Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After- Party Dinner

So, me and the fams left the alligator farm and were in need of sustenance. Now here's where it always gets tricky with my family. Where do we all want to eat? Jimmy suggested pizza, but we all nixed that. Now what to do, what to do. Where shall we go? Mom suggested the Colombia House, which is a really lovely restaurant right in the heart of St. George St., downtown St. Augustine. Mom says that we can eat there affordably by getting their Cuban sandwich/1905 salad combo, so that's what we (meaning the girls, completely ignoring the men's protests) decided.

Of course once we got there and saw that there is no sandwich/salad combo on the dinner menu, Jimmy the men were pissed and feeling superior and us ladies felt horrible and ordered the cheapest things we could find. Ooh butter! Butter is cheap, right?
Okay, so the butter, plus their delicious homemade bread was free, but I bet you savvy bloggers already knew that, didn't you? Smarty pants one and all! The problem with this restaurant is that their service absolutely sucks eggs. A slower wait staff you will never find. Sure, our waitress brought out the butter, but it was another 20 minutes before she brought out the frickin' bread! And what's that? You need a refill on your drink? You may as well go back to the kitchen and get it yourself because keeping you hydrated obviously isn't a big priority here either. Jill asked for water and didn't get it until a good 40 minutes later. I shit you not.

So, I ordered an appetizer of empanadas and a side of yuca. Yuca has a similar consistency to a potato but a little smoother. I've had yuca on several different "Cuban" occasions and have always enjoyed it. But ewwwwwwwww... one taste of this and I was rinsing my mouth out with unsweetened iced tea! It tasted like aspirin! So all of us are chowing down on our various budget-friendly food when we realized that Alexa still hadn't gotten her french fries and Jill's empanadas still hadn't come either. No sign of the waitress, so we can't even ask about it. When her food finally did come, it was presented with red onion, which Jill explicitly said she cannot eat and is allergic to. And by this time we were all done with our dinner. I swear, steam was coming out of my ears. I challenged Jill to go speak to the manager, but as this tends to be one of her fortes, it didn't take much convincing. Up she went to find someone of authority.

When she came back to the table she said that our waitress only had two tables to tend so there was no excuse for the horrible service. We waited patiently as the manager made his way over to our table. Jill stated her complaints and I thought that was it, but Mom piped up with (pointing at me), "She didn't like her yuca!" Okay now, we're in a packed restaurant and the manager is standing at the opposite side of the table from me. How do I tell him what it tasted like to me without the whole restaurant overhearing? I've got it! This calls for whispering with exaggerated mouth movement so he could read my lips. So slowly I whispered, "It tastes like aspirin!" The manager looked blank and said, "Excuse me?" So I repeated, "It tastes like ASPIRIN!" The manger's eyes popped wide open and he said, "The yuca tastes like ASS?" Oh my goodness bloggers, the whole family just cracked right up and kept on laughing until Jill, who was nearest to him corrected his mistake. Then he was laughing too. And for the trouble we'd been through and the less than stellar food, we each got 50% off our bill and free dessert for all! Yippeeeee!

Now I'm not supposed to eat dessert, as I've got hypoglycemia, but I always feel that if I choose the cheesecake it's a lesser of evils because along with all that sweet goodness, there's lots of protein packed into it too. Hey, it's how I justify having my cheesecake and eating it too! And here it is, a most delicious piece of guava cheesecake.

Mikayla got their Godiva dark chocolate cake, and yes, I tasted it, and yes, it was incredible! She's a happy camper!

Jill ordered some weird strawberry shortcake soaked in sherry thing that they lit on fire. I didn't taste it, but it sure does look good!

Too bad I don't have a picture of it. The girls got churros with three dipping sauces. Alexa didn't like it, but Madison was in cinnamon heaven! Here's the girls during dinner.

Jill and Mom. Isn't Jill's purse adorable?

Dad laughing at something Mikayla had said.

Poopy Pants being her adorable little self.

It had been a long day and it was time to part ways. Mikayla was just happy that she was going home with aunt Jill and could escape the clutches of mom and dad for a few days. Here she is leading the pack. She's not a little girl anymore, is she? She's a TWEEN, God help me.

HA! I told you to be prepared at any time for a picture of hairy, growing-out sperm-brows!

Until next time, Justine :o )

23 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Dawn

    I just stumbled across you blog and wanted to tell you that I enjoy how you write. Your story of your dinner out had me laughing.

