Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tiney's Under the Knife and SCARED! Pray For Me, Bloggers!

While you're reading this, I'm probably at this very moment deep under anesthesia (at least I'd better be or there will be hell to pay!), having my sinus innards manipulated, cut up and rearranged. In all my 38 years I've never had surgery and the very thought of it makes me quiver. I'm not so afraid of what's going to happen while I'm out or even any consequential pain I may feel afterward. I'm most afraid of how I will react to the anesthesia. If you know me, you know I have a horrible phobia about puking. Dr. W assures me that the medications they use today are far superior to ones used years ago, and that they can also give me something else to lessen the chances of my becoming sick. Uh huh. I'll believe it when I see it. But who knows, maybe while you're reading this I'll still be at home, not being prodded with scalpels and other disgusting instruments. The nurse from the surgery center said I'm just on the borderline of being too fat for surgery (okay, she didn't say it like that) and it will be up to the anesthesiologist to make that determination.

Here are some pics that Mikayla took on my pre-op visit to see Dr. W. In the waiting room, me and my sweet sweet baby, Madison.

Sitting in the exam chair, waiting for Dr. W.
Me looking at Madison

Dr. W looking up my nose to see what's going on up there.
Looking up the nose

Close-up of the shirt I was wearing. Cute, no?

I'm sure you're all wondering what I'm having done? Full body liposuction, and an upper and lower brow lift.

Only kidding!!!!!!! heeheeheeeeeee! Don't I wish? Really though, I'm having a septoplasty (cutting up and rearranging the septum in my nose so that it lies straight), an adenoidectomy (mine are ginormous and adults don't even usually have them), tubes put in my ears, turbinate reduction (cutting away parts of my sinus passages to make them wider), and having cysts behind my cheekbones removed. Sounds quite ghastly, doesn't it? Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I don't wanna do it! I don't wanna!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I've already instructed Jimmy that if I get through the surgery okay and I'm not sick, he's to take pictures of me in the recovery room. These will undoubtedly be very embarrassing pictures indeed, but I'm nothing if not daring, right? According to Dr. W. there should be no outward signs that I've even had a surgical procedure done. No swelling or anything like that. Again, I'll believe it when I see it.

Mikayla is pretty savvy with the camera, so Lord only knows what kind of havoc she'll wreak on poor old mom while I'm all drugged up. Will I blog about it and post pictures? Damn straight bloggers! I sure will! I don't know when I'll be up to actually blogging but I'll surely get to it as soon as I can! Wish me luck, say a prayer, and cross all your extremities. Oh, and for this to work properly, you must do all three simultaneously.

Until next time, Justine :o )

14 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Anonymous

    Oh Justine!
    I was coming in to say what a Bathroom Beauty Diva you are STILL. That was so much fun and I wanted to say your new pics are great and I love your accessorizing...
    Now I'm crossing my extremities because you are having surgery! Hopefully that will make everything better than it was and you don't feel pukey and you feel wonderful really quickly!..*hugs*.
    I am thinking about you.
    Your daughter and mom pictures at the doctor's office are so nice too...all the best.

  • morninglight mama

    I'm thinking about you and your chopped up nasal insides!! Can't wait to see the embarrassing pictures. :)

    Here's to a quick recovery!!

  • Naz

    I hope everything goes well with you today. We will all be praying for you to have a quick recovery.
    Totally love that tee shirt of yours.........way to go Justine!!

  • .Nicotine.Queen.

    Good luck, hun! I have also had sinus surgery and it is the most painful thing I've ever expirienced (not to freak you out or anything- but by now you've probably already realized it)
    Take your meds!!

  • onlymehere

    Of course we'll pray for you and cross all my extremities! I've had a septoplasty and when they pull the splints out of your nasal passages you'll be amazed at how long they are! I was positive that they had been up tickling my brain! I also had a broken nose and had the bone shaved up by my eyes so my glasses would fit better, so lucky me, I had a huge splint that was on the outside of my face and two black eyes! You'll do fine, the anesthesia is sooooo much better than when I first had surgery done many years ago! Keep smiling, and oh yeah, I have to get me one of those shirts!!!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Aw you know I'm right there with you! I must go through my emails to see if you were approved for surgery or not. I hope so. Since you need it.

    I'm sure you will be fine and probably blogging this in the recovery room. lol.

    Hugs and kisses Justine!

  • Anonymous

    All will go well girl, said a little Prayer :o) You really can make anything interesting when you blog.

    RMS "caniquitmyjobanddecorate"

  • Smilingsal

    I'm better at praying than at doing the other two, but I will/am praying for you, Justine.

  • Penny

    Hope everything went even better than expected. I know it's scary, but you'll make us proud!


  • Tootsie

    sorry girl...I would have been scared if I was that doc!

  • Putz

    a nose job, huh?llllucccck

  • Buffie

    Where the hack did you get that T-shirt???? I want one too!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Me too!! the T shirt that is!! Off to see your next blog entry to know what's up with your surgery!!

  • French

    Ohhh I want that Tshirt!!!!French;)