Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tiney's Picks on Who's a Sexy Celebrity

I know French has already covered this subject, but I doubt any of my girlies out there are tired of looking at handsome men, right? And I think I may have a few hotties on my list that French didn't. So, grab your beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy the sights!

I've mentioned Ronnie from Bravo's new reality show Make Me a Supermodel in a previous post, but a more beautiful specimen of man I have never seen before. So, Ronnie gets top honors on my blog, even though he's not yet considered a supermodel. And as a matter of fact, he's going to get FOUR pictures, just because I never get tired of looking at him.

Another hotty batting for the other team caught my eye a couple years ago, and I still melt whenever I see that huge tattoo on his left arm. If he ever gets one on his neck I'm a total goner. Design Star and host of Color Splash, David Bromstad!

Now I know what y'all are thinking. These guys are cute but doesn't she like any MANLY men? Ones who look like they've been through a bit of life and have the scars and lines to prove it? Well sure, looky here!


Oopsie! I seem to have put up a pic of French's hubby, and she's explicitly asked me to stop lusting after him. Ooh, French is gonna kick my ASS! But hey, you all wanted a real man, I gave you a real man! I'm sorry Frenchie, but your husband is hot! Deal with it! LOL

I know, I know, Matthew McConaughey is on everyone's list, but he's still worth reiteration, don't you think? If only I'd never found out that he refuses to wear deodorant. How disgusting is that in this day and age? I can understand the need to be natural, but there are homeopathic choices in deodorant these days. Get a clue Matthew! Ooh, me mades a rhyme!

Would you believe I've only seen one movie with Orlando Bloom in it and that was Pirates III! Nope, still haven't seen the first two, but I should if for no other reason than to gaze at this major cutie.

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, I've been following a little more closely from his days on 21 Jump Street and Edward Scissorhands until now. I like his flexibility as an actor, and dammit, he's just good lookin'! With him, the rougher and scuzzier the look, the better.

You may call me crazy for this next one, but I don't really care. Yes, his eyes are too close together, but I love his hair and the shape of his face, and his voice is enough to tear my heart out.
Josh Groban.

Another super yummy guy is John Corbett. The first pic shows him on the set of Northern Exposure... I just loved him with long hair. Pic two is much more clean cut, but still delish!

My last entry has nothing to do with looks, and everything to do with voice. This man has the deepest, most rich and beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life. Even if you've never seen one of his movies, everyone knows this voice.
James Earl Jones.

Yes Bloggers, another fluff post. This is what happens when I have major blog fart. But at least I gave you some good eye candy to look at, right?

Until next time, Justine :o )

29 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • French

    Justine~~you sure know how to make a girls day! It's been a rough one and hubby is really feeling bad this is gonna give us the laugh we needed;) Thanks for thinking he's a hottie;) Ps I love you, you NUT! And no I don't hink your a biatch (silly girl)! ok maybe sometimes but then again so am I!!! So glad you added Johnny Depp, and who won that model show I missed the end of it???French;)

  • French

    Umm hello Copyright!!!! Hubby says thanks for making him (smile) Finally he smiled today;) Still LMAO

  • Laurie Starr

    Come on, get a picture of Paul Newman on there!!

    I agree with you on Josh Groban--I know I am old enough to be his mother but he melts my heart. He attended the same summer camp that I did (only about 20 years later tho...)

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Woohoo! Hotties on parade! Gotta love this post. I am so on the Orlando Bloom and John Corbett ship! I started thinking Orlando was hot from when he was Legolas on Lord of the Rings. I loved John Corbett as Aidan on Sex and the City...was Carrie ever crazy to dump him! All the other guys are hot too.

    My kids are so embarassed that I still have a libido. They hate that I drool over guys like this! lol


  • Elizabeth

    Great list, Justine, especially French's hubby, he'd be on mine, too! Love JEJ voice, also, and John Corbett has always been in my top 5! But Ronnie, come on! He was my least favorite of the models and seems like a dork. He's cute, but is there a brain in there? I think David Bromstadt is on all HGTV junkies' lists! You definitely deserve the You Make Me Smile/Laugh award! I love coming here!

  • artis1111

    Oh I like the list!!!YUMMMMLOVE Johnny YUMMMM Kathy

  • Donna

    Justine... Those guys are HOT! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!! I loved how you slipped in French's Husband! LOL..


  • Good as MariGOLD

    Me can't help myself and would still take a hug from Matthew McConaughey *lol*

  • Penny

    Fun post. I'd have to post Angelo Banderos (sp?).


  • Bella

    I love John Corbett...I loved Northern Exposure...dont you just hate when your fav shows come to an end? It feels like losing a friend!

    I was watching Emeril Live one night with hubby and I was like, "That looks like that guy from Northern Exposure!" Then, they finally said his name...I googled him and sure enough it was him! I didn't know he was a singer, too!

    Thanks for the instructions on the "Tulip" on my digital camera...from my French Clock blog entry! That WORKED! Now, I can take pics of teeny tiny words that are not all blurry! That was driving me crazy! For some reason the cameras I have had in the past never required me to manually do something to capture those words...silly camera! ;)

    Thanks again and nice to meet you :)


  • mrsben

    Yes, Johhny Depp (I think a little eccentric but still is a hottie!)
    Someone mentioned Paul Newman....its about his ' bedroom-blue eyes'!!!! My fav is Richard Gere....intelligent, charming, fabulous actor, sexy, sexy, sexy......yes he can leave his slippers under my bed anytime. Not that he would but a girl can fantasie can't she? :)

    Fun post Justine!!!!!!!!!

