Thursday, September 18, 2008

My 100th Post, and About What? Jaundiced Jill and Panties!

I cannot believe this. It's my 100th post, which is supposed to be a big deal here, right? Well, I've got nothing to write about. Nothing! I could tell you that within the last day a million baby frogs have transformed and have been hopping all over my patio, and OMG, they are soooooooo cute. I'm talking teeny tiny  little things that are about this big --- from nose to butt. Two nights ago as I was sitting here typing, this little fella hopped onto my leg and I just happened to have my camera ready. He's not a tiny baby, but he is small.


Ooh, Madison just found this little guy hanging around. He's very tiny, but don't know if that shows up well here. Yes, that chair he's sitting on is covered in green mold. These chairs are not used at all!


The other night I made Jill take a pic of herself to show me how her haircut came out, and I thought it was a pretty picture of her. Aside from the fact that her camera was on the wrong setting and she's yellow! But she did take the picture in her bathroom mirror, which gives her, what? DIVA STATUS! I wish Shelia was around to see this... she'd be so proud of my sis!


Now I have a question for all of you. How pathetic is it to be so lazy and aghast at doing laundry, that a person (not me) I lie! It was me! would go three days without wearing panties? Is that totally pathetic? Sad? Disgusting? Mental?

My 100th post. I should win an award for this one!

33 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Lisa

    Happy 100th. Now go some laundry. LOL. That frog is too darn cute. He is so small. Great haircut Jill, despite the yellow face.

  • Linda

    LMAo TMI!! Happy 100th and thanks for making me laugh once more.

  • Naz

    I guess I'm the only one who actually enjoys doing laundry. lol

  • Smilingsal

    As for the baby frogs: Ewwwwwwww

    I guess I did it wrong. I thought tradition had it that you had to give away something for your 100th post. Not get something!

    In answer to your question: a big TMI

  • Anonymous

    You are so damn funny....BTW, I have a friend that never wears undies......Not for me, I do my laundry :)

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Congratulations on your 100th post!! That was fast! The frogs are cute, small and non threatning!! lol!!

  • Melissa Lester

    Congratulations on 100 posts! It doesn't take long to get there, does it? Your baby frogs are so cute! We have many frogs that congregate at the pool behind our house, but I have to admit, we don't find them so endearing when they are croaking all night long outside our bedroom door. I'm glad yours seem to have found a happy home!

  • Four in Costa Rica

    I love the little frogs; they are sooooo cute!

    I don't know what to say about the panties other than to agree with you that yes, it is pathetic and a wee bit disgusting, too. Girl, it's time to put on some music and do the wash!


  • Raxx - A day in the life

    You do know that you and Jill are identical right?

  • santamaker

    Are you trying to out do Britney and Lindsey on the peep show?!? That gated community of yours is gonna kick you out, girl! Get some undies!
    I have been down to my last pair many times because, yes, I am that lazy....
    So what is the new name? That should be the topic of the 100th post, dontcha think? I thought some of mine sounded kinda good.....

  • Picket

    What!!! come here for a nice little visit..the frogs ...alittle to close....the new hair cut on Jill is fabulous...the..the...well you know...has just made me blush so bad my face is on fire...girl do you forget I am a Southern lady!!!! lol lol I can't be exposed to such behavior!!!! lol lol Now you either do laundry more often or you get your self to Wal-Mart and buy some more panties...and don't come home with none of those thongie things! Girl where have I failed you! lol lol I thought I was making progress with you! lol Love ya girl!

  • Happy To Be

    Hey Justine, Congrats on making 100post about nothing and everything girl !!! you are too funny...and I lmao over the muff comment..but after reading about no panties for 3 days..maybe Jill was Right???? Hey Jill your the winner girl!!! have a great day you goofy thing..Hugs and smiles...Gloria

  • onlymehere

    You crack me up! Do you know laundry is the one thing that I don't mind doing at all?!! Maybe that's another reason the messed up laundry room is a big deal to me! I have to do one to two loads a day or it really gets out of control. We go through eight bath towels a day but I have no one to blame for that but myself. I trained my family to use a towel for their head and one for their body every day. I can't stand to use the same towel twice even though you're clean when you use it! The only exception is Nicholas and Larry only use one towel a day so that's why it equals out to eight! Funny how different we are but also a tad bit alike! Happy 100th!

