Monday, June 9, 2008

Jillisms--Round One

About a month ago, Jill was here with the girls, Alexa (6) and Gianna (2). We were just hanging out on the back patio, shooting the breeze while Madison and Alexa played in the house. Well, I've mentioned in an earlier post that Gianna will eat literally anything. right? Well, this particular day she picked up a big dead bug that was on the ground. Just as she was going to put it in her mouth Jill jumped up and yelled, "CAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and Gianna dropped the bug. Problem solved, story over... until I realized what Jill had just said and then I lost it. "You just spoke in CROW! What is WRONG with you? Whatever happened to 'NO'?!"

Needless to say, we both lost it in a fit of giggles, and even now, if we're on the phone and I want to make her laugh, out of the blue I'll just yell, "CAW!" I'm telling you, there is no one on this earth who can make me laugh as much as my sister, and it's usually because she's been an idiot. Hey, you've gotta love her!


Until next time, Justine :o )

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