Friday, October 24, 2008

What Have I Done???

I have created a monster! Yeah, you heard me, and that Monster's name is Jill. Yep, my beloved, quirky-dirky sister Jill, of Jill's Believe it or Not.

Dont' believe me? Just look at this picture of herself she sent me.

Friggin' scary, isn't it? Especially because she seems to have had a sex change without my knowing! Damn unsightly.

For months now, Jill has rolled her eyes at me over my blogging addiction, telling me I was crazy for toting my camera everywhere with me. But now? It's all she can talk about! Every time we're on the phone I hear the same thing: "I've got another idea for a blog post! What do you think of (insert stupid title that actually makes me laugh)?" And I just know she has something evil up her sleeve. I know this because she says, "I'm working on a blog post that concerns you." but will not give me the details. Rut roh. I am so screwed, aren't I?

The weirdest part of this is that I never knew how damn funny Jill actually was! Yes, stupid funny, silly funny, quirky funny, but writing funny? Nope, never did know it, and I must say, she trumps me! Oh, how it hurts to admit that. But man, I read her latest post last night (while on the phone with her) and nearly split my sides laughing.

I'm not feeling jealous or anything. Not even feeling threatened This is such a lie. If she doesn't stop being funnier than me I may have to hijack her blog at all. I wuv my sister and wish her only the very best in blogland. And if she winds up with more readers than me I'll kill her with a blunt object.

Don't worry, I still love you Jilly!

Bring it on, Sista!!!

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