  • onlymehere

    P.S. Those frogs would creep me out! I'm not an animal person at all.

  • squawmama

    Hoorah!!!! 100th blog that is incredible... and they are always so interesting.. you always keep me smiling... You do deserve an award and if I knew how to do that I would.. ;-D


  • Anonymous

    Happy 100th Justine!!!!!!!!! I love the Froggy!!!!


  • artis1111

    Or just go buy some more!!Heee Congrats on the 100. The new post aren't showing on my bloglist Kathy

  • Alex

    Happy yer clothes!! ;-)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    OMG! You just told the whole blog world that you have no panties because you are too lazy to do laundry! LMAO!

    Those froggies are too cute. You didn't put them in your title.

    Jill looks pretty even yellow.


  • Stephanie

    Three days with no panties? But...but...ow! Sounds uncomfortable...and...stuff. Eeee...

    Um, happy 100th, and ah, good luck with the panty thing. Great haircut, by the way;)

  • Karen

    That frog is so cute! I used to have a secretary who always went commando or wore a thong. She was so used to going without that one time she wet her thong. Forgot to pull it down when she went to the potty!! Happy 100th;really love your blog. Now go wash clothes! Karen

  • Mary De Bastos

    You crack me up!!
    I use to not wear panties instead of doing laundry, or I'd go buy new ones instead of laundry. I hate laundry. Its the worst!
    I'm with you!!
    Happy 100th!

  • Tootsie

    going "commando!" lol....
    Jill is beautiful even when she is yellow...and the frogs are super cute.

    now go do some laundry damnit! that is just not a good thing!
    or at least go buy something to put on that thing!

  • Bella Casa

    ROFL, that is why everyone in this house has LOTS of underwear, too much, in fact! Never know when I might go on a laundry boycott, so at least we're covered for when I do that ;)

    Happy 100!!!


  • sista #2

    Justine...I go commando all the time!!!!!!


  • French

    WOOHOO!! on the 100 posts!!! Now from a man's point of view (ahem) why not just turn them inside out the other side is clean? Yes? You crack me up! Hugs French;) PS Jill's hair is very cute;)

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Those little frogs are adorable! Jill looks cool with the new hair. And you didn't have panties on for three days? Shameless hussy! roflmao It would have been so easy to moon everyone.

    Congrats on 100 posts!


  • Anonymous

    This is one of the funniest list of comments I have read. LMSO

  • Rhea

    That little frog is adorable. I can't go without panties. I just can't. I feel naked...

    Go do laundry! I love that you posted about it though. lol

  • nikkicrumpet

    Dang its good to be back in blogland...where else can you hear stories about frogs, yellow people, and pantiless bloggers! I mean come on...isn't AMERICA great! I missed the laughs...and I knew I could count on you to give em to me!

  • nikkicrumpet

    Well crap on a cracker I think my comment didn't go through. I swear it sucks to get're away for a week and you forget how to blog!

  • NurseChessie

    I love Jills Haircut! LOVE IT!
    Now for more serious business...
    3 DAYS WITHOUT UNDIES? oh my god *panic setting in* *gasp* *deep breaths* okay. what the F(&*&*!!
    Get off your rump and wash those undies girl! I do so much laundry that today when I got dressed I put on the same shirt as yesterday cuz I washed it already! and when I saw my neighbor outside I thought " oh no! he's gonna think I'm a slob!" but its clean! I swear!

  • NurseChessie

    I love Jills Haircut! LOVE IT!
    Now for more serious business...
    3 DAYS WITHOUT UNDIES? oh my god *panic setting in* *gasp* *deep breaths* okay. what the F(&*&*!!
    Get off your rump and wash those undies girl! I do so much laundry that today when I got dressed I put on the same shirt as yesterday cuz I washed it already! and when I saw my neighbor outside I thought " oh no! he's gonna think I'm a slob!" but its clean! I swear!