Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holy Crap! Somebody, Hold Me Back!!!!!!!!

I think I mentioned in my last post that Jimmy would be making a food shopping trip this weekend to prepare for his upcoming life change, right?  Little did I know this was going to be a 3-1/2 hour power shop with the girls in tow, and include many items I never realized we just had to have for a person to survive on a diet.

The girls came in the front door, followed by Jimmy, who of course was gabbing away on the phone.  I watched in awe as Jimmy made trip after trip from the car to the kitchen, each time making my blood boil just a little bit more.  By the time he was done I swear there was steam coming out of my nose and ears.  Why should I care how much stuff he bought?  Well, this is a man who will tell me how broke we are if I say I'm in need of a pedicure or a new pair of shorts, but suddenly he's doing something life changing and apparently found a money tree on the way to Costco?

I took some pictures of all the stuff he had piled up on the kitchen table.



 And then I walked down to the foyer.  O...M...G!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There was a LOT more stuff that he hadn't brought to the kitchen!  So I took pictures of that stuff too!



And even though I have an entire cabinet full of Tupperware and the like, he bought yet another box of containers!


If you looked closely enough, you saw that he bought a griddle type thingy that can be used on a smooth-top stove. But that wasn't good enough, I suppose, because he also bought a huge Foreman grill which will now take up a big hunk of counter space in the kitchen. And since he's basically off sugar for the next three months he also found it important to buy an iced tea maker, which I'm guessing will also get a spot on my very limited countertops!

And the EGGS! For goodness sakes, I had to boil 36 of them for the week!


I'm just glad I didn't have to peel all of them!


Oh, but wait, it doesn't end here. No, now I take you to the freezer in the garage. The freezer that was empty except for some containers of sauce. This is what it looks like now!


Tons and tons of chicken breasts and different kinds of fish. Granted, when you buy this stuff at Costco you're getting a really great deal, turning out to about $2-$3 per meal meat-wise. But to buy three months worth of it at once? Holy geez! Did he score on a lottery ticket and I'm just unaware of it?

And then there's the freezer door. He sliced and diced all kinds of peppers and various veggies to freeze and use for cooking later.


I'm proud to say that when I questioned his spending he was honest and told me, "Over $400." But come on! I haven't even done the food shopping for the rest of the family yet this week! And I swear, the next time I hear the words, "Don't spend any money. We're broke!" I'm going to shove a whole tuna steak up his ass!

37 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Good lord!!! And they say men don't like shopping! lol I see he at least remembered to pick up some soap, probably for showering after his sweaty workouts.

    Does this man always go to excess? Like I said, let's see how well he does a couple months after the Super dee Dooper Power Challenge is over! Hopefully he can stick with it.

    I agree with you though, too much stuff for cooking. He should put the same importance on stuff you need too. I have a feeling though that he is gonna be pulling a tuna steak out of the place where the sun don't shine! lol


  • Mama

    Looks like Jimmy is serious about this then!. Wish him well from me and let me know when you are going "shoe" or "clothes" or "accessories for the house" shopping or even having a mani or pedi, I'll come with you, yes!!! my hubby is on the same "get fit" diet as your's, Kathy.

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Yep, looks like when I started WW Core.
    Kevin was sitting here reading with me, he laughed about the tuna steak, haha...

    Guess he'll be peeling eggs while you're doin' an acid peel. Ah, wedded bliss. *snort*

  • Bridget

    All I can say is I hope it works! lol

  • Elizabeth

    Wait a minute! He's having a lifestyle change, but he's not cooking for everyone? And YOU had to boil the eggs? What's up with that?

  • Anonymous

    You got your juices back then Justine?(hee hee)
    I'm still chuckling away here now, I can picture your face totally! I think I may have used the same one yesterday when I said I had to go out and buy some new boots for work and a few new tops for winter only to be told, you just bought some not long ago - yeah like 12 months not long ago! and then he later pipes up that he's just ordered himself another pair of glasses because he 'could do' with an extra pair!
    Men - pah!

    At least Jimmy prepped his own stuff though - but I can't see the point of an iced tea maker, why not just boil water in an electric kettle (oops forgot you don't 'do' them over there do you?)

  • Anonymous

    I so look forward to visiting you when I have my first cup of coffee,you start my day with laughter.I wish him the best.

  • Philly

    Men are all the same. Whenever they "Want" something, they just go right ahead and buy it. No discussion, case closed.
    The women on the other hand have to explain and justify their purchases.
    Case in point: The Book goes away every April for a bowling tornament, he purchased a package deal of phillies tickets. No discussion.

    #1--wants a ticket to Florida to see Michael Buble, can stay with Sista #2.
    Outcome: Oh, this is a bad month, no bonus, can't afford it....WTF!!


  • Lisa

    And here I thought spending $10 on 4 Healthy Choice meals was a bit much. I cannot imagine $400 in one trip. YIKES!!!!!!!

