Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Musings

Last night I just could not sleep. I was waking up every hour, either to pee, or to change position or whatever. It was annoying, but it did give me time to contemplate this whole blog world we're all so involved in. And while thinking about it, I realized that some of you that visit my blog, are people who in any other circumstance wouldn't look twice at me. What do I mean by this? Just that our lives are so completely different, and I wonder what it is that keeps drawing you back to see me and to read what I have to say. Let's take for example:

Penny. She loves to shop for antiques and decorate. I do neither.

French. She's totally into decorating and traveling. I do neither.

Artie. Once again, decorating and gardening. I do neither.

Shelia. Oh, this woman loves her pretties! And I have none.

Nikki. Ooh, this girl loves anything vintage and even dresses the part! I, well, don't.

Tootsie. The Queen of the Garden. I have a black thumb.

Kathy the Artist. Paints like an angel and tells wonderful stories. I can't draw a stick figure and my stories are REAL. LOL

Brit Kathy. Lots of traveling for her! None for me.

Gail. You wanna talk about opposite sides of the coin! But I love her and I learn from her every day.

Elizabeth. Has a collection of EVERYTHING. I save nothing.

Cindy. Ah, what to say about Cindy? Her love of Kiefer Sutherland. No comment! LOL

Mrs. Ben. She doesn't have a blog but I wish she did. I can't figure out if she loves me or hates me. I love her!

See what I mean? Nothing in common thereabouts. But, something draws each of us to each other's blogs anyway. I may not be into gardening, or vintage clothing or artwork, but I absolutely love reading about how if affects each of your lives. Each of my blog friends lends something special to my day. It could be Donna's accident-prone son, Andre, or Raquel's funky looking Caribbean food, or JuJuBoo's funny pictures of her girls. A family story from Kady about sitting around the fire, or how she misses her son; an inspiring love-fest post from Dot (squealing like a sissy girl here!), or a hilarious account of Buffie's latest blunders. A simple sarcastic remark from Schmeckygirl can sometimes send me into the giggle fits, and Bridget and her love of her daughter Katie is heartwarming and sweet. Lately French has been surprising all of us with non-decor-related posts and they've all been wonderfully funny! I love her wit and her potty mouth. Also think her husband is one HOT-looking guy. Yummy! Morninglight Mama shares her funny "mommy" stories and her musings on life.

I seem to be rambling on about nothing, don't I? But I guess that's the benefit of having your own blog. The stage is yours. You can say whatever you want and if it bombs, so be it. If the shit hits the fan, so be it. I guess what I've really been wondering is why you all come to visit me. I know why I call on you. You guys make me laugh, cry and shake my head in wonder. I seem to have developed a blog about nothing. And look, I just added to that nothing now! LOL!

So as I sit here and ponder away, let me also take the opportunity to tell all of you how much you've come to mean to me. I'm a stay at home mom with no hobbies aside from reading, so having this little blogging community has been wonderful for me; a great daily escape. I feel like I'm getting to know each of you through every post and it's been a blast so far. I can't wait to see what the coming months will bring!

Until next time, Justine :o )

16 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • onlymehere

    Justine, I come to visit you bz I can expect the unexpected! At first I wasn't sure if you were being mean to me or if you were making jokes. I finally chose to think you were making good-natured jokes! I've noticed that we are all ages who visit each other and it doesn't matter one bit, we all have a common thread somewhere, even if it's only that we want friends. I think your blog is a bit like mine, this and that. It's good therapy for me to blog and record memories for my kids and myself and I think it is for others also. I'm not much of a decorator either and I kind of worried I would be left out by mixing things up and posting my Kiefer post but I found it opened doors for others to show they have little secrets too, Schmecky and the free credit report guy, French with her blogs on sexy hollywood men and women, etc. You're all my own special form of group therapy to keep me sane! Some days someone posts a hilarious blog and it just so happens to be a day I need a laugh. Keep it up Justine and everyone else bz I really think we need each other in our own little weird way!

  • morninglight mama

    Oh, I totally hear you on the escape that blogging and reading blogs provides. I, too, am home with my little ones, and often these are the only words that I'm exposed to by other adults! Thanks for the shout-out, you cool gal. :)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I come to your blog soley out of pity.

