Friday, October 3, 2008

More "Jillisms" To Entertain You

Jill, Mark and the girls came over today on their way home from the Ronald McDonald house and will be spending the night here, and then coming to the block party tomorrow. I swear, I don't think there's a time I'm around Jill when I don't wind up laughing just because of her innate stupidity and garbling of the English language. Bottom line? My sister cracks me up and she doesn't even mean to!

So anyway, they got here, and Mikayla and Gianna were hanging out on the patio door step, so I took a few cute shots of them. Here they are. Yes, that is a lamp-less, vignette-less table behind them!




As is our usual habit when they all come by, Jill and I go our separate ways for nap time; her with Gianna, me alone in my nice big bed, and Mark in charge of Madison and Alexa. Meaning he watches tv on the couch until he falls asleep.

When we woke up it was time to leave Mark all alone (to lay on the couch and watch tv until he falls asleep) and go out to eat. Jill and Mikayla decided it was a Mama Fu's night. Great little Asian place with excellent food. We decided to eat outside tonight because it was sooooooooooo nice out. Jill would NOT let me take any pictures of her because all she had on was mascara. Gimme a break!


I tell ya, sometimes I wonder if Jill and I even come from the same gene pool. I've never heard anyone mess up their words as much as my sis. Well wait, that's not true. My father is even worse, always has been. He always uses the excuse that he's from the Bronx, as if that excuses him for changing the names of popular places into his own names. Take for instance the restaurant, Ruby Tuesday. He'll call it Sunday Monday. Or Ruby Thursday. Steak and Shake? Shake and Bake. You get the picture.

Jill does this with every day words, not places usually. While we were driving to dinner, she was telling me how Zoe (my youngest cat) bit Gianna today. She said, "I looked at her hand and it looked like a hyperderper went into it!" I said, "WHAT????? A hyper-derper????????" Not five minutes later she was complaining that she left Gianna's shoes at the house and I would have to stop somewhere so she could get her new shoes. I told her tough shit, I wanted to eat. She said, "But I can't go into a store without my shoe feet!" OMG, where did she come from?

You would think that was enough for one night, no? NO! When we got to Mama Fu's and she was taking the shoeless baby out of the car, she said, "Now I feel like a bornafide redneck." Oh my, we just couldn't stop laughing. See, she realizes the second it comes out of her mouth that she's screwed up. She just can't seem to help it.

So we ate our dinner and we wrote down her stupid "Jillisms" in my little notebook. I took a few shots of the girls. Here's Madison looking a little rough and needing a hair cut.


And Alexa, who amazes me every time I see her because she's getting thinner and thinner and looks so good. Last year she weighed in at a whopping 72 pounds from medication she was on. Her face was so swollen looking it was horrible. They changed her medicine and since then she's lost nearly 30 pounds!


Jill asked me to take a close-up of her eyes. They really are beautiful. It's amazing that she even has eyes this color, being that her father is half black, half white, and we're very dark-eyed Italians.


And my adorable Poopy Pants, trying to escape from her highchair.


One more Jill screw-up. We were driving from one store to another, and she had just used her cell phone. A minute later she needed it again and could not find it. She just kept saying, "But where is it? I just had it?", going crazy trying to locate it. Then she cracks up laughing and says, "Oh here it is! It's in my bra!" Oy, for the love of Pete!

Our drive home was a noisy one, and I really wish my camera had more memory on it so I could have at least recorded the noise level Jill and I had to deal with. First, Alexa started with her barking. She truly does sound like a small dog when she does it. Then Madison chimed in with her very convincing cat meow. Then Mikayla piped in with her stellar rooster. On and on and on, for the whole 20 minute drive home. They didn't shut up even for one minute! At one point Jill turned around and Gianna had her hands over her ears! Poor thing! Well, this hit Jill's funny bone in a really big way and she went into one of those hysterical laughing fits that send your stomach into spasms and you can't get a breath. This of course just made me laugh all the harder. We were still laughing as I pulled up in the driveway, Jill so uncontrollably that when she went to get out of the car, she fell back in and got wedged on the floor in between the dash and the seat. As I was walking to the house she was yelling and laughing, "Help me! I'm stuck! I'm really stuck!" I just kept walking. She really must have been stuck because it was a full three minutes or so before she got in the house, rubbing her aching hip.

Oh Jill, how I love thee! Especially now because she just told me that when I left her laughing and stuck she peed herself! Heeheeheeeeeee!

26 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    This was a fun read after a trying day, I swear Jill's words had me laughing out loud!

    So glad you guys have so much fun togeether, the kids look beautiful!

  • squawmama

    Oh Justine... I am sitting here LMAO ( and once again I have plenty so keep the laughs coming) It sounds like you really had a great time with your Sister... How lucky to have a sister... I am the only girl in my family 3 brothers... Gianna looks so sweet I sure hope she gets well soon... How are you doing? I know soon you'll be feeling great when the CPAP is delivered...

