Thursday, June 5, 2008

Me and the Bean

As many of you already know, I am in love with coffee. Not just any coffee though. I will not drink decaf for any reason and if you serve me a cup of watered-down brew I'll more than likely let it grow cold in the cup. I am very picky about what brands of coffee I will drink and even more picky about the way it is made. Don't give me no level scoop! Pile that stuff on! Make a mound for mama! In my family I'm known as a coffee "snob".

Now I can't always blame it on the coffee grounds either. Sometimes the coffee maker is just as much to blame, if not more so. My mom and dad's machine for example. The fact that I bought them the machine in question irks me to no end. It's a Mr. Coffee, and one of their better models, but I don't care what you do to make a cup of coffee in this machine, it always tastes like crap. I've tried several different brands of coffee in it, and have even double scooped, but the coffee never comes out right. I've gone so far as to experiment with different water. Tap? Well, that's just disgusting in FL, but yes, I've tried it. The filtered water from the fridge? Yep, tried that too. And last but not least was bottled water. Even that made no difference. So I guess this means I'm also a coffee machine snob, eh?

Now to me, it's not a cup of coffee unless it's made so strong that it burns holes through your esophagus and has you running to the potty before you're halfway done drinking it.


I've only found two other human beings on the planet who can make it the way I like it. One is my sister in law, Pat, who like me, doesn't mind a few extra hairs on her chest now and then. And there's Jimmy's aunt Pat who lives in CA and who also makes a great cup of mud. Nothing excites me more than to see that spoon stand upright in the sludge!

So if I'm such an connoisseur of java, what type is it that I drink, you ask? Well, for day to day consumption you might be surprised, but it's good old Folgers Colombian. It's strong enough to make me happy, but not so bold as to be bitter. When at my in-laws' house, it's Don Francisco, because this is the only brand my father-in-law likes. But to be perfectly honest, their Colombian blend really isn't all that bad. Special occasions, like all-day shopping sprees with Jill, definitely demand Starbucks. Now I know what you're thinking, Starbucks is highly overrated and for that matter over-roasted. Well yes, that's true and the reason they have the nick name of Charbucks. But if you really want to get your java buzz on, order a Grande Cappuccino with an extra shot. Yummy!

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Don't let anyone tell you that Dunkin' Donuts has the country's best coffee, 'cause it just ain't so. It's okay in a pinch, but even McDonald's coffee is better than DDs.

Like I said before, there's no hope for a good cup of Joe at my parents' house. It's either hold your nose and chug, or just go without. I have just one more experiment to run there, and that is to bring my own coffee machine to their house. Oh, I bet you're wondering what I use, hmmm? Well, for the past three years I've been using the Starbucks Barista Aroma, and I tell you, this puppy has not let me down. It doesn't make the hottest cup of coffee in the world, but it makes a good cup of coffee, and stays fresh for hours in the stainless steel carafe.

So now I've publicly admitted it. Not only am I addicted to the bean, but I'm a snob about it too! But any time you get a hankering for a strong cup of java, you know just where to come, and my door is always open to coffee lovers! Well, that is unless you're a psychotic coffee lover. In that case, go to Starbucks!

Until next time, Justine :o )

22 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Bridget

    So Mrs. Olson was right!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Wow. You and I could never be coffee drinking buddies.

    I only drink French Vanilla and I prefer it iced and even then it is mostly half n half. I understand about the spoon standing straight up though because mine stands in all the sugar I put in mine.

    If I drink regular coffee I put so much cream in it that it doesn't matter how bad it started out.

    Everyone always asks me if I'd like some coffee with my milk.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Hey Bridget... what does that mean?!?!?!?!

  • artis1111

    Love a good cup of coffee.I allways add some carmel truffle to my coffee beans. Just adds a little extra flavor.Bring it on . Love the muggggg!Kathy

  • Naz

    "Mrs. Olsen" use to be the spokeswoman for Folger's coffee back in the day.
    We all have our particulars concerning coffee. For me, morning coffee made with my Cuisinart is heavenly because it's HOT. Speaking of which, refill time.

