Monday, July 14, 2008

September 25th, 1993. A look back.

wedding invite

I was so excited today when I happened to come across my wedding photo proofs that I thought were in storage.  Right away I thought, "I've got to blog this!"  Sure, I could wait another couple of of months and do it to celebrate our 15th anniversary, but once something is in my head, that's it.  MUST DO IT.  I want to apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the following pictures.  I no longer have a pc, so can no longer use a scanner.  I had to take pictures OF the pictures and no matter what I did they came out cloudy and with a glare.

To begin the story of Jimmy and I, we have to go back to 1986, where we met at my then-best-friend, Diane's house one night in September.  I think for both of us it was love at first sight, and the following day I even said to Diane, "I am going to marry him." I'm guessing a lot of people had a moment like that, one of such clarity you could actually see your future, but for me it was a bit more of an adventurous thought because we were only 16 at the time. Through the next 7 years there were plenty of trials and tribulations, but we did make it to that crucial point... getting married!

Now for those of you who grew up in the south, or probably anywhere else besides parts of the east coast, the wedding we had may seem overly elaborate and expensive to you. But in NY, weddings are done BIG most of the time and people don't come bearing gifts. No, they come bearing envelopes filled with MONEY. The bride often even carries around a satin bag just for the purpose of keeping the envelopes safe.

If it hadn't been for a settlement that Jimmy got after being hit by a truck when he was 16, I don't know how we would have paid for our wedding, but luckily we had that money on hand and used every penny of it. In total, we spent $23,000 from beginning to end. Maybe that doesn't sound like very much to you, and maybe in 2008 it's not, but in 1993 it sure was, especially for a waiter/future engineer, and a room service operator. We had a total of 163 guests and our reception was held at a place called the Mediterranean Manor. It was wonderful! So many people told us it had been the best wedding they'd ever been to. I give credit to the wonderful food and the most phenomenal band on the planet. They were a very popular Long Island "cover" band and we found them... in a BAR! And get this, I just googled them and they have a web site and their band is still going strong. You can visit Full House here. Jimmy even worked with the band, and they performed a song he had written for me. Amazing!

Both Jimmy and I worked for the local Marriott, so we had a block of rooms reserved for guests, and this is where I got dressed. Yes, the dress had quite a bit of bling, but remember, this was 1993!
Looking out the window

Me and Mom. Doesn't she look more like she's going to a funeral? What IS with that sour puss on her face? This was during the years that Mom was heavily into hairspray, as you can see. I used to call her helmet head.
with Mom

If you've read earlier posts, I've mentioned my oldest friend, Sinead. Of course her car broke down on her way to the hotel so she was late! But anyway, here she is. Isn't she beautiful?
Me and Nade

Here's me and Dad outside the hotel, getting ready for my ride in the Rolls Royce.

Jimmy with his best man, Darrin, just before the ceremony started. Darrin was just an extra worry on our wedding day, as he was a bit of a coke-head, so we had to make sure he was up, ready, and sober for the big day!
Darrin and Jimmy

Sinead and our friend, Jason, walking down the aisle. If I had posted pictures of everyone coming down, you'd be here all day!
Jason and Nad

Ah, here we are at the altar, exchanging our vows. Check out how long Jimmy's hair was! And notice the priest we chose to do our wedding. We specifically chose him because he had the most beautiful James Earl Jones-like voice.
At the altar

Whew! We're married. But now it's picture time. From left to right (not that any of you care):  My cousin, Chessie, (if you look at my guest book you'll see a picture of her with her husband.  She ain't a kid anymore!) my (no longer) friend, Antonietta, Sinead, my sister-in-law, Pat, Jill, my then-friend, Diane as maid of honor.  (Jill and I weren't as close back then).  To Jimmy's right is Darrin, Naseem, my brother, Jeff, Jason, and Tom.  My nephew Jeffrey (who is now 20!) is in the front.  Awwwwwww.
The whole gang

Ooh, another ride in the limo. This time to the not-so-local arboretum for pictures. We had 3 hours between ceremony and cocktail hour, so we didn't have to rush.
Ooh, nice car!

Wow, look at the size of those trees!

I wish the following pictures could do my cocktail hour justice, but they just don't. I thought I had my wedding video handy and I was actually going to video the video (that sounds funny), but I can't find it. From these pictures you can't tell that the buffet encompassed an oval, probably 12 feel long, or more. Every fruit and vegetable was carved into animals and beautifully arranged. There was also a choice, of I believe 6 hot dishes. This lasted the usual hour, with drinks being served and one of the band members playing a piano.
cocktails... pretty


More cocktails!

After a full, sit-down dinner where you had the option of a second helping, we had a special liquor and chocolate bar set up. Oh boy, did people flock to this table! I wish I had some good dance floor shots, because things got pretty wild at my wedding! It's so funny to see people that you work with, or older relatives totally lose their inhibitions and just let loose. What a riot!
liquor bar

And the last picture I have to share with you, is when Jimmy was going for the garter. Hey! What's he doing? I thought he was supposed to grab it with his hands, not his teeth!

And that, in a nutshell, was our wedding. We didn't break even on it, that's for sure. I think we only made $12,000 in gifts, but we didn't care. It was a hell of a wedding, everyone had a great time, and we were off to Maui a couple days later! What more could you ask for?

This was probably the most boring post I've ever put on my blog, but I was just in the mood to reminisce. Hope you didn't mind too much!

