Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blog Fart, Smelly Fart and a Blue Kitty

I cannot believe it. I've got blog fart again, but this time it seems to be more serious. I'm talking code blue of blog farts here! I literally cannot think of one damn thing to write about! Not ONE! But, since I'm out of email to read for the night, I figured I'd just come here and babble on about nothing in particular. I'm sure I'll be putting some of y'all to sleep here, but that's okay. They say a short nap a day is good for your health.

Reading other people's blogs, I realize just how boring and sedentary my life is! Everyone else seems to be going places, doing things, having fun. Tootsie is up to her eyeballs in plant matter, Penny is letting her hair fly in the wind on a speed boat, Raquel has been chased down by a killer frog, and Buffie is constantly doing something fairly stupid to blog about. Sorry about that Suzanne, but you know it's true girl! If you guys haven't yet seen her video of her Nonita's induced karaoke, I must implore you to visit her blog. This girl was determined to sing her heart out, never mind that she sounds like crapola on a stick!

So what am I supposed to do here? Tell you all about everyone else's blogs and send you on your way? That's certainly what this is shaping up to be, unless you want to hear about the repugnant fart attacks my eldest daughter, Mikayla, was having earlier tonight. We were laying down in my bed to watch Ghost Hunters and she kept letting them rip, then flapping the blanket to let the aroma spread to my side of the bed. Egads people! It was noxious! myspace layout codes

Oh wait, you didn't want to read about this, did you? Well, too late. I can't just go and delete a whole paragraph I worked so hard on, can I? I can? Well, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

::::::::::Tapping fingers restlessly::::::::::: Is anyone interested in the fact that I was bit by yet another evil yellow fly? I swear, I must be allergic to these suckers, because this is what the back of my leg has looked like for 5 days now... Becky thinks I'm a wuss and should quit moaning about my bite, but man, it's not only itchy, but it hurts like a bruise! Do you SEE how big that is? ::::Channeling Chandler Bing here:::: It's monstrous dammit, and I deserve a certain amount of sympathy!

In other news, Simmie, seen here, seems to be developing some sort of Smurfette syndrome, as the left side of her very white neck is now pale blue. I cannot imagine what she may have rubbed up against that would have caused this beautiful shade of blue, but of course my first thought was, "MADISON GRACE!!!!!!!!!!" But no, for once it really wasn't her, although ooh, this kid can lie right to your face and you'd never know it if you weren't standing smack-dab in the evidence of her criminal activity. It's not magic marker or paint, and the last time I checked, my hair extensions weren't leaking, so I'm stumped. It almost looks like she soaked her neck in some Tidy Bowl. Since that ain't it either, I'm out of ideas.

Ooh! Just scared the poop out of myself. Spied the garden hose out of the corner of my eye and thought it was a snake! Uh huh, I think that means it's time for bed!!!!!!!!!! Aren't you glad I'm delusional and need my rest?

Until next time, Justine :o )

15 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Tootsie

    this looks a lot like the verbal diahrea that I had love ya are honest...and silly and very entertaining ....even if you are a wus....
    as for the wussy bite...put a little vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it on the owie...I have not tried it myself, but my neighbor says it will take the itch and sting out...she once took a drink out of a pop can that had a wasp in it. Got but big time in her mouth...she rinsed with vinegar and it took the sting and the swelling away. good luck with the blog farts! my tomorrow post is just for you!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    You know for 'blog fart' it's pretty damn funny! You had me laughing so much! I'm just glad you posted because I love it when I log on and see new posts from my friends, it's how I know what the heck is going on with you girls! Blogging minds want to know!

    Seriously though you should check if Mikayla is lactose intolerant, that is a major cause of stinky farts! lol!

  • Justine

    Well ya know, Raquel, you could always email me too, if you want to know what I'm up to!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Oh yeah..... ok i'll do that, i forgot about email, i'm too immersed in blogging!

  • Penny

    Yikes, I hate it when my mind plays tricks and I see a snake when it's a garden hose!

    About the farts, buy the girl a can of good smelling breeze. LOL

    Have a fun day!


    Hey! I just figured out if you log in on your own blog befoe visiting other blogs you don't have to do the word verification thing!

  • French

    Blog Fart too funny! I keep thinking the same thing once the Jamaica trip is over with what will I write about next?? The story behind the game I got talked into was a poolside treasure hunt so to speak. They would give you an item and you had to run around looking for it! It started with 16 people I made it to the final 3 then got ousted lol! It was a lot of fun though! French;)

  • Naz

    Just a quick note to let you know although I enjoy your blog, I've recently been having a hard time logging into it. I'm not sure what the trouble is, but I did want to let you know that I'll keep trying. I also like the title of your blog. It's perfect.

  • Justine

    Hey Naz, I hope you do keeping coming back. I can't imagine why you'd have problems getting on here. And Raquel, I'm still waiting for an email! I'm listed darnit!
    And Frenchie, don't just tell me about the silly game. Blog it girl! Blog it!!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  • Buffie

    I can't believe you lost my comment!!! LOL!

  • Buffie

    You're a very demanding blogger girl! lol

  • Bridget

    You have 10 comments here, why are you bitching at me to comment? LOL And is that a dancing tampon?

  • Bridget

    Oh and I see no mention of my blog so next time send a private message to your real friends about reading your stupid fart blog! ROFL

  • Justine

    No it's not a tampon! LOL! It's a drunk dancing microphone instead of a drunk picture of Buffie dancing! And I didn't mention your blog because there was nothing "exciting" going on at the time. At least I COMMENT on your blogs. LOL heeheeheeeeeee

    Justine :o )

  • Bridget

    That's okay, I know my blog is a snoozer! You and Buff have the magic. Maybe some of it will rub off on me someday. Somehow I doubt it though. Until then, I will vicariously through you guys.
    I still say it is a tampon though! LOL

  • Bridget

    P.S. How is the poor kitty doing? She isn't still turning blue is she?