Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay is Here and So Am I!


For days now I've waited to get a bit of the bad weather from this storm. Yes, I am a storm junky. Absolutely love them, aside from anyone getting hurt. It's such a rush for me to see trees bending over, and rain coming down in buckets! But, so far this storm has been a big ol' wussy and hasn't done much more for my area than make the power go out every once in a while. We're probably up to about 7" of rain by now, although since I haven't turned on the tv, I couldn't be sure. Areas south and west of me were absolutely pummeled with 25" and more of rain. Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

At this very moment, the rain seems to be lightening and the wind isn't as bad. Boo hoo! Gimme some action! I know, crazy!

In a side note, please please please say a prayer for Buffie and her huband, Mike. Mike just had major back surgery yesterday, and came through it fine, but is in a lot of pain. Our poor Buffie is at his side but is exhausted and in need of prayer. Thanks bloggers!

19 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Smilingsal

    Told ya!

  • sista #2

    Fay is heading my way.
    This will be my first Tropical anything so I am waiting patiently!!


  • SchmeckyGirl

    LOL! I was confused when you said the rain is lightening. I'm like The rain is lightening? I was thinking ya know, thunder and lightening! LMAO! Anyway, those poor people with two feet of rain!

  • Anonymous

    "It's gon rain on yo haid" (Famous quote from, The Color Purple)Hahahahahaha!

    Girl, I can't belive that you want that kind of Action!!!! LOL! I would be scared to death! (Yes I am a wuss!)


  • Shelia

    Justiney!! You little stinker you...well, I hate to admit it but I get a thrill too out of the storms if they just don't get too big!! I'll be sharing more of my trip next week so be sure to come back!! Oh, I know, poor Mike and Buffie! She sent me a DDBBSD pix. Did you scroll on down to see the new Divas? Be the sweetest one!!
    Shelia ;)

  • Bridget

    Happy Storm Chasing! hehehehe Enjoy your storm and I hope your power stays on.

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Justine I love a good shower too, but I'll be satisfied with a puny 7" of rain.

    Be safe!

  • French

    Hey you really aren't that far from me!! Wasn't that sweet of Janet to let us know about Mike and Buffie!! Send them my love if you talk with her;) French xoxox
    LMAO at Donna!!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Lightning! I meant lightning!!! lmao!!

  • Bridget

    Did your power go out? Are you just too busy watching the storm? Did you decide to take a nap? I think I will! I have that concert to go to tonight.
    Ugh, it is boring here. I need to find some more blogs to read, Buffie is at the hospital, don't know where you are, kathy is in NYC, Tootsie's layout is boring (lol) and Becky is too busy having a life. I used to have one of those.
    I've read everyone else's blogs, I need to go back and make comments...I was just blurking last night when I read them...shame on me!
    I guess I'll just catch up on comments and write blogs. Or, I could hunt for blogs. I need four more blogs to recommend for blogday. Be thinking of five blogs you'd recommend if you want to participate...I'll be posting more info in a few days!

  • vicki

    Glad to hear that everything's OK in your area. You've been on my mind this week as well as my baby sister who lives just a bit north of you. My sis is on vacation for three weeks so she is missing all the action. Stay safe. :)

  • Anonymous

    Justine, I can not stop laughing! I knew you were going to be the one to stumble across those hideous shades! hehehehehehe!

    Too Funny! LOL


  • Tootsie

    I hate storms...but then they affect the work I put in out in the yard in a very bad way....stay safe lady....

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    I was wondering if you were getting hit by the storms! Glad you like that kind of stuff, and glad you are safe. I hate intense storms. Maybe some of the rains will move north and give Ohio some much needed rain!


  • Rhea

    I can see your favicon up top! I wasn't able to see my own, until I found out that Internet Explorer 6 is the problem. Now I'm using Firefox, and I can see EVERYONE's stuff much better. BAD IE.

    Good luck with Fay! I think I'm a big of a storm junkie too. Not hard core, but somewhat.

  • French

    Oh and its only about 6 hours from here to there or there to here!!! Meet me half way;) French

  • Lisa

    It might be wussy-like by you, but we got totally whipped down here. Seriously, there were trees down everywhere!! Plus we had lost our cable for the entire day Tuesday. That was the worst part!!

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    I like storms too. Kevin is a big wuss.
    I don't know if you saw the video on one of my posts, I think it was called Rain, rain go away...
    We were wanting to do some painting!

    Nothing like a FAY storm of course! Mother Nature is something.

  • Anonymous

    Fine, I and thought.