Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All This Crazy Tagging Going On!!!!!!!!

Dot at Picket's Place wants to know my food quirks, Becky at Schmeckygirl wants to know some unimportant things about me, and the rest of you probably don't give a poop either way! But, let's see what Tiney can come up with.

Food quirks:

If there is any, and I mean ANY cartilage or fat left on a piece of chicken cutlet it will not be cooked until all of it is gone. I also have a very close relationship with my meat pounder, as I hate thick cuts of chicken. Blech!

I don't understand people who enjoy beets. I've tried them and to me they just taste like pickled dirt. Disgusting!

If you serve me eggs of any kind, there better not be anything wiggling and jiggling or I'll consider it undercooked. The flip side to this is that I love a runny yolk. It's the white that really gets me. Ewwwwww! Nope, not going there.

If you make your meatloaf with ketchup, and actually cook it in a loaf pan, and it's pink even after fully cooked, keep it away from me! I do it the Italian way and like it well done! It it's all tightly compacted like the picture below, I am thoroughly grossed out!

If all you do to flavor your mashed potatoes is add a little salt, pepper, butter and milk, you should be living in Ireland. Come to Tiney and I'll teach you how to make mashed potatoes that will literally melt on your tongue.

Some useless information about me:

I was named after an American Bandstand dancer from the 50s. The couple Bob and Justine were regulars, and my mother's favorite dancers. She told her teenage self that if she ever had a girl, she would be named Justine, and here I am!

I was born left-handed, but my kindergarten teacher didn't like my handwriting, so made me switch to being a righty. Now I can't write with my left hand if my life depended on it, but I do almost everything else with my left hand. So, I'm considered ambidextrous.

I love VERY strong Colombian coffee. I don't want flavors in my coffee, just the bean. And I only like fat free 1/2 and 1/2. Regular is too overpowering-creamy and milk isn't creamy enough.

I have to sleep with the TV on, but the volume off.

It's suspected by my ENT that I have a bad case of sleep apnea. Because of this I flail around in my sleep, beat the crap out of Jimmy by constantly swinging my arms into his face. I also snore horribly and talk in my sleep. One morning as Jimmy was getting ready for work, I screamed out, "CAT FOOD!" Later, Jimmy called me from work and said, "Do we by any chance need cat food?" I said, "Yeah, we're totally out. How did you know?" ROFL!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, Justine :o )

21 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Buffie

    Hey I'm totally with you on the eggs, meatloaf! AND beets gross!!!!
    I have sleap apnea too and also flail about and yell in my sleep! LOL!!!

  • French

    Ok so I hate any kind of fat at all!! If it ends up in my mouth I end up spitting it out (yuk) I actually like beets! WEird but true, not that I eat them often! I have to sleep with TV on and the lowest volume ever...that started with me working nights and trying to drown out the noise now it's a must! Oh and btw~~you SUCK! (lol) why I am wearing the stupid thong? why am I going topless hmm can you explain this please??? LMAO French;)

  • artis1111

    Hubby is the one who shouts out crazy things. Hate runny yokes. Love beets. I sleep with the TV on no sound. I use to dance to American Bandstand!. Kathy

  • Kathy

    Great post Justine, I liked all the pics, I love beetroot but it has to be pickled in a jar, I cannot get it here, so I bring it back from the UK with me in huge jars. I have never eaten meatloaf.
    I am left handed and only eat mash with milk and butter maybe you could share your mash recipe with me. Kathy.

  • Picket

    Wow're just full of hidden info! lol Ok I did everything you said to the letter like over 100 won't upload...I can make it go to the blog as a post but not on the side bar...What one element am I missing and you better say "BRAIN"!!! lol But you don't know how much I appreciated you breaking it down for me step by step like that girl...that was mighty kind of you!!!! have a great evening!

  • onlymehere

    Sooooo, you tempt us about the mashed potatoes and then don't tell us!?! I make them the "Ireland" way I guess. I loved the trivia. I can't have meat the slightest bit pink either. We've learned at restaraunts to ask for my meat extra, extra well done! Also the sleep thing, I have to have it dark and quiet but I do scream in my sleep a lot bz I get nightmares. I've even hit my husband on occasion and left marks when I flail my arms....the poor guy. Good thing he works nights and I sleep alone! It's only a problem when he has the next day off, LOL!

  • Penny

    I want some of your mashed potatoes! I love mashed cauliflower too. You're better than me with the eggs. I can't even eat one. I mean, isn't it an aborted baby or something? GROSS. I try real hard not to think of it being in recipes, and if a recipe asks for eggs I use egg substitute. I should have blogged this!!!

