Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay, Let's Get Serious Now!

I've been futzing around with this whole new blog name thing and I think it's time we just choose one! The only problem is that out of all the suggestions I got, only four of them stuck with me, and two of them I made up myself! So, I'm going to put up a poll and see what you all have to say. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll listen, but I'm curious! Heeheehee!

And, should I actually start a whole new blog with a new addy? I mean, if I did that, I could leave the Froggy Bloggy open, and just have it blank and with a link to the new blog address. What do you guys think? Change the addy, or leave it? Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to vote on the poll!

36 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Penny

    Nothing sacred is totally stupid.
    Any sentence with the word friggin is totally dated and stupid. Witches brew might be good for October, but other than that it's totally stupid.
    Well, I guess you know which one I liked best. I shit you not, it's the best.

    Totally yours,

  • French

    I say Fuck it keep your old name~~we are used to it anyway! French;)

  • Anonymous

    Justine, Go with, "My Friggin Blog", it is soooo you!


    PS My potential Lamp was HOT!!! (LOL)

  • justjill76

    wibbit, wibbit! I don't know what you should call it?? Don't know why you need to change it? I say what french says!!!

  • Bridget

    Ditto to French!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    If you change the name of your blog, please keep the same addy! Otherwise everyone has to go back through and change things over. I did vote in your poll! I was torn between My Friggin Blog, Bitch's Brew, and I Shit You Not, but I ISYN the best.

    Sorry I am behind on blog visits. I wasn't even on the computer yesterday!


  • niartist

    Hey Justine! Why not call it MY BLOG: If you don't like it LEAVE! LOL! Hey, I have a post just for you today!

  • niartist

    ooo - just so you know, I am a fan of the I shit you not. *wink*

  • Penny

    Haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa. Thanks for commenting on my very old post on my very tired and pitiful blog. I have been going to blogs, just not bloggin'. It's friggin' work to blog, I shit you not. My last blog took two hours! LOL !!! I'll get to it eventually, but in the meantime, me loves coming to the froggy bloggy, so why not keep it?

    Here, here to the froggy bloggy! (raising glass to toast to keep the froggy bloggy along with French and justjill76)

    PS Those frogs on your last blog were so friggin cute. Can you put a few in a jar with some holes in the top and send them to Atlanta? Love those ittle weebits.

  • Anonymous

    Ay Penny... what do you mean the word "friggin" is friggin "dated"???? That happens to be one of my favorite words... I shit you not! (LOL)


  • Kathy - Have Suitcase-Will Travel

    I like it when you say "Crap on a cracker", so I think you should use that! haha we are not helping are we!!. Kathy.

    My blogs down for now, have to get on with projects here, but will still have my tea and "crap on a cracker" every morning haha.

  • onlymehere

    What's the obsession with changing the name? I'm clueless. I kind of like Froggy Bloggy, sigh, but all good things must come to an end! Good luck with the name change.

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    I like froggy bloggy best, why not put it as an option in the poll?

  • Naz

    I always have trouble picking out names, so I'm not in a position to choose a different blog name.
    I'm sure whatever you choose will be totally Justine.

  • Holy Crappers

    The Bitches Brew is taken already.


  • Lisa

    Dont change the addy. Just change the name. What if in 2 years you are tired of your new name and wanna change again? You gonna set up a whole new addy then too? Just change the name.

  • mrsben

    I'm partial to what you have now, but if you are that 'hell bent' on changing the name of your blog, then I vote for "Where Nothing Is Sacred". Sorry Penny :)

  • Anonymous

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


  • Anonymous

    Well call me a prude but I think some folk would be a bit put off if there was a swear word there and get the wrong impression. If you are hoping to go into the realms of super blogdom then I would err on the side of caution.

    I did vote for Bitches Brew but as that's taken how about Tiney's Biggest Blog.

  • Alex

    I voted! Say...did you just leave me a comment on my blog via another blog...that I cannot access? ;-)

  • squawmama

    Well here is my opinion... I LOVE Froggy Bloggy... BUT you need to do what you feel is you...

    the other Donna ;-D

  • Rhea

    I say go for it. When you change the name, go ahead and change the address, all at once. That's what I did.

    I'm thinking about the names...I'll go vote in the poll.

  • Alex

    I'm dealing with rashes, itching, tightness at the top of my incision that goes between my boobs, and upper back pain because I can't wear a bra to hold my big boobs up...not sleeping, restless...poo!

    I'll post the painting tomorrow. My ballet teacher reads my blog and I didn't want to post it before I get to give it to her. :)

  • Mary De Bastos

    i can't wait to find out what your new blog name is!! anything you choose will be halarious!!! keep the same addy though, it will grow with you as you change names through the years...and everyone will be able to find you!!

    I'm reading the 2nd book tomorrow, I'll tell you how I like it for sure! tonight I'm reading Midnight Sun(the one that got leaked on the internet....) I love Edward!

  • John Smith

    Hey, nice blog.
    I just thought you would like to put a Google Web Search Widget in your sidebar. You and your readers will easily be able to search google from your site.

    Or you could blog about it...
    - John

  • Anonymous

    Adventures of New/Old Justine?

  • Tootsie

    I voted...but hate all of the choices. I gave you about 150 choices and you couldn't even agree with any of them? Justine! I agree with French and leave well enough alone. The name suits you...and if not...go back to Justine's cafe....I really liked that one the best!
    but then what do I know... lol
    you could just call it Fuck it!

  • Buffie

    I think you should combine the first two "My friggin' blog, where nothing is sacred"! lol

  • onlymehere

    Bz, dear Justine, my ugle old swollen foot looks better than my face!!! LOL! Savannah is now 3 months old.

  • Happy To Be

    Justine I voted but I will tell you girl...why don't you just call it "HOLY CRAP" as you say that all the time and thats fit you girl haha!! Hey hope you have a great week end.. Hugs and smiles Gloria

  • Alex

    Hi Justine...I posted a picture of the painting. :) PS Won't you join me as a follower on my page?? *hugs* HOpe you're having a GREAT Saturday!

  • Alex

    Thank you for your sweetness to me. It means alot. (tears)

  • david mcmahon

    Thanks for the visit and the kind comment.

    I think Froggy Bloggy is a great name - very memorable, and that's what any blogger should aim for.

    Great shots in the previous post, too!

  • Smilingsal

    I just dropped in to see what was going on. I hadn't heard from you in YEARS! Well, I do tend to exagerate a bit. I have my blogroll set to rotate as each person posts. For some reason, your blog just sits there and doesn't move! So, I came lookin'. And, what do I find? You want help? After I suggested two (who else gave you two) perfectly good names?

    So, hi, how r things?

  • Rhea

    Have you chosen a name yet?! I wanna know!

  • Meaghan

    OMG that just made me so hungry. BTW love the froggie pics.