Monday, July 14, 2008

14 things: From Mikayla

My mommy is amazing, weird and so much more!
To explain her from my point of view I will list 14 things about her.

1. She loves to read so she always correcting my grammar.
2. When she is on the computer no one is allowed to take it away... or else!
3. She doesn't like to cook like the rest of the family but when she bakes it rocks!
4. When it comes to Madison and me she is cautious but mostly wants us to have fun.
5. She is always asking about what she should blog next.
6. As much as she can't she loves to be a girl and spend lots of MONEY.
7. All of her friends think she's SOOOOO funny but since I live with her I don't see what the big deal is.
8. If you don't believe me ask my sister, she can get mean!
9. Her best friend in the whole world is her sister Aunt Jill. (I can agree with that because she is my favorite aunt, and I have a lot of aunts).
10. She is a middle child, she has an older brother, (uncle) Jeff, and a younger sister, (aunt) Jill.
11. One thing that is not so fun is that she gets annoyed easily.
12. Her favorite animal is the red-eyed tree frog.
13. Mommy's favorite tv channel is HGTV and she is  hooked.
14. She also has a different voice for every animal such as our pets and other's pets.

That's my mommy.

Mikayla Rose Oko

18 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Bridget

    Hey Mikayla! Nice post. I especially liked number 7!
    I hope you are having a good summer so far.

  • Elizabeth

    How cute! My favorite channel is HGTV, too, and I get annoyed extremely easily. Not a good trait for a middle school teacher! Hah!
    Stop by and enter my Christmas in July giveaway!

  • Tootsie

    so! you can get MEAN hey? lmao!!!

  • Kathy

    Hey Mikayla, I have not known your mummy for a very long time, but I agree with all of your comments from what I have been reading oon her blogs, I hope I can add another one to your list, and that I think your mummy is a very clever mummy because she has produced such delightful daughters. I am a middle child also and I talk funny, but that is because I come from England. good night Mikayla, say goodnight to your sister and your mummy for me, great post BTW. hugs, Kathy

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Mikayla, it was very fun reading your blog about your mother. For what its worth, my children do not think I am funny either, but I always seem to make them laugh. Go figure.

    Your mom seems pretty darn cool to me!


  • Buffie

    Hey Mikayla, you are quite the little blogger! Your mom may just have to let you write one once a week! We'd all read it for sure! Love, Buffie

  • French

    What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing things about your mom with us! We think she is pretty cool;) French

  • Primgal55 - Linda

    This is sooooooo cute!! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. I am excited and still shocked!

    hugs, Linda

  • Shelia

    Hellow Mikayla! You've told us a lot about your Mommy! She's a meany! Oh, no! Well, you and your sister are very pretty girls and I love the hug your Mommy is giving the both of you.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer. I'll bet Mommy is reading a book!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mikayla... I have a daughter named Michaela. (Same name, different spelling.) :) Thanks for filing us in about your Mommy!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hiya Mikayla,
    bet you're sick of your mom going on about this and that in England since I found her blog. I thought we were just normal people but your mom says not!

    Your job is to keep your mom looking young and trendy as she gets old by telling her not to wear frumpy nana clothes.

    Can't wait to come over to Florida in 3 weeks. If you see a strange English lady wave at her - it might be me!


  • Anonymous

    Hey Justine! Andre had not been feeling well for the past week or so... He had a cold, sore throat etc.. He was taking over the counter meds... nothing seemed to help. He hadn't been eating much at all... (which is highly unusual!!!.)

    Yesterday morning he had to go to the Doctor's to get his staples removed... (Yep this kid's been through hell) and he asked the Doc to check his throat out... He informed the Doc that the pain was becoming unbareable! The Doc took one look at it, and sent him to the hospital to be checked in!

    Andre has cellulitis if the tonsils and throat. They are saying that he probally had strepth throat(sp?) and as a result of it not being turned into cellulitis! He was in sooooooo much pain yesterday!!! I felt so bad for him! Because he hadn't eaten much his potassium level was extremely low.. so they are monitoring his heart for a few days... Also... his liver is a little enlarged.... (Yeah... I know!!!) Geez........... Its one thing after the other!!!!

    He is feeling better today.... so keep me in your prayers!

    I will keep you posted!

    Thanks for your concern!!!!


  • Anonymous

    Oh geez... dont post all of that.... Thanks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It's fine... you can leave them!!! Get some coffee girl!!!! Wake up!

    Donna LOL

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I think Justine wrote all this and there really is no Mikayla. Just kidding!

    That was so cool to read Mikayla. I think you should write all of your mom's blogs from now on! Did she make you do spell-check first?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent post Justine, I mean Mikayla! LOL Don't let your other Aunties see this!! XOXO

  • Anonymous

    Mikayla, my beautiful, adorable, bratty niece! Oh how I adore you! You are my first girl and always will be! At least I didn't have to suffer giving birth to you! :) You are a great writer! Keep it up!

    Love Aunt Jill
    A.K.A AJ

  • Four in Costa Rica

    Oh Mikayla, #7 is the best of them all! I'll bet my daughter (whose birthday is July 5--right by yours!) would have some similar ideas about me.

    Lastly, let me add, that grammar is very important and your mom is right to make sure your grammar is top-notch! :)

    Christine (Mrs. B, Beanie, etc.)