Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Very CATty Post

Why do I say CATty?  Well let's see.  Gianna has a dormant case of CAT scratch fever, she needs to have a CAT scan with dye within the next couple of weeks, and my whole life seems to revolve around CAT naps.  Pretty CATastrophic, no?

Jill was actually able to get Gianna to Nemours hospital today to see the infectious disease doctor, who wound up being wonderful.  She was very impressed with the amount of tests her regular pediatrician had already done and has quite a few more lined up for poor Poopy Pants. Blood tests did just come back that showed a low level of CAT scratch fever, sitting dormant somewhere in Gianna's body.  They may have to do another endoscopy to make sure it's not settling as bacteria somewhere in her stomach or intestines.  Tomorrow she'll have a sonogram of the abdominal organs to make sure there aren't any visible malignancies that could be causing this fever she's had for over 4 weeks now.  Then in a couple of weeks she'll have to be put under sedation for a CAT scan with dye injected to highlight any abnormalities in various organs and her sinuses.  Right now it's all guessing and waiting, which is so frustrating to all of us that love Poopy Pants.  I'm so thankful that Jill, Mark and the girls are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house during these times.  It's such a comfort for all of them.  A familiar place with familiar people that genuinely care about them.

As of this morning, Jill still has not gotten anywhere with animal control over Liloh's death. The ONE deputy in her city that can do anything about this situation happens to be in the hospital right now.  This morning they did have someone filling in for him that paid Jill a visit, but so far, those damn dogs are still running around getting loose.  In fact, one of them, Diablo (fitting name for the fucker dog, no?) got out while animal control was there! Ah, proof!  Jill told the deputy that if something was not done about those dogs over the weekend, that Monday she would be calling in the media.  Go JILL!!!!!!

In other news, I spoke to my ENT today, who had just gotten my CPAP study results.  He looked them over as we were on the phone and said I did very well with the machine. That I had only stopped breathing an average of 5 times per hour (compared to 101 times without the machine!), which is considered within normal range.  Hell, I'd much prefer to not stop breathing at ALL while I'm sleeping, but I'll take what I can get at this point.  Unfortunately, now I have to wait for him to sign something and send it back to the sleep institute, who will then find a company which takes my insurance and can set me up with my own machine.  Think Veruka Salt here... I WANT MY CPAP NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Aren't y'all just dying to see what I look like with this contraption on?  Oh, you know I'm going to take pictures for all of blogland to admire!

And while I have you here, let me just say that even after my snarky little comment to my dear, lovely neighbors (and I know who you are!) I still have not received any comments from them. Does this mean I should give them the cold shoulder during the block party?  Maybe show up without an appetizer?  Or maybe come outside with my bra on the outside of my clothing to scare all the little kids away?  Watch out ladies, I'm on a mission for comments and no one is safe until I get them!  What do I have to do?  Send Madison out with her paper and crayons again, and put notes on everybody's doors?  "My mommy is comment deprived. Can you please help her?"

18 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • onlymehere

    Here's a comment to help you in your addiction! LOL! Glad your niece at least got in to see the doctor soon. We'll pray for her to get a definitive answer soon!

  • French

    Girl you've got your hands filled to the rim but thankfully SOME things seem to be getting taken care of~~~ Still sending peace and love your way~~~if not then just show up with the bra on over the top~~LMAO French;)

  • squawmama

    Wow... I don't know Jill but my heart goes out for her... I am praying for her little one that they soon find a cure for whatever is ailing her and she is better soon... and then on top of everything those bad ass dogs... surely someone will do something about them...

    I can't wait to see you with your CPAP machine... I bet you'll look a lot better then Ralphie Boy...

    Love & Hugs,
    Donna aka Squawmama aka Roxy :-D

  • Anonymous

    Justine, Sorry to hear about Gianna. Poor baby seems to be going through it! Jill must be stressed out between Gianna's illness and the whole dog situation.