  • Buffie

    Hey that's my favorite too! Folger's Columbian!! Yuummm! But I don't make it quite strong enough for you! Now Mike's coffe you'd love, if you like mud! LOL

  • gloria

    Girl I just stopped by for my coffee and you are doing Coffee how fun is this??? I love my coffee also. its some times don't like me but oh well!! doctor told me to give it up WHAT!!! I already gave up men and money not my coffee. Nothing like a cuppa and a cig early in the morning. hugs and smiles to you dear friend.

  • aimee

    You should come share a cup with Jay :) We get our coffee beans from Columbia or Peru and no "church coffee" is allowed here!

  • Dazzlemama

    Coffee huh... LOL I like Starbucks "she she drinks"... but not their plain coffee. You're right - it's over roasted! My fave there is a Caramel Macchiato :)

  • Tootsie

    I don't drink coffee at all. I love the smell of it, but that is where it ends. I honestly don't really know how to make coffee either. I have a coffee is in the cupboard. My hubby doesn't like it either. I am addicted to DR PEPPER!
    We often joke around here that we don't drink "grown up beverages" unless you count the occasional shot of "something extra" in our pop! lol
    This was a good idea Justine. I hope to see you more next week!

  • Tootsie

    BTW.....that mug rocks!

  • Laurie Starr

    Gonna go brew a cup of Starbucks in my Tassimo. I like the bold disc--I think it's Verona or something like that.

    Laurie (aka lstarrbuck!)

  • Anonymous

    Great blog today Justine - since I am a huge coffee drinker myself I really enjoyed this subject. I used to work for a man from Germany and he hated American coffee because it was so weak, said it reminded him of what the coffee was like in Germany during the war when they had to use the coffee grounds over and over again. Now years later and after doing a little traveling myself I must admit I agree with him. I've always heard that it's not the coffee or the amount of coffee though that makes a difference in the taste it's the temp of the water and how quickly it flows thru the grinds. I use a Melitta Espresso machine and I love it - anyway - happy coffee drinking and have a great weekend. Vicki

  • Justine (Justwaaaa)

    Vicki, you're absolutely right, which could be why my parents' coffee is always so awful. I think it probably does push the water through the grounds too fast. Slow and steady is the way to go!

    Justine :o )

  • Anonymous

    HEY!!! I use Folger's Columbian too! One scoop for every two cups of water. Black and hot. We have a Cuisinart coffee maker and love it. I agree that it is most likely the coffee maker at your parent's house, not the coffee or water. I also wanted you to know that I recognized Jason's voice and had to go make sure that was him, and I was right! :) Fun music choices! ~Peggy (Peggles)

  • Caroline Joy

    I always love a good cup of Java ! Just thought I'd stop by!

  • Lisa

    My husband wont drink my coffee as he says it as thick as motor oil. I love strong coffee. I hate it when it taste like flavored water. The stronger the better!

  • French

    Ohhh a girl after my own heart.. I drink it all day and night! Unfortunately for me the best coffee in the world I have to order from home (Canada) if you haven't tried Tim Horton's coffee then you haven't tried the BEST coffee in the world!! Seriously! I drink Folger's and I drink a Vanilla Latte from the SB place only if I have to~~~I miss Timmy's so much~~luckily family just brought some and I AM LOVING my coffee time right now! (LOL) French;)

  • French

    Oh forgot to mention you need a Bunn's coffee maker its ready in less than 3 minutes...same ones the coffee houses use...Love mine got it from Dillards!

  • Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity

    OMG!! Justine, It's Folgers Colombian - Coffeehouse Series or nothing at our house. We love coffee. We used filtered water. Never city water that hasn't been filtered. We had a filtering system installed about a year ago.
    Maybe I need to rethink the coffermaker, though. We use a Mr. Coffee. What do you use??

  • dina

    Mmmmm Coffee. LOVE IT. Took me forever to get "into" coffee, but I love my Keurig. It's awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I'm here - I found Mr Coffee!
    I'll be on the look out for him while on my Floridian travels now!

    and you answered a question that I've wondered about for years...a cup of Joe. It's what the 'angel guy' says to the boy on top of the train in Polar Express (I love that film). Wanna cup of Joe he says in I think a NY accent. I first thought he said cup of char which is tea, but it's not is it.

    OK so now you have to tell me why Joe? Char means tea in chinese so Joe?

    Oh and I like a strong cuppa too, although I do usually find the coffee served in many places over there much too weak and mild for me.