Saturday, July 5, 2008

Publix... Where Shopping Is a Pleasure

Okay, so it's a thoroughly stupid and senseless post, but I do love my supermarket and think they deserve a little shout-out in blogland. After growing up on Long Island, in NY, and shopping in what were usually old and decrepit grocery stores, moving to Florida and shopping at Publix truly has been a pleasure. I remember the stores I went to with Mom as a kid. King Kullen, The Grand Union, and Pathmark.
I never knew there was something better out there. These stores were all I knew in my little world. And then we moved to Florida.

I will never forget the first time we (meaning Mom, Dad, Jill, and I) stepped into a Publix supermarket. As soon as we walked in the front doors the first thing that stunned us was the lighting.
Holy cow it was bright in there and everything so shiny and CLEAN! My dad immediately put his sunglasses on as he Oohed and Aahed over the perfect displays of stacked boxes of soda and various merchandise.
All four of us walked those aisles in shock. Who knew a supermarket was supposed to be so clean and well organized? Who knew the products could be displayed so nicely? And the employees! OMG, they actually asked how you were doing, and did you need any help finding anything? We sure ain't in NY anymore!

Then we proceed to the checkout with our items. Not only is there a friendly cashier to ring up our purchases, but also a bag boy to pack up our stuff. We paid and were about to leave when the bag boy said, "Can I help you out to your car with this?" We were so stunned that we took him up on his offer. After he'd unloaded the groceries into our car, Dad offered him a tip. "No sir, this is a courtesy from Publix and we do not accept tips for it."
Holy shit! Were we still on the same planet?
Hence began my love of Publix supermarkets.

Yeah, I guess it's ridiculous to love your regular supermarket so much, but when it's always neat as a pin and it's filled with friendly, helpful people, it becomes a nice place to go to do a crappy chore. Here's a picture I took of my store.
One part of food shopping that I really hate down here in Florida is waiting at the deli section for lunch meat. Up in NY, you'd go to a deli and place your order, and before you could blink your eyes the packages were in your hands, sliced to perfection. Down here it seems deli employees move at a much slllllllllllowwwwwwwwwwwwwwer rate and I hate to stand there, leaning on the glass, waiting for my stuff to be sliced. So each week I write down exactly what I want and exactly how I want it sliced and hand the note over to whomever is behind the counter. Usually it's my favorite guy, Danny. Danny the Deli guyHe's always got a smile and automatically reaches over the counter because he knows I'm going to hand him a list. You may recognize the side of the sign you can see behind his head. It's Boar's Head, and it's the ONLY lunch meat this family will eat. Best stuff in the world and made only from quality meat... no by-products, fillers and mashed up intestines for us!

One of the best features of Publix is their weekly Buy 1 Get 1 Free specials. I'm really bad about shopping with coupons, so this is at least one way to save some money. I didn't buy this, but wanted to take a pic of the sign anyway.
2 for 1
And this is something that pisses me off thoroughly. Do you see how much I'm paying for coffee now? Photobucket Are they sprinkling gold dust in there along with the beans? I go through at least one of these per month, and that's with only me that drinks coffee here. I love it when they have this on Buy 1 Get 1, but they rarely do.

This next picture I took specifically for Raquel because she had taken a picture of mangoes last week. mangoes for Raquel Of course hers were probably grown right there in the Caribbean. Don't know where these came from, but they look good. I love how the produce section is always clean, no fruit flies, and free of rotted fruits and veggies. Not all supermarkets can claim the same!

And now our shopping was done and it was time to unload the cart. Usually the bag boy will offer to do this, but I had my little slave there with me this day. Wow, she actually did the whole thing by herself. Excuse her appearance. This is what she looks like after a full day at marine camp!Mikayla helpingThe cashier thought I was a bit nuts when I asked to take her picture, but she still smiled pretty!
And looky, they even have a computer screen so you can see exactly what you're paying for each item. She wasn't done ringing yet, and already look how much I've spent!computer screen

And alas, now it's time to bring it home, unload it, drag it in the house, and load up the fridge. And boy did I pack it tight. I really can't wait to have my own house again and get the fridge of my dreams. Right now that would be the LG 4-door, with two sliding freezer drawers. Ah, one can dream! As you can see, this one isn't cutting it for a family of four!