  • Picket

    Good grief...and I thought I spent alot at the grocery store! lol Thanks for coming by girl...I don't know why I am on a cooking spree but ohhhh it is so funny you ask about any babies on the way...cause guess what...there is!!!! No not me you doodlehead....I had my 'babybed' took out along time ago! lol Our oldest Burly boy & his wife are having their first baby in a few weeks!!! Shhhhhhh keep it a secret! They have been married for 20 yrs and she has tried everything and has had many a heartbreak with miscarriages..but they tried a new procedure and it worked!!!! Oh Happy Day! The sweet thing has been on eggshells the whole time holding her breath and we all have been praying so hard for her and now the sweet little granddaughter will be here in a few weeks....she will be our 12 grandchild...I can't even write about her without see you do have esp! lol have a great week sweetie!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Justine your hubyy is SERIOUS!! That's a lot of food!! Hold your tongue for peace! lol!!

  • Alex

    Gulp....$400??? I feel guilty when I spend $100 on groceries! =/ Fun Fun!

  • Smilingsal

    Let's see:
    he takes the kids, giving you some time to yourself!
    he buys groceries!
    he preps the food himself!
    he shells the eggs!

    and you're unhappy?

  • Naz

    The perils of marriage. A blogger's dream to have fresh material to write about everyday.
    Good luck Justine.

  • Anonymous

    You are too funny! Seriously start writing that book.


  • Penny

    All I'm thinking is how in the world can someone eat 36 eggs in a week? OMG, is he gonna smell like an egg? LOL I wish him well with the diet. Clay is on Jenny Craig, and I had hamburger and fries at Steak and Shake last nite. I didn't order a milkshake, does that count as being supportive? hahaha


  • niartist

    We had a pretty social weekend, so I didn't get a chance to work on the bookshelves at all. I'll complete it by this weekend - I hope, considering I'll have guests early october and I doubt they'll want to trip over books and saw dust! LOL!

  • onlymehere

    Well at least he'll probably stick with it since he's bought all this stuff for it. I do feel your pain though. It sounds like you handle the money in the household and it's hard to make it stretch after an unexpected expenditure like this. Any chance the rest of you can eat the food too? Sorry you're losing more counterspace too. Men seem to like gadgets and since they don't have to clean them or work around them they don't think about the inconvenience it causes the rest of the family. Chin up little buckaroo at least this is all his midlife crisis is! It could be a little shiny red Corvette!

  • French

    The secret around all of that is to be in my position~~~I make the money so I choose how to spend it no questions! Sounds easy enough to me;) French

  • SchmeckyGirl

    At least he got a lot of stuff for $400.00! A grill and tupperware too! I spend that much at the store and don't even know what I got when I come home.

    Just imagine if he decides to live like that for the rest of his life. Yikes. You may have to start selling your body just to feed your family. lol.

  • squawmama

    Your a riot... I am anxiously awaiting hearing the day to day events with Jimmy and the power DIET... I have a funny feeling the stories are just going to get better & better. This will help with the writers block I am sure. By the way did you decide on a BLOG name yet?


  • Anonymous

    Holy Chicken!!!! That's alot of food! LOL!!!! I think he is expecting you and the girls to eat what he is going to be eating. (Calm down and drop the Tuna Steak...) LOL!
    Eat healthy... just do like me, put extra butter on it! :)


  • Buffie

    Holy COW batman!!! That's a lot of food!!!!

  • onlymehere

    Boy did I call that wrong. Your comment made me sad. I could feel your pain and anxiety (and you're justified in feeling that way). I'm at a loss as to what to say.

  • Mama

    How dare you call ME a WALMART SPECIAL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mama

    No Way, that's not my bed or even my bed cover haha it is pretty ugly I know. I was just joking with you Justine ROFL. bet it's worth a fortune though!. Kathy.

  • Braincoral

    He gets an 'A' for enthusiasm! You really have to throw yourself into these things for them to work. His health is a worthy cause!

  • Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) your sense of humor, girl! :-) That's a lot of food! Susan

  • Tootsie he gung ho or what! I know he bought in bulk and I pray for his own safety that he sticks to this diet or you will most likely kill the little pain in the butt....
    now....I just want to know what the hell kind of eggs those are that have pink things on them? Canada does not have to label things like eggs....don't you know it is an egg? did they have to label it? lol
    seriously...what is up with the pink dots on the eggs?

  • Alex

    Happy Tuesday, Justine!! :)

  • Trailboss

    That post is too funny! We buy in bulk but we live in the sticks. 20 miles or so to the nearest store. Now, if he sticks to the diet, that is the real test huh?

  • Stephanie

    I think the answer here is clear. You must go get a pedicure in retaliation. There's just no other way.

  • Cecily R

    Holy CRUMBS! That is one hefty shopping bill. I hope it works. For all of your sakes!

  • Dina

    Wow Just...that's alotta stuff!! Hope it works out well. See, with all those eggs, you shoulda got the :)

  • Rhea

    That's one helluva grocery shopping. wow.

    and WITH kids?

    I'm in awe.

  • nikkicrumpet

    ROFL...I just have one anal cooking the approved method in the diet book for tuna...and if so how many calories does it add?

  • Happy To Be

    Justine... thanks girl for coming by Susan's blog and leaving your you did you I flew?? I mean I know you knew I flew the the coop !! girl you are just too funny..Hows Jimmy diest doing is this not day 2 ?? in all those bags of crap did you at least get a new pair of shorts?? Good lord girl hope he also cooks all this crap...hugs and smiles Gloria