Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Steamy Post

I wish I could say that this post would be a giggler for you, but I don't think even I could make anything funny out of this subject.  And what is that subject you ask?  My slight addiction to my steam cleaner.  Well maybe it's not so much an addiction as an absolute need around here, especially lately.

Do any of y'all have cats?  I've got three, and one in particular (Poo... or more accurately, Stinky Poo Poo Queen of the Kitties) has a case of what I'd consider severe hairball syndrome. Poo, 2,008 Although I rarely see her grooming herself these days, she still manages to swallow enough fur to create these wonderful cigar-shaped formations of fur and God knows what else, to cough up all over my damn house.  And is she polite about it and go to a tiled area?  Oh no, it's usually somewhere on the carpet, and in a place I'm most likely to step before seeing it.  If you have a kitty, you know when a hairball is coming by the odd sounds emanating from your cat's throat.  Kind of a rough heeeeee heeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeee with some bloumps thrown in for good measure.
 If you had the pleasure of seeing the movie Shrek 2 and meeting Puss in Boots, there's a scene of him coughing up a hairball that to me is worthy of an Oscar for its realism.

Now Poo isn't my only reason for needing the steam cleaner at the ready. There's also Simmie, who since she started on thyroid medication has a bit of a sensitive tummy. One particular scene from The Exorcist comes to mind when I come upon one of Simmie's little presents for me. But look at her, she's so cute. How could I be upset when it's not her fault?

So now you see my dire need for a powerful steam cleaner. What would I have done two months ago without it, while watching two of Jill's dogs? They obviously mistook my carpeting as grass, because they peed and pooped inside more than they did outside, no matter how many times they were brought out. Even Angelina Jolie, who is the most smart, well trained pup had an unfortunate pee pee accident yesterday, and her being a monster of a bulldog, the puddle was quite large. Imagine if I had nothing more than paper towel and carpet spray at my disposal. Ugh, it would have been a huge job! But no, I just dragged out my trusty Bissell Pro Heat, and within minutes all wee wee was sucked up and the house was smelling fresh. Friends of mine, mainly Buffie, Becky, Julie, and Bridget, seem to think it's funny that I hate to clean, yet I'm so attached to my steam cleaner. In fact, it was Buffie's idea that I blog about it. So if your head is hitting the keyboard in boredom, you can blame it on her, not me! And honestly, I really do love the thing. It's so gratifying to dump out the water and see all that dirt and grime go bye bye. But my one question is, where is all this dirt coming from? There are times I dump the water and it looks more like chocolate milk than water. And how is it that I can steam clean one week, do it two weeks later and the water is dirtier the second time? Did the people who own this house (yes, we're renting) lay their carpet directly over a mud bog? And if there is so much dirt down in there, would it be possible for me to drop a few seeds here and there and start my own greenhouse in the actual house? Hmm... something to ponder.

Until next time, Justine :o )

16 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Funny! I have to admit, I find it quite humorous when my husband steps in a pile of fresh cat barf. Esp. if I'd already seen it and forgot to warn him. I know this is incredibly gross, but I always wait till the puke dries before I clean it, if it's on carpet. It vacuums right up then. We have light carpet and their food is, you know, usually a disgusting orange color.
    I do have an old bissell machine, it's not an upright. It works wonders tho. I had a cream papason chair that a cat peed all over. That good ol' bissell sucked it right up!
    Plus, in our other house my husband knocked over a gallon of yellow paint all over teal carpet. it got it ALL out. Bissell rules.

    LOL, sure sprinkle some wildflower seeds and see what happens, ha!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    LOL! I say you sprinkle some grass seed and blog what happens!

    You and that darn steamer! Although it's probably a healthy obsession. I can't believe you actually blogged it! LMAO! You need to do a video demonstration!

    Is it the kind that you can put carpet cleaner in and really clean the carpets? Or is it just water?

    I love your steam cleaner too! I want one... but I only have three area rugs. Eponine is doing the hairball thing a lot lately and you're right, they always go for the carpet. I have to do the spot cleaning with the pet carpet cleaner spray. Works great though.