  • Bridget

    Faith and begora, are you going to teach me how to make mashed potatoes like an italian? I have no idea what italian meatloaf is...could you provide more details?
    I have visions of you beating on Jimmy right now as I type this. I hope you aren't looking like the girl in the picture!
    Thanks for wrapping up the "story!"
    Nighty, night!

  • Bridget

    So how far did you get on the impossible quiz? I gave up on number 40. Maybe a pass is the only way to get that one. In fact, I'm almost certain that is the only way.

  • Anonymous

    Hey there Justine!!!! Lets see... Hmmmm I like runny egg yolks from time to time, I LOVE Beets, as long as they are not pickled!!! They do taste a bit earthy..but I love them! I love mashed potatoes... Irish style... too much garlic sends my belly into a fit!!! LOL.... I enjoyed your blog today! LOL... When I need a good laugh.. I know where to come! :)

    Andre is home and feeling better... He did not need surgery!!!


  • Shelia

    Justiney!! Good morning, Daaaahling! Oh, how sweet of you to say those sweet things and I agree, what a little group we have here. Then I come over to your little blog all sentimental and you're talking about chicken fat! EWWWW~but I do agree with you. I do the same thing - cut if off! I don't like nasty beets. I think they came straight from hell! It's so cute you were named after an American Bandstand cutie. When I was little, I would rush home from school just so that I could watch American Bandstand and the Mickey Mouse Club...yep, I'm an oldie, but I sure am a goodie!!

    You're a doll!!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    You are a classic. You know I'm right there with you on the chicken "stuff" and I used to love beets when I was a little girl. Go figure.

    Weird about the left handed thing!

    LOL Cat food!

    Oh and I excused you about the Tag game but you did it anyway. LOL! I'm glad you did though. I enjoyed reading it.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    WHAT THE HELL IS THAT QUIZ GAME!!?!??!?!?!???!?! I tried to do it without reading the instructions and died almost immediately. So then I read the intstructions and lasted only one more question longer. I don't get it. How many holes does a Polo have?!!!? Neck and arm holes and the waist I assume, but what about the button holes? GAME SUCKS!

  • Anonymous

    Love beets in any shape or form, particularly between a couple of slices of fresh bread and butter while still warm. I once ate so many (my dad used to grow them in the garden) that I thought I had something wrong with me as I was pee'ing blood!

    Like eggs as long as they aren't snotty.

    Don't like stringy, gristly bits on any meat. Infact don't like anything with a chewy texture. (urghh)

    I do like mash and also mashed carrots and swede together. Bet you're going to ask me what swede is? It's sometimes called turnip but it isn't turnip, it's sweeter than that and orangey colour, although it does look a little like turnip but bigger when straight out of the ground.

    I also have to have well cooked meat, I love roast beef that is black on the outside and nicely cooked on the inside.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    A friend of mine once invited me over to her house for borscht. Not having lived in a town where anyone ever ate anything with that name, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Guess what it was? Cold beet soup. UGH!!! She even added sour cream to it. Gag! I tried so hard to give it a try so as not to offend, but just couldn't do it, lol.

    It was fun reading about your food quirks and other quirks. You'll have to read Picket's comments if you want to hear about my food quirks, but let me just say I LOVE peanut butter and pickle relish sandwiches on wheat bread, and with butter of course, lol.


    PS. The test for sleep apnea is so very easy. I had it done years ago and was happy to find out that I do NOT have apnea.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Justine!!!! Yep... that's the sae kid that bloodied up my LR!!!! :) He's a had full these days! LOL!!!

    He is resting... he is still a bit tired and under the weather! I will make sure he see's you birthday wish!!!

    That last perfume smells terrific!!! You can get it from Sephora for $23!!!! I wear that one alot!!!

    Off to bed I go!!!!


  • SchmeckyGirl

    LOL Justine. Actually I was wearing liptone lip liner all over my lips and SPF15 lip balm only. Maybe the lip liner on my lips wore off? I wasn't worried about my lipstick on the beach. lol.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Lol, love eggs, its tomatoes I don't like raw. They have to be in with something else. Their insides just totally squick me out.

    You really should try the peanut butter and relish, roflmao.


  • Elizabeth

    Hey, Girl!
    Don't even THINK about tagging me on any of these things if you're not going to have a Beach Party! LOL
    I am very picky about the cartilage on the chicken too. I buy the individually frozen breasts, or the extra-lazy pre-cooked and sliced chicken strips from Tyson or Purdue! But I'm only feeding one person.

  • Tootsie

    I hear the chicken thing! love hearing your makes me feel better to know I am not alone!

  • Shelia

    Morning Justiney! Hope you're doing well this Friday morning. Pop in to see me - I've made a couple of those magazine covers. You should do it, it is so much fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)