    (That was my sarcastic comment for the day.)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I come to your blog soley out of pity.

    (That was my sarcastic comment for the day.)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Aw girl... you knows I loves ya!

    I just like reading how your minds works. I think you are interesting and funny and I especially like your bitchfests.

  • Donna

    Justine, I visit you because some days I just need a laugh.. and I know I am going to get one from you! You have a great sense of humor and I find your life interesting! One thing I can say for you, and French has said the same is that if all else fails, YOU ARE HONEST! I love that you can come on my blog and say yuck! Or you can say how opposite we are when it comes to books etc... You are very honest and funny! What more can a total stranger ask for???? LOL!!!!

    Oh yeah...and as far as the $4 perfume... let me know how it smells.. (I'm scared) Not that $23 smells any better... LOL But keep me posted!


    PS Andre said Thank you for wishing him a Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Lisa

    I come here cuz I never know what Im going to get. Some days it is a story about adult bedwetting. Some days it is a post about bitching. Whatever it is you post about, it always makes me smile :)

  • Tismee2

    and I come here because I like to know what the weather is doing in Florida so I know what to pack.

    I feel like I have known you for years. Maybe we were once twins, stolen from our mother in a previous life by an evil boggart, each sent to the far corners of the earth until the invisible thread that bonds our souls pulls us together to reunite once again -on Blogger.

    JK Rowling eat yer heart out!

  • French

    Justine you silly woman! First, I had to take the BLS, and ACLS classes for work meaning Basic Life Saving and Acute Cardiac Life saving...part of my job so if needed I can drug you up and shock you! Second, I am glad you find my blog amusing...yes it started out with decorating now it's an escape for me too...It's funny there are some interesting things I have done but never thought it was that interesting! What's really funny is that my kids always tell me I am too serious, and my reply is always because around here I have to be...but on blog I get to act like my silly self! I read your blog because you make me laugh! And I love your honesty! Ohh and I love that I can curse without being judged here! Oh but you have to quit lusting over my husband~~~HAhaha French;)

  • French

    Thanks to your blog you gave me an idea for my blog tomorrow, or just after midnight~~~this ones just for you;) Perhaps it will indeed answer the questions you were asking??? French:)

  • The Scarlett Rose Garden

    First of all girl... is this Beautiful Freak song supposed to go along with this post? LOL!
    I visit you because we DO have things in common, like our sense of humor. I think we could carry on quite the conversation IRL. And besides, if we went shopping together I don't WANT to you like vintage! That way we won't fight over who gets what!
    You're witty and beautiful and I enjoy your posts. Nuf said. Oh~ and guess what... I like frogs too!

  • Anonymous

    Justine, Just stopped by to say Hi, Funny, smart, witty,talented.......I Like you!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    I am more than pleased that you mentioned me in your blog! I can't remember how I found my way here, but ever since, I have been laughing and laughing. I never know what to expect when I come to visit, and I love your honesty and your family cracks me up. You can tell you are all close though, and it makes me wish my family was more like that.


  • Penny

    Hey girl. I like coming to your blog because you're fun. I learn and love things from everyone and I think they make me a better person as a whole. I think that's how we all feel. Which I feel echos what "onlymehere" was saying too. We're all genuinely good hearted people and that's the most important quality for friendship (to me) anyway.


    PS Is anyone else having a slow time on Justine's blog? Like something may be snagging it up? The scroll bar moves in little jerks.

  • Primgal55 - Linda

    OMG girl - stick a fork in me cuz NOW I am done! I have been laughing so hard I have to pee and blow my nose with one foot! You keep me laughing girl. I was sitting here whining about a bee sting got and now it doesn't hurt anymore - thanks for all the laughs,

    hugs, Linda

  • Sue

    well Justine I've been coming to read your blog for a long time but just recently leaving comments, I love your sense of humor, I think were kinda alike actually, (shhhh don't tell Dot!!) You make me laugh and thats important to me!! Maybe one day you will know me enough to include me in your circle of best boogs!! xo sue