    I am glad that the sleep machine works for you.. cant wait to see you all hooked up to it!


  • Anonymous

    It breaks my heart to read about little Gianna, she'll be in my prayers. It's taking them long enough for your CPAP results.Hope you hear something soon.


  • Anonymous

    Hey Little Girl..thanks for signing my guest book. And yes it is a good thing we have a RV, I would never go anywhere. I also, have a thing about hotel beds.:) Weird ,Huh?


  • Naz

    I hope you get your CPAP machine soon because then you'll be nice and rested.
    I hope little Gianna gets better quickly now that she's in the hospital.

  • Lisa

    So glad to hear that Jill was able to get Gianna into the IDC. Hopefully the CT scan will reveal what they need to know to treat her and get her back to her ole self again.

    I would call the media if I was Jill. Maybe then the AC would be more likley to pay attention to these cases and actually do something. Losers.

    Go to the block party with your bra on outside of your clothes. I would suggest you wear pantied outside of you clothes, but we all know you dont do laundry and probably dont have any clean ones laying around. Also, bring your camera and threaten your neighbors that you will take pics of them so you can show the world who refuses to comment. Jerks.

  • Rhea

    I hope you get your C-Pap soon!

    Bad neighbors. Hey, my family reads and never comments. I think my mom has commented twice maybe and one of my sisters (I have four!) comments every now and then...

    I'm a total comment whore. I leave them for everyone, I get around, and I need them in return. I'll do anything for them. hehe

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Justine... LOL! UPS and FedEx just leave the package at the door. They don't even ring the bell.

    Well maybe one out of ten times I will answer the door but usually I don't.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I'm anxious to hear news on Gianna but at least now someone is doing something about it. That's great.

    I hope animal control does something soon. That's sad that people let their dogs go wild like that because that dog is going to be punished for it. But that's a dangerous dog to have out in society.

    And yes I want to see you in that CPAP mask!!!!! I still can't believe it was over 100 times per hour! That's almost twice a minute. Yikes.

  • Rachelle

    Thanks for the WHOOOOOO HOOOOO this morning. It made my day. Sorry to hear Gianna has to have more tests done but at least they are finding the source of the fever. I will keep her in my prayers. As for your block party ~ showing up with your bra on over your clothes would certainly drive in some comments! WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Hope you have fun!

  • Mama

    Justine I am so glad things are moving forward for you, your sister with those scary dogs and little Poopie pants, she is so adorable. Kathy.

  • Buffie

    Animal control will be sorry if JILL goes ont the news, I can just hear her now! They had better look out! Gianna is in all of our prayers! I hope you get your machine soon too, I KNOW it will make you feel tons better!
    Buffie : )

  • nikkicrumpet are too damn funny....and you better NOT let her read that...cuz you KNOW she'll do it!!! I hope you get your own machine soooon...not just because it will help you sleep...although that is a very good thing...but also because I can't wait to see the pictures!!!
    I hope the docs get things figured out with your niece. And I hope those beasty dogs next door get the boot!

  • santamaker

    Girrrrrrrrrl, so glad you got your report! Yeah! I bet after sleeping with the machine you will feel like a million bucks! I will have to brace myself for your blog... You will be SINSATIONAL and most of all EDGY!!!! (of course I'm not implying you are not already)...
    You should name it , "DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH"...
    My heart goes out to little "poopy pants " and little Lihlo...
    Be good,

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    I'm really glad they found out what was going on with Gianna. Now they can do what they need to do to get her well. And Go Jill on threatening to call the media! I hope she follows through with that. Its awful that there are dogs getting loose that kill other dogs. That needs to be stopped.

    Good lord, they are sure dragging their heels about getting a CPAP for you!

    I hope everything starts getting better for you soon.

    And cheese is so not evil. It is my friend. Except when I eat too much. Then I can't poop.


  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, such a lot going on. Hugs to you all hoping you all get what you hope for, lots of hope in there - hopefully!