Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frickin' Frackin' Computer Trouble!

So, the other day I go to sign on to check my mail. Can't connect to the server. Hmm... that's odd. Call Comcast. Jimmy didn't pay the bill. Oopsie! Call him at work, he gets online and pays the bill. Still no connectivity. Call them, they say they're resetting me and I should be online. WELL! Eight friggin' calls to them later, it still ain't working! Finally today, I got a halfway intelligent representative that said, "Well wait, your router probably got messed up when we disconnected you. Let me connect you to your router company's tech line." It took over an hour, and then some additional tweaking from me, but I seem to be online once again!!!!!!!!

But now I'm totally bloggerwhelmed, because I've missed an entire two and a half days of reading your blogs. So please forgive me for not being there to read them lately. I'll try and catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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