  • Tootsie

    I was told to use just straight water every third time...that will take any detergent residue out that is not good for pets. I have the exact same steam cleaner....and I too am hooked on it. I have had to do my carpets several times here too...I used to be much worse...it was every other month when the first two kids were small...we had white carpet...now who in thier right mind would put white carpets in a family home! My happiest day was the day I got hardwood all through the main floor!
    My female cat was polite and used the lino for her hair balls...my male...not so much!

  • Buffie

    LOL!!!! I thought it was funny!!! You are friggin' addicted to that thing! Everyday you're pulling that it out!

  • Kathy

    Hi Justine, being inquisitive by nature and having a liking for steamy pics of David Beckham Etc Etc, I could not resist peeking into todays post (even though I should really be doing the housework).
    Well it serves me right haha, although I think your cats are adorable, the subject matter I am not so keen on. (maybe if you had just slipped in a small pics of DB)!!!.
    I think I would have rushed the cat to the animal hospital if I had witnessed the (coughing up an air ball) incident, just shows how clueless I am about pets. Looks like you have a wonderful tool there and if we ever do get that doggie I want perhaps we will get one of those steam cleaners as well haha, you are so funny, I like your blog a lot. Kathy.

  • Justine

    Yes Becky, you put steam cleaning solution in it, and use very hot water. And the great thing about this steam cleaner is that it also heats up the water even hotter and keeps it hot.

    Haven't any of you realized that I almost always try and find a song that has something in the title that's in my post title? I've been keeping to mostly instrumentals and stuff because it's easier to read with them in the background.

    Justine :o )

  • Bridget

    Only you! : )
    Hugs, B.

  • Anonymous

    I have the very same steam cleaner and love it! My bissel vaccum (sp?) however, SUCKS ass. :)
    ps. It's me Candy - I forget my password!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    I have a poo mongrel and I would have been lost without my Little Green Clean Machine. How did women ever get by without this stuff years ago?

    I hear you about the water coming out look like chocolate milk. How does it get like that? Ugh.

    Anyhoo, it's about time for me to rent the big steam cleaner from the store. Those do one heck of a job!


  • Anonymous

    Before I start, I have now added you to my blogroll. I had actually added it to the blog I'm not going to use anymore! - Doh

    OMG you folks still use steam cleaners like THAT???

    Over here we have a magic spray bottle that heats up in seconds and does the whole floor - like magic!
    Funnily enough, I awoke at 5am this morning to the sound of a dogs stomach clashing as one of my girls barfed (I so love that word)up bile.
    It was on the only bit of carpet by the front door that has deep ridges in it and is a bugger to clean. Now had my eldest son put the dogs into the kitchen as he was asked to do and not left them to roam downstairs all night, it would have been on the tiled floor.

    and no Justine, we don't have a magic spray, just a bog standard steam cleaner like yours, but knew you would be beside yourself to know more!!! LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and I forgot to say, you have cute pussies in your house!

  • French

    Ok which steam cleaner is this I want details lady! French;)

  • Shari ("susiehomemaker")

    Justine, you absolutely crack me up! And I must say, you are a girl after my own heart. I have this steam cleaner too. A steam cleaner is a M.U.S.T. for anybody who has pets and carpet! With 2 big German Shepherds and 1 cat, my cleaner is put to use for routine cleaning almost every other month and the water is looks just like you describe yours! (Fortunately, the "accidents" here are few and far between.)

    Recently, I had to take my cleaner in for service because it wasn't spraying at full force. Did you know you are suppose to take it outside and run a tankful of white vinegar and water through it after you use it? (I didn't.) Yep, that's what they told me. Supposedly, that keeps the lines from getting clogged up with "junk."

  • Four in Costa Rica

    There is some malt-flavored stuff you can buy for your kitty that will help with the hairball problem. My cat used to love it and lick it right off my finger. No more barfing!


  • Four in Costa Rica

    There is some malt-flavored stuff you can buy for your kitty that will help with the hairball problem. My cat used to love it and lick it right off my finger. No more barfing!


  • Raxx - A day in the life

    I dont have carpet but i have a large area rug and i would love to own one!! sounds heavenly!!