Monday, October 13, 2008

The In-Laws... A Filler Post

This Saturday, my in-laws came to visit with their best friends and their best friends' dog, Zachary. We hadn't seen them since July so the kids were anxious to be with their Mom-Mom and Pa, and Mom-Mom and Pa were anxious to be with the girls.

The reason for this impromptu visit with their friends was to bring us their "old" entertainment center that they no longer need since my fil bought his flatscreen tv. I think it was very hard for them to part with this, because it's an expensive piece of solid oak, but part with it they did. Loaded that puppy up on their friend's truck and drove it 3-1/2 hours to my house. I've never in my life gotten attached to a piece of furniture but my mother-in-law gets very sentimental with even the most mundane of inanimate objects.

So now this entertainment center has a new home in my bedroom. I've been married 15 years now and we're still using my bedroom set that I got when I was 14. It's cheap particle board crap and is falling apart, but we've just never made it a priority to make our bedroom anything special. I wonder if I'll ever have a true bedroom set. But at least now I can say I have one decent piece of furniture in the house, even if I do hate it. Yeah, you read that right. Why do I hate it? Because I absolutely abhor oak. All that grain? Blechhhhhhh! I think black paint is somewhere in this piece's future, although my in-laws will probably have a heart attack when it happens! Here's a picture of it.

Awww... look at that fat little rooster my in-laws brought me! And do you RMSers remember HENry? He's got a new home now! Yeah, I know the lamp soooooooo does not go with the roosters, but it's all I have right now.

Throughout the day Madison and Mom-Mom were working on a project. Madison got to sew her own stuffed puppy. Here she is concentrating hard, with Mikayla in the background, texting her aunt Jill.

And who wouldn't want to see a picture of a really cute dog? Here's Zachary!

And just to make Shelia smile, here's another diva picture of me.

I know, this was such a boring post but I'm not yet ready to post about my CPAP machine, so I had to give you something to read so you'd know I was still alive and kicking!

21 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • squawmama

    Nothing makes my day like seeing a post pop up from you... They are always entertaining,,, (Don't care what you say) LOL LOL The Entertainment piece is beautiful (I like the oak) but it will be striking in Black too... and the roosters... What can I say.. CUTE! Have a GREAT Day


  • Anonymous

    Oh Justine, you just crack me up. You could so be my middle daughter. I love that entainment center, give it a chance to grow on you, maybe it will... Reminds me of the entertainment center I design then had it built, it had a nautical finish to match our nautical decor, we had a stained glass design to go in the top of it. It was almost 15' long and was filled with shelves at the top and drawers at the bottom. Now, I don't even want to think about what it all cost. Last week Dana sent me a picture with Hey Mom, look what we did.....They got a big flat screen TV AND cut the center out of my prized design. I damn near had an asthma attack.
    But, it's her house now, so Mom keep your mouth shut. :)

  • Philly

    Need to hear about your machine. Hub got his 2 weeks ago,,,,has used it once. Now it is collecting dust. However, he is not snoring much these days, which means #1 is sleeping better.


  • Naz

    I remember those home entertainment centers use to cost more than the actual tv's that it housed. They did hold lots of stuff but they also took up lots of room.

  • Anonymous

    I do hope you are using your machine. It will help you. My youngest daughter won't wear hers. Says the plastic stinks,pleassssse.
    When I get home, I'll pay her a visit about this one.LOL

  • Anonymous

    You paint that lovely oak black and I'll slap you!

    Bet you'd pebble dash a traditional stone cottage too wouldn't you? Do you even know what pebble dash is?

    So tell me, are you using it as an entertainment centre in your bedroom or a cupboard for your other things?

  • Ma'dame French

    Good Morning ye' old confused one (LMAO) you and I have something in common I too hate oak (ack) But I think it will look Awesome Black;) French;)

  • Bridget

    Hey those photos look familiar. hehehehe

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    This post wasnt boring at all! The E Center is cute, I think it would look great black too! (not that i'm encouraging you or anything! heh heh)

    Youre young yet, Justine, there is still time for your decorating dreams to come through! You'll get your cute bedroom and a great home of your own!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Justine! Nothing you post is ever boring!

    I say paint that oak cabinet black!!!!! :)

    The girls are as cute as can be!!!


  • onlymehere

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how can you hate oak! You would so hate me in person. I love oak, especially the grain. I have built-ins all over my house that I built and they're all oak. The banisters I lovingly spent umpteen million hours on sanding and staining and putting polyurethane on are all oak!! Justine, how is it that I like you so much????????? You don't have the same taste in men that I do, you hate oak, you live in the hot south by the ocean, I live in a freezing/hot desert (it snowed yesterday), and you take pictures of your gorgeous self! We're so different but I love you anyway!! LOL! Don't paint that, ship it to me!! That's what friends are for, right?! LOLOLOLOL! Now wish me well I'm off to the dentist to let him torture me bz I broke a tooth. ICK!

  • tardevil

    Ok girl, have you read my plan??? (See my blog) We have to unite to get this economy going again. Go buy yourself a new bedroom suit're WAY over due!!! I'm not wild about oak either, but you don't want to kill over that MIL if she's having issues with passing it least not before the holidays! Winks and laughs...

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Justine! I swear I must have been at the zoo the same day as you! The huge gorilla did the same to us! Now you know why it's a glass enclosure, not bars! Yuck!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Well what can I say that I haven't said already? It's a nice piece but I hate oak too. Nice roosters though. Very happy for Henry!

  • Buffie

    I think it's a really good piece! The lines and style are good but I'm with you...sanding and painting it black would look awesome!

  • Penny

    Score! It would look a million ka trillion times better painted black. Do it!!!!

  • nikkicrumpet

    I'm with you on is NOT my favorite thing. I'd be painting that baby black in a hurry. And if the inlaws freak..oh's yours now to do with as you want! They do have a really cute doggy...he doesn't need to be painted.

  • Elizabeth

    Black paint would be great on that entertainment center. How are you enjoying your new camera? You should do a post and tell about it for the SITS Blogathon tomorrow.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Oh, I love oak! That is a really beautiful entertainment center.

    That being said, I can totally see it painted black!


  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Ugh, I hate oak too. "Golen Oak", bleh... I need to put more of a red stain on my kitchen cabs and then antique them black. They look so cUNtry.

    Hey, perhaps a new bedroom set will help you sleep better, hehe...make you feel more pampered anyway~

    I still keep thinking it says CRAP machine, esp. after you describe how much it sucks. Hannible Lechter, lol!! I hope the new mask is better!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    It's okay Justine, really. You don't have to comment about my Gorilla comment back to you... I only talk to you every day all day long...