Thursday, October 16, 2008

His Love

I sit upon this rock and stare,
as crystal waves crash,
the breeze ruffling my hair.

Sun shining down with warming rays,
traversing the sky in mysterious ways,

The air is cool and sweet,
it caresses my skin,
but dark and cold are what I feel from within.

I look up to my God above,
and ask of Him, "Why am I not worthy of love?"

His answer comes silent
but clear as the day,
Just follow me and I'll show you the way.

With me at your side
You are never alone
My love for you
is greater than any you have known.

I've watched you closely
all these years
It's been my hand that has reached out to dry your tears

While earthly love is a wonderful thing
it cannot replace the grace that I bring

So sit here, daughter of my heart
and rejoice of what surrounds you,
my creation, divine art.

Don't feel alone
for I'll always be at your side,
It is for you that my only Son died.

Justine    10-15-08

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