Saturday, July 19, 2008

Un Bastardo, Husband!!!!!!!!

I just thought you all should know that Jimmy is on ANOTHER business trip, and this one truly pisses me off! Where is he, you ask? Well, un bastardo is in ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the home of MY people and he gets to go for the second time since April, and again in first class no less! A week in Italy just to test out a big old machine that they need to use in the states. Looky at the map there. He's about 1/2" below Switzerland, and nearly directly below Milan, in a small city called Pavia. He tells me there's not much to do there but eat, but you know damn well that if I were there I'd be finding some major shopping to do, whether I had to hitch to Milan to do it or not!

So for five days he and his coworkers get to cavort around Pavia while they're not staring at a big dumb machine, and get to eat 3-hour meals of delicioso food that they don't have to pay for. Now let us add insult to injury, because for one night they're staying in a luxury hotel on the canal in Venice!!!!!!!!! Bastardo! Vaffanculo cazzo!!!!!!!!!!!

And what is just a wee bitty boat ride away from Venezia? None other than the island of Murano where they blow the glass in the factory where you can watch! Oh my, I'm getting all veklempt. There, now I've added some Jewish slang to my Italian. That's it! Stick a fork in me, I'm finito!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, Justine :o )

17 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Lisa

    So jealous!!!! Italy is the #1 place on my wish list of countries to visit. I watch the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" way too much due to the setting. Im jealous of your husband. GRRR

  • SchmeckyGirl

    LMAO!!! You should stow-away next time. I wouldn't mind going to Italy and just eating!

    Aw... maybe one day... how about we women all go and leave the men home.

  • Elizabeth

    Could he arrange to trade in his 1st class ticket and fly coach and take you? My BIL goes to Europe about 6 times a year and that's what he does once in a while. If they're able, they extend their time and take a day or 2 at either end. But he usually goes alone or with just 1 other guy, not a group.

  • French

    Ahh poor Justine I don't blame you I would be pissed too! I think Elizabeth has a good idea though;) Next time make him put some moolah aside to take you with him! Exchange the ticket, work the streets, something girl (lol) Hugs to my lonely friend in Florida! French;)

  • The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Bastardo is right, lol! OMG, he had better bring you back a helluva souvinir!!

  • Bridget

    Poor Tiney, It just ain't fair. Let me tell you that even if all there is to do is eat, that ain't bad! The food in Italy is to die for. I have NEVER had a bad meal anywhere in Italy. Katie and I popped into a little pizzaria type restaurant while shopping in Rome and had a killer meal. I still remember how fantastic the fluffy lemon dessert was. I know, I'm not helping the situation. I should be telling you that Jimmy is having a terrible time. Truthfully, business trips are not a lot of fun and the good meals are a small consolation for the PITA of jetlag and all the other hassles of traveling.

  • Tismee2

    We would like to visit Italy sometime but it's very expensive at the moment. I always said I would like to go to Tuscany to.

    I'd hate for Mick to go away somewhere like that witout me - he'd have to bring me a fabby present back if he did.

  • artis1111

    Either he brings home a NICE surprise for you, or you go shopping the next day and buy that something you have been looking at but would not buy. Either way , you are going to be really happy! Heeeeee Ha, where is everybody? Kathy

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    I feel your pain! I wish you could go too, it would make for a great blog entry!

    Love the honeymoom pic! You look like a movie star!!

  • Tootsie

    he could have/should have taken you along and then extended the trip a day or two to make you included. You deserve to go away once and a while too...did I mention that I am now the host of a fantastic houseboat trip? would you like to come?

  • Louise

    I'd love to go to Italy. It's not really that far away from the UK and looks beautiful.

  • Buffie

    ok if he doesn't bring you something Murano I'm gonna kick his butt!!!

  • Donna

    Pooe Justine!!!!! Hopefully he will take you with him next time he will take you! In the mean time, ask him to take some pics so you can blog his trip! :)


  • Tismee2

    I have something smiley for you on my blog.

  • Lisa

    I know Gail gotcha too, but I have something smiley on my blog 4 u.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Oooohhhh, I would be so jealous of him! Probably threaten divorce if a husband of mine (of which I have none so I guess its a moot point) went to Itally and didn't take me! Someday maybe. He will have to take you after getting to go there.


  • Dazzlemama

    I would have totally gone on that trip with him! Tuscany is my dream vacation!! One day...