  • Penny

    How stupid of me! I guess I still have that awesome Angelo on the brain. I MEANT to say ANTONIO BANDERAS. Now he's sizzling H.O.T.! Here is a quote I got off his website:
    "This lust for beauty is a terrible thing. I've forbidden her from ever going to a cosmetic surgeon again. It is something we have agreed to for the sake of our marriage" [on his wife, Melanie Griffith, having more plastic surgery]. ISN'T THAT THE BEST! He also talks about how plastic LA is and to him it's just work. Cool dude!

    Your pretty boy on top is hot. I just like them more my age. Johnny Depp, now THERE is MY TYPE.


    PS Please don't hate the messenger, but your blog is as slow as RMS. Maybe you have a widget that's making it slow up?

  • morninglight mama

    I'm with Life on Bonnie Lane- Aidan on SATC made my day on that show. I happen to prefer him in his first round as that character, not when he came back with shorn hair and a bit skinnier. He could make me a chair anyday. (pitiful innuendo intentional...)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I'll give you Matthew McConaughey and Johnny Depp. I only liked Orlando Bloom as Legolas on Lord of the Rings which I find strange because I don't like blondes and I don't like men that look more like boys. Maybe it was his elf ears?

    I don't think the model is that hot and I don't like Bromstead. lol. Sorry! But you can have them both. At least we won't fight over them, right?

    I love James Earl Jones' voice too. He's awesome.

    My all time favorite is Clint Eastwood but he's falling apart now. Sigh.

  • Bridget

    What a hot topic. It seems we gals like the guys better than we do the decorating! SATC's Aidan was HOT and Johnny Depp in Chocolat...he's never been sexier. I agree with MrsBen about Richard Gere (sigh!) I'll have to do a hotties list for us older gals!

  • Bridget

    I forgot to mention that yes, Mr. Kilt is a hottie too! French must be smiling a lot! hehehehe

  • Lisa


    Johnny and Matthew are my 2 all-time faves. I love anything and everything Johnny. Ive got a thing for Patrick Dempsey, Ryan Reynolds, and a few of the hotties from my soap General Hospital.

    Thanks for the hotties! Made the perfect dessert to my lunch :)

  • Justine

    Ooh yes, Mrs. Ben... Richard Gere=Yummy! I love his squinty eyes and he looks very much like my uncle Ed.

    Justine :o )

  • Primgal55 - Linda

    Hey girl - taking a break from cleaning for the shoot tomorrow and what happens? I get rewarded with John Corbett. He's the only one in the bunch that makes me swoon! And I just heard he is going to be in another Greek movie soon! WAHOO! Thanks for making my break worthwhile!

  • DishDiva aka Kay

    I think my menopause just disappeared! You sure know how to pick them!I am 51 but I know a hunk when I see one.lol

  • mrsben

    ....and is your Uncle Ed married? (I am just asking for one of my sisters who also likes Richard....wink, wink.)

  • Justine

    Yes Mrs. Ben, he's married. LOL! And to make matters worse, he lives in South Hampton Long Island, has his own masonry company and is filthy rich!

    Justine :o )

  • Picket

    Girl!!! What is all this!! lol lol I had to stroll thru all these men to get to the comment page! lol lol You need a hobby girl!!!lol A frogie is a pet name I call my house dress or some people call them Moo Moos...It is a long sentimental story but it is just a house dress...now the Lane cake is a cake that has been made in my family for yrs and I make one every Christmas...you cook the icing (butter and sugar and egg yolks until thick and then you add raisins...coconut....pecans...cherries and I add a secret ingredient but it is just the absolute best cake..ohhhh I start squealing while I am making it! Take care girl!

  • Kathy

    Hi Justine, I cannot admit to liking the first few lads or I will get a visit from the blog police, but I can say that you have an awesome list here especially Mr French!!!!!. and John Corbett in Greek Wedding and S.I.T.C. Kathy.

  • mrsben

    "To make matters worse"????? Your Uncle doesn't sound that bad to ME....and I'm positive my sister will agree. (Hey that rhymes.)

  • Justine

    Mrs. Ben (are we ever to learn your real name??????), I really do wish you would start a blog!!!!!!!!!! That way we could communicate much better and get to know you!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  • mrsben

    Oh Justine, I hope I am not being a pest. As mentioned to Artist Kathy, I prefer to leave the creativity up to the rest of you here in Blogland.

    As it is, I am spending too much time on the Computer these days. (My DH is away(no not in jail) and the weather has been horrid to do much outside. It rains soooo often, but actually I am enjoying the hiatus....smiles. The Landscaping projectS da*ned near killed me....ha!) Next month I do have a busy agenda so you won't hear from me that often....I promise :)

    Have a beautiful day!!!

  • Justine

    Hey Mrs. Ben! You don't have to be creative or even have much to say to start a blog. It'd just be nice if you had one and maybe even just weekly post what you've been doing with your week. Come on now, it'd give all of us somewhere to go to visit you!!

    Justine :o )

  • Tismee2

    So tell me, how the hell did I manage to miss this post? I mean of all your posts, missing one like this .....

    You and have have more than a couple of things in common here. I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan and started watching him in 21 jump street too. No-one else I know has ever heard of it, although it was in the early days of satellite tv over here and being married to a gadget freak meant we were first in line to get it!

    infact there are only a couple in there I might have to think twice about, but you have missed out Alex O'Loughlin from Moonlight out.

    Hmmm you don't think we might look at each other;s hubby and go hmmmmmm do you?

    Nope can't find that award but I found some nice hunky men instead.