Friday, October 16, 2009

Strudel Doodle Doo, Where Are You?

I is here! I is here! But, I not at home. I's at the hospital for puppies and I stole the nice vet people's computer. I hopes they don't gets mad at me 'cause I already an unhappy puppy. See, I was just minding my own business, doing what I's always do while in the kitchen. I roam, I sniff around, lookin' for something good to eat.

Mommy hads all my treat bags up at the back of the counter today, lined up all pretty. I wanted a treat and no one was listening to me! So, I reached way up there, way to the back so I coulds pick a nice treat. But then there was this little bottle thing and when I moved it it made a fun rattly noise so I took that instead. I had to inspect!

Mommy was upstairs so I sneaked that bottle into my crate and gnawed and gnawed until POP! The cap came off. And all of these little white treats came out! BONUS! I scattered them around my blankies and ate some of the treats but they tasted icky! Blech! Ptooey!

My human sisters noticed that I stealed the little white treats and they started yelling at me! What did I do? I don't even like these icky things! The big sister grabbed me and threw me out on the back porch! Hey! What did I do??? Oh well, she didn't notice that the screen wasn't blocked so I jumped right through it. Freedom! Take THAT sister!

While I was out, little sister started picking up all those little white treats and she put dem in da garbage. Then she went and got my mommy upstairs. Big sister came outside and ran after me and then dragged me home!

Then all this yelling started. Mommy said the BAD word. The bad bad BAD word and ran for da phone. I hears her telling somebody that I'd eaten Simmie's (she's one of my kitty sisters) thyroid medicines. I coulda eaten one of dem or 101... Mommy didn't know. She was freaking out!

Next thing I know, big sister throws me in da car and Mommy comes running outside looking nasty. She didn't even shower but we was going for a ride? Cool!

Oh look! We's at the vet place! I loves these peoples! They give me treats! I hope they don't have those little white kinds though. Theys suck.

The lady grabbed my leash real quick and said, "Come on Strudel. Let's make you get sick." Wha? Sick? MAKE ME get sick? Dis isn't how it's supposed to work! You is supposed to keep me from gettings sick!

They stuck a needle in my hiney and boyyyyyyyyyyyy did I feels sick. The vet lady told Mommy that I had to stay heres for the night and that they would take good care of me. I heard Mommy cryin' while I was... doing my thing.

My tummy's feeling lots better now, but they stuck another needle in me and there's this water stuff going through it and I'm tired tired tired. I wanna go home and lay in my crate with my nice fuzzy blankies! I is never eating little white treats again. Never! I is sticking with my delicious bonz that Mommy and Daddy buy me every weekend. Bonz make me happy and I don't hafta get a shot in the hiney when I eat them!

I is tired now and needs to go back to my kennel before the teck lady sees me.

Strudel Out.

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