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed your tour of the greatest supermarket on earth! We'll just chalk this up to another of those "What was she thinking?" blog posts!

Until next time, Justine :o )

20 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Good morning Justine

    My parents took me on a trip to miami when i was 17yrs old, it was wonderful!! and for sure i remember publix!! I had the same reaction!

    The first time I had 'jiffy' peanut butter we bought it at publix!!

    A friend of mine who recently moved back to Trinidad from Miami told me there are mango trees in miami, so when you get to your new home be sure to plant one.

    Trinidad has developed so rapidly over the last 20-25yrs and now our bigger supermarkets are just like publix! I see now that they copied the architectural style of publix as well which is so cool!

    Oh and that 4door fridge? My dream too! Isnt it dreamy?!!

    One other thing, as long as you are under 30 you can NEVER take a bad photo! Your daughter looks so cute!!

    lol!! at first i thought marine camp was the military marines!!

  • Naz

    When I'm in Florida, Publex is my favorite supermarket too. When the cashier asked me "How are you today", I first thought she wanted to sell me something. How surprised was I when I realized she was just being nice.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  • Buffie

    We go to Kroger's here in Texas and it's the same way...I still hate grocery shopping though. I have a hang-up about it I guess but I'll put it off till there's hardly any food left before I make myself go! LOL!

    I can't believe there is actually a song about Pulix!!!

  • Bridget

    Y'all would fall over dead if you shopped in Texas or some other friendly state. It must be way different in northern FL! In So. FL, the checker and baggers were all way past retirement age and real grouchy. I don't think anyone ever asked how I was doing (they had all moved there from the markets you shopped at in NY! lol) It used to be a little game with me, I would be all perky and say "hello" and "how are you" and see how shocked they were that someone talked to them for some other reason than to complain!
    I was afraid to the the bag "boy" carry out my groceries in that heat, he might have heat stroke and croak like one of your little froggies.
    So anyway, I'm glad you like your grocery shopping experience!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Justine, my aunt lives in Miami. Last year she had surgery so I flew out to Miami to go take care of her. She needed groceries, so she gave me directions to the market. I pulled up to Publix and thought... what kind of name is that??? LOL. I must say, Publix had to be one of the best supermarkets that I had ever been to, next to Wegman's here in nj... ") (
    I wish I had a Publix to go to!!! Publix prices are much better than Wegmans!

    About the doggie!!! I went to go see her... She was sweet, but she has some pretty bad habits that I am not prepared to deal with!!! She is only 3 months old, but she is huge!!! She has no training at all. She tore up the ladies house the night before, and the smell of that woman's apartment made me loose my apetite for half of the morning!

    The pup sleeps on the furniture and knawls on it too.. (I would DIE!!!) She also had a small dry skin condition on her hind leg.(yikes) I just didn't think it would be a good idea to take on such a problem. She just didnt look healthy to me!!!

    As far as the Breed "Cane Corso". Well I had one 8 years ago! I had a great experience with him! Cane Corso's are very even tempered. They are easy to train! They are very protective of their familys as well as their homes. They are great with children! It seems the smaller the child the more gentle the Dog is! My Corso was so protective of my children, he would baby sit them... LOL. He would break up my boys from fighting! He wouldn't let my daughter leave the yard.. LOL He wouldn't let anyone in either! I just fell in love with the breed. Everyone that has one says the same thing about them... :) To be such a large breed, they are impressively gentle with children, extremely loyal to family and very aloof with strangers!!!

    Soooooo, needless to say, I was sad that the sweet little pup was not what I was looking for... I will get one soon! I'd rather get one at 8 weeks old.. and train him/her myself.

    Have a good day!!!! I hope you had a happy 4th!!!!!


