Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tagged for a Meme!

My friend Rachelle, over at Joey's Walk tagged me for this weird little meme, and I couldn't resist trying. Have you visited Rachelle yet? She's got a lovely family, and one of her children, Joey, has CdLS, just like my beloved Poopy Pants! Go visit her and say hi! Who knows you might even learn something about CdLS today!

Okay, simple Meme. All you have to do is go into your 6th photo folder (or in my case, my 6th album on Photobucket) and post the 6th picture you see. And like Rachelle said, hopefully you'll remember what that particular picture is all about! Mine's easy!
The Austins

This was Jill's ultra simple wedding a few years ago. Jill and Mark got married on a gazebo over the water of the St. John's river on a VERY HOT August afternoon. It was just immediate family and they were married by Mark's father who is a Baptist minister. It was lovely! So, the picture is Jill, Mark, and Alexa soon after the deed was done.

I'm supposed to tag 6 other people, but you know I don't do that. If you think this would be fun for you, do it!

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