    Love & Hugs,

  • Bridget

    Sounds like a fun time for all (except Jill stuck and peeing her pants!) I'd love to hang out with you two crazy girls.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Omg, I just love Jill! She is so funny! Hey Jill, if you're reading this, you're too cool, girl!

    Tiney, I can tell you really do love having a sister. Who else would make you laugh so hard!

    Madison should be able to pay for her own haircut with all those donations rolling in from the neighbors. Heh!


  • Anonymous

    LOL!!!!!!! That was funny. I could not help but to laugh...I hope no one hears me... (LOL)

    Both you & Jill's girls are beautiful. Alexas's eyes are strikingly beautiful.

    Im glad that you got out and had fun.


  • onlymehere

    I'm glad Jill is so much fun for you to be around bz after the week you've had you've certainly deserved a giggling girls day out! I wish I had a sister that I was that close too. I have five sisters still living but we don't have this type of relationship. Cherish it Justiney weanie bz it's a gift!

  • Anonymous

    How I wish I had met Jill when we were there. I would have been in a similar state I'm sure.

    I love the hyperdermer - that should be a real word!

    I couldn't see the photos in the middle though for some reason?

  • Anonymous

    S'ok I can now - they are gorgeous - that new camera is fabby!

  • artis1111

    The girls are beautiful. Those eyes are wonderful. Kathy

  • Anonymous

    You find so much humor with your sister, good for you. My husband also slaughters the enlish language, I call it Norm's dictionary. Did you know there actually is a name for this, I don't remember what it was called, but Marilyn Monroe also had this problem.Cute shots of the kids too.


  • Naz

    All the girls are so beautiful.
    Your relationship with your sister is priceless. I love your father's and Jill's use of words (perhaps because I do it too).

  • santamaker

    Awww I'm soooo jealous, wish I had a sister like Jill ! She is so funny and I bet the two of you keep the place jumpin'! I had a friend that would get sayings messed up... instead of saying, "i am soaking wet" she would say, "i am soap and wet".... Love it!
    Hey...where are your neighbors? maybe you scared them off with the pooping in the yard confession ! LMAO !!!!! Just kiddin' ya, Tiney
    Be as good as you can,

  • Anonymous

    Where the heck is my post I left you this morning? It was a long one too.


  • Buffie

    LMAO, it's NEVER a dull time when you and Jill are together!!! My mom was the same way with words, she would crack me up as much as Jill does you! OMG, thanks for the laughs girls, you never disapoint!!! LOL!!!
    Buffie : ) Love you JILL!!!

  • onlymehere

    Left you a note on my blog to explain your questions. We are not told or forced what to do but we are counseled in temporal affairs as well as spiritual affairs.

  • Alex

    awww...I'm so glad you have so much fun together. That rocks! :)

    So, ya liked my Sarah Palin pumpkin, ey? hahaha

    PS I only bought a bed for my dad. The TV was a replacement for the one that got blown up when lightening struck our a house a little over a month ago.

    Have a GREAT weekend. :)

  • Rhea

    Your sister sounds hilarious. I love the Jillisms.

    Alexa does have the most gorgeous eyes!

  • Lisa

    You 2 are crazy funny.

  • Lisa

    You 2 are crazy funny.

  • nikkicrumpet

    The kids are adorable....but reading that post just made me wish so badly that I had a dorky sister to laugh with! How wonderful for you both to have each others...brothers aren't near that much fun!

  • mrsben

    Just playing some catch-up on your postings; and as usual you know how to entertain (and creatively write).
    Glad to hear that you were able to have some testing and are getting your sleeping disorder sorted out.
    Sorry to hear about sweet little Gianni, let's pray that they are able to diagnosis the cause of her fever and get it under control. Alexa really does have beautiful eyes, I can see her breaking a lot of hearts.

    Sounds like Jill is really a 'hoot', it's no wonder you have such a great time together. ROFL!

    Last but no least, how is Jimmy making out with his diet or should I be asking???????????


  • Anonymous

    OMG your sister cracks me up!!! Too funny!!

  • squawmama

    Wanted to tell you the picture of the froggie is so darling... I love those little green frogs... Also My washer is my dryer... first you wash, after it is done you take the clothes out and shake them a little, put them back in the same hole, set it on dry and wella.. done... it's an all in one... small but better then going to the laundromat :-D


  • SchmeckyGirl

    OMG! You two are hysterical together. Jill sounds like a blast to be around. All your girls are beautiful! Alexa's eyes really are gorgreous. Thanks for taking me out to dinner with you all. It was fun!

  • Mama

    Your Jillisms are so funny, all four girls are truly beautiful. When I get together with my two sisters we have a great time, when all the kids are in the car we usually just sing!, now animal noises that's funny, I will have to try that. Jill literally ROFLPIHP's!!!!! how funny!!!. Kathy

  • Rachelle

    Sounds like Jill is a hoot. Tell her I'm sorry she peed her pants! :o) The pictures of the girls are beautiful!