  • Shelia

    Justiney!!! Good morning...and I loved your 'Ode to the Grocery Store'! Living in Texas I'm not familiar with Publix, but it sounds great. I shop at Kroger and HEB here in the good ole Lone Star state and they're like that. Except no one takes your groceries out to the car! Your little darling is so cute and what a little helper she is! Now Boar's Head brand I know! Yes, it's the bestest! Well, you've reminded me, I need to make my grocery list! UGH! You know I'll bet Publix has some ice cream freezers. You'd bettr get one. You're little honies would love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Penny

    What a FANTASTIC subject! Count me in the Publix fan club too! I grew up in Lakeland, FL, home to dear ole Publix. When I was a young girl all the other young girl scouts knew that the corporate office of Publix was my territory for selling cookies. My uncle worked in the office! Anyway, other than that I have a publix next door to us here in Fl, and in Atlanta! They are my fave because they are so clean and the people really are the nicest. I like the small speciality stores too, but Publix is great for picking up the daily neccessities like PASTA that I see in your shopping purchases. haha And in your fridge I see you have yellow mustard. You can keep all those fancy mustards, yellow mustard rules!


  • Tootsie

    you are officially a true blogger! I bet people were just looking at you when you were in there doing your "photo shoot"
    I have never heard of this store...but it looks very nice. We don't have tipping signs here...that is new to me...hope you had a great 4th!

  • Bridget

    I hope your birthday party is going great. Sit down and relax girl! You deserve a break.
    Come see my new layout when you get a chance!

  • Bridget

    Buy a red velvet cake mix sometime. Yum! I can't get them here in California. : (

  • The Scarlett Rose Garden

    OMG Justine you CRACK me up with your grocery store pix and song, lol! I've always heard good things about Publix...

  • Kristi @ Addicted*2*Decor

    Hey, girl! I didn't realize you lived in Florida. My brother lives there.

    I popped over to RMS today (haven't been in quite some time), and heard rumblings of your blog. Had to search to find it, but finally did.

    You're a great writer! Very entertaining.

    Kristi (decorator girl)

  • onlymehere

    Publix sounds like our grocery store Macey's! Most people think I'm going to a dept. store when I say I went to Macey's but in Utah it's a chain of grocery stores. I actually loved this blog but have to say I missed seeing pictures of the Twinkies, Ding Dongs, HoHos and cupcakes. You should do a blog just praising them! LOL! I have my own special reason for wanting them showcased! Hmm, maybe I'll have to do one on them! Thanks for making me laugh when you visit me too!

  • Elizabeth

    Yes! I have 2 Patrick Sanchez books on hold at my library!!

  • Anonymous

    I haven't been ignoring your blog just been busy answering your e-mails and finding gross Brit-food for you!

    It's great having a peek in other folks' fridges. Looks like there is a lot of juice! Ours is pretty bare at the moment.

    So Publix is the best place for food?

  • Shelia

    Good afternoon, Justine! I'm so glad you stopped by little Mitford today. I think those books just are the sweetest things and Jan Karon is a great writer - not complicated or too deep - just pulls you into the little stories. Hope your Sunday is going well. Did you cook me some dinner with all the groceries you bot yesterday? You know, I am getting kinda hungry!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    When I moved to this town, I loved that not only did I have two supermarkets to buy from, there was also a Walmart, K-Mart, and Meijers to buy food at. None of them sound as good as your Publix store though, and the small town thing I really miss from my old town's single supermarket is that no place in this town has a bag boy who will take your groceries out.


  • Anonymous

    I just happen to love Publix too! You forgot to mention the store mommy shopped at the most A&P!

    I love the bogo sales that Publix has but if you buy regular price items you lose money! There is a huge difference when you walk in Publx compared to Walmart with the way you are treated. I think Walmart looks for the rudest people on the planet to employ! There are certain things that I only buy at Walfart!


  • Buffie

    your blog looks good!

  • Anonymous

    oh my god. upon seeing the inside of your fridge I had a small anxiety attack. If I could just reorganize that for you... oh the clutter makes my heart a pitter patter. damn it. Just though I should share my psychotic moment with you.
    love ya