Until next time, Justine :o )

19 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Boring!?!?! No way! I enjoyed it. You were married the same year I was! And month! Except I'm 9/11.

    I can't believe Jimmy's hair! LOL! And I was married in 1993 so I know that your dress was still too blingy for 1993! lol. You had a huge wedding party. I had six girls and six guys.

    You looked so pretty. No comment on your mom's hair! But are those little things bangs?!?!?!!??!!??!?

    Oh and that last picture looks highly inappropriate! LMAO!!!

    Thanks for sharing. Makes me wish I could post my wedding pics.... hhhmmm. Maybe on 9/11, although I may blog about 9/11/2001 that day. What to do??

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Oh! And yes! Isn't the money thing great!?!?! Gifts? At a wedding?!?!? That's what Bridal Showers are for!

    And I can attest to the huge NY weddings. The cocktail hours are the best!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! What a beautiful wedding you had Justine! Everyone ooks fabulous despite the early 90's fashions LOL You look just beautiful - did you keep your dress? I kept mine, but for the life of me, I can't remember where. ROFL.

  • Julie

    WOW...nice pictures. Except for the mullet it was a very beautiful wedding.

    You looked so beautiful and happy!!!!

  • Penny

    Best post ever! I loved looking at your pictures. What a seriously beautiful wedding! I felt like I was there with you. Hey, can I have a second helping too? Oh hell, forget that, I want a drink and another dance with one of those cute groomsmen. *wink*


  • Anonymous

    wow.. that's really going back. I must say that was one of the coolest days of my life. Your wedding was a blast and I enjoyed sharing all the men of the wedding party with Theresa on the dance floor! I do recall Jimmy dragging me around the dance floor singing Bohemian Rhapsody to me! Nothing like a NY wedding.


  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Looks like you had so much fun! I love that last pic. Who doesn't do that these days? rofl

    Omg, that mullett!!! That's one thing I don't miss from the 90s, lol.

    Glad you liked my LOLcats blog. I don't think anyone else did. Or maybe they just didnt scroll down to see I had posted it. *sigh* Well anyhow, it was so much fun making it! Kept me laughing all evening.


  • Picket doodlehead...I said tell me in English..I know nothing about copy and pasting and ,,ohhhhh hold on...oh my make a beautiful bride gosh girl what a wedding!!! You spent what!!! Girl do you know what you could have got with that much money!!!! lol lol We went to a Justice of the Peace with our immediate family..I think dad may have gave him $20! lol lol I loved seeing your wedding photos girl! Now I need more info than you gave on the slideshow thingy!

  • Kathy

    Oh Justine I am so glad you found your photo's and NO this is not boring us, your wedding was beautiful and you looked so happy, I laughed at the mullet comment though, the last photo is great sounds very much like the wedding of the year for you all, lovely Justine just lovely, Kathy.

  • Bridget

    LOL i'm glad YOU said it before I could. Like how happy your mom looks and how understated your dress is. The liquor and chocolate table looks like it was fun...what's not to like? It's too bad Jimmy did away with the mullet. hehehe
    It was fun to see your pictures. It looks like it was a great wedding. I want to see a closeup of Jill though.

  • French

    Hey girl this was not a boring post! You looked so beautiful and happy and well except the mullet (lol) it looks like you had a pefect day! Loved the photo of the two of you in Maui! This was fun to see! Thanks for sharing it with us! Hugs French;)

  • Buffie

    Yo So pret-tay!!! real-lay!

  • Anonymous

    Justine... you were such a beautiful bride!!!!!!!! I truly enjoyed the pics!!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!


  • Shelia

    Justiney! I certainly enjoyed coming to your wedding. Oh, Justine, your Mom was sad because her little girl was grown and it's just something a Mom feels. I went thru this with my daughter. So happy for her to have found the right man to love her, but sad that another chapter of her life had ended. You'll know when one of your little cuties gets married. Now, aren't you so beautiful? I love your bling bling dress! Looks like you had an awesome wedding! I think I ate a little bit too much tho at the reception! Have Honey Moon we'll go. Oh, you don't want me to come along? Well, uh, okay! I'll stay and help clean up around here.

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed your pictures too. You do it differently to most of us over here. We are very traditional - or were back in 1988 when I got married!

    Yours sounds totally extravagant, and why not, you must have known after 7 years that you were right for eachother.

    I hope you don't mind me being a copycat but this has made we want to get out my wedding photos too. It's years since I've seen them. I will have to get the scanner out again.

  • vicki

    Hi Stranger - Remember me? (nycek) on RMS. Sorry I haven't been around much but anyway here I am today and what a wonderful day to check out your blog again. Your wedding pictures are look just beautiful!!!
    Thanks for sharing them Justine and have great evening.

  • Christine Xinex)

    You had a beautiful wedding and what a beautiful bride you were! I enjoyed the pics, even Jimmy's hair. LOL! Thanks for sharng, Justine!

  • The Scarlett Rose Garden

    I'm laughing so hard because your wedding looked SO much like my first wedding in 92! Your dress and the bridesmaid...
    Tho my ex didn't have a mullet, I do have pics of Kevin wearing a mullet wig and it's halarious!
    Seriously tho, you looked beautiful. Congrats on 15 years. 23K, holy shit!!
    Your pics of pics turned out great I think.. sometimes my scans turn out so dark it's not worth using it.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    FOUND THEM! How could I forget these! Duh me!