    Nice to "meet" you.

    take care,

  • Naz

    The desserts seemed to be the best things on the menu. Bad service is uncalled for, especially when she only had 2 tables to wait on. The family pictures are adorable.

  • Shelia

    You silly willy Justiney! You're the bestest hoot! I'm sorry for the awful dining experience. It happens sometimes, but boy it paid off in the end, huh!? Everyone looks pretty chilled except those adorable girls hyped up on chocolate! Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • Penny

    Those desserts looked so good I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at the pictures! YUM! YUM! YUM!
    Looking at the back of your daughter is pretty scary, huh? Yep, you've got a tween. Wow. good for you. I think it's wonderful how close you are with your family.
    Okay, off to get one of those 100 calorie Klondike bars out of the freezer.....

  • mrsben

    Fun family outing Justine!

    About the Cheese Cake thingy...one of my closet girlfriends is Hypoglycemic and EVERY week (I kid you not) she treats herself to a Homemade Cheese Cake that she makes from scratch.

  • Alex

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love yours...your layout is cool and neat (clean)! :)

  • Buffie

    At first I was like "this is just a post about going to dinner"...I should have known better!! ROFLMAOPIMP at that one and the eyebrows! OMGLOL!!!

  • Buffie

    Seriously though, WHAT is that white thing?

  • Anonymous

    Now Justine, wasn't this place one of the ones you highly recommended to me a few weeks back? I'm so glad you went to try it out for me first. Hopefully 'my' place will be much better.

    By the way, your new black & white is making my eyes go funny. Any chance you could go slightly grey rather than bright white?

    Your Dad has a lovely face, one of those kind and cuddly faces that Grandad's have.

    Not long now..Gail

  • French

    Sorry Tiney;( Just haven't been visiting anyone really~~sort of feeling blah these last few days I will get back on the bandwagon soon;) Miss you too;) French

  • Bridget

    When you said that you were going to whisper and have him read your lips, I started laughing right then and there because I saw the outcome a mile away!
    The dessert look like they were almost worth the trouble.
    Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to get your beverages refilled (or a glass of water when you ask for it!) That's a big tip deduction from me and conversely, I tip very well when I don't have to ask for a refill. If there are any waiters and waitress reading this...take note!
    Lovely brows too! I can't wait to see them shape up...I'll bet you can't either! lol

  • Bridget

    Also, I want to THANK YOU for turning off the letter verification security thingy before posting comments. If I had my way, everyone would turn them off. I think they only have value if you have a very high traffic blog (of a commercial nature!) Notice I do not have it either. I've even stopped the "owner approval" feature for my newer posting.

  • Picket

    Girl...remind me to never go in public with you!!!!! lol lol You ain't right! lol Hope you are having a great day though...I have tagged you...come to my place for details...this should be interesting! lol

  • niartist

    I wrote a little story on my blog that involves you in a big way! I hope you can come over to see it. Muah!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    ROTFLMAO!! I cant belive teh waiter said that out loud!!

  • imjacobsmom

    OMgosh! I was laughing out loud! It sounds like an episode right out of my family! You're a lot of fun! ~ Robyn

  • Smilingsal

    I'll bet next time you ladies let the guys pick the place to eat. Full glasses are more important than the food. Those desserts look good. In the end, it sounds like your family had fun.

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    OMG, lol... Glad the manager took care of you guys! The dessert looked yummo.

    Ok, so what's with the brows? You can still wax the stuff underneath. I just did mine the other night. WAX and pencil girl, you'll be fine.

  • Four in Costa Rica

    Hey, are you talking about Columbia Restaurant? I was there years ago (and thankfully had good service and food!).


  • NurseAnnie

    *cringes* oh my god, what an our familyism this story was. lol. do you remember the tgi fridays hug?

  • NurseAnnie

    oh yeah, I meant to ask you where the music went? I was counting on cherry chapstick.. which I've been singing nonstop for 2 weeks. all my coworkers probably think I'm having a life crisis. lol

  • Anonymous

    wibbit wibbit, you did it. You managed to make another blog attacking my anatomy! You might as well start a novel. Hey now you have to take a pic of your two thumbs, I meant your thumb and your giant toe!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    wibbit wibbit, you did it. You managed to make another blog attacking my anatomy! You might as well start a novel. Hey now you have to take a pic of your two thumbs, I meant your thumb and your giant toe!!!!!!!!!!