    This is such a cool post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • g

    Oh, love your frogs!!

    You're definitely doing it in style!! Love the mug - love the nightie!!

    Mrs. Panda is a hottie!

  • Dawn

    And a fine assortment of pink it is!!!! I've been searching and searching each week for something pink. Sometimes it's not so easy. Other times I think...I didn't realize that was pink!

    Your post was fun. I'm glad you joined in on pink Saturday.

    Happy Pink Saturday,

    Take care,

  • Anonymous

    i love pink. and i love shiny jeweled things. the bra rocks! i wish i had bigger boobs to wear pretty/cute bras... :)

  • Lisa

    Nice bra! As I was reading this I realized I am wearing a pink shirt today and my binder and vitamin case sitting next to my puter is pink as is my pencil/pen holder and a Hello Kitty pen in it!

    BTW: You have How Sweet The Sound linked wrong. I had to go through your comments before I found it. Youve got it linked as blogspot and it is typepad. :)

  • Bridget

    What? No matching thong!!!! LOL
    I'm a lover of pink but I don't think I'd be very good at this pink saturday thing. My cell is not pink, no pink mugs and no pink bras. even my wardrobe is short on pink...must rectify this situation. Going shopping now! lol
    BTW- Cindy says it's a boy panda huh? You have a cross dressing panda...interesting.

  • MyBigMouth

    Ok...I loved all your pink stuff but that bra is WAY TOO cute!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  • Abuela Beauty

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Besitos from Argentina!


  • Joy

    Wibbit! Love that pink bra! Wibbit!

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    When I saw your name on the list I thought WaH?? Justine's doing the pink thing? LOL!
    Hey, you did good girl! Love the cows on that nighty, and the bra is cracking me up!

  • Lynn@ The Vintage Nest

    Hi Justine, I am delighted to meet you thru Beverly's Pink Saturday. If you visit me you'll see I don't do pink dishes either. Love the bra...that's very pretty and funny that you posted it. :) ~ Lynn

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Uh. Nice sexy bra! Not so sexy pajamas! I don't own any pajamas...
    I like the pink idea though. I think you are a born blogger Justine.

  • Anne Fannie

    Hi Justine, you have pink! Its amazing how right before pink saturday you start seeing everything you have as pink! Welcome to your very first pink saturday, by next week, you will be amazed how much pink you will see around the house to take pictures of!
    love, Ann

  • Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen)

    Hey Justine! Oh girl, you are so funny... I love your pink saturday! Have a great week!


  • Victoria

    Pink things and Ami James - two of my favorite things. If you love Ami and Miami Ink, check out my blog: