Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ask, and I Shall Answer

I think I may have done this a long time ago, but if so, it's time to do it again.

I share so much of myself with all of you that I sometimes feel like there's nothing left to share. So now it's your chance to challenge me to be even more open by asking me your burning questions. If you have any burning questions, that is.

The rules are, there are no rules. Ask me anything you want, and unless I find it very offensive (which, let's face it, probably couldn't happen) I'll write up a "reveal" post (or more than one, depending on how many questions I get) to answer.

As usual, I'll be open, honest and thorough in my answers.

So take a few minutes to ponder, "What could I ask Justine that hasn't already been asked and answered? How can I personally eradicate any last vestige of mystery Justine has?"

Ask away. I'm here to serve.

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my stupid sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

24 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Anonymous

    I want to know why you don't write a book.

  • Anonymous

    What's the best thing about having a sister?

  • Stephanie

    Recently I have been thinking about this pivotal moment in my life; I decided to turn down a debate scholarship to Concordia College in Moorehead, MN and go to Montana State University. Had I gone to college in Minnesota, my life would have turned out much differently. Obviously there is no going back, and I don't think I would if I could, but I do sometimes wonder what might have been.

    So my question is, do you have such a moment in your life, and if so would you go back and take the other road? If you could press a magic button to erase the life you have in it's entirety and take you back in time to this one place where you made a big decision that set you on the course for your life, would you push it and and have the chance to go the opposite direction? Why or why not?

  • Cole

    1. You're from NY. How did you and Jimmy pick FL?
    2. Who picked the girls' names? You or the hubby?
    3. You have a lot to say. Have you considered writing a book?
    4. If you had to pack up and move tomorrow - where would you like to move to?

  • Ginger

    I have two questions for you...
    People that live on the east coast talk differently than people on the west coast...since you were raised in NY, do you have an accent?
    Where did you learn your computer skills to do all this fancy smanchy stuff?

  • blueviolet

    What was the worst fight you and Jill ever got in about?

  • wendy

    Justine, your comments on my blog are freaking hysterical. You are one funny chick.

    Also I am thinking of contacting the lady who re did your blog and see what we can come up ......depends on the $$$ and all

    Also, since I haven't been reading your blog all that long.......there's lots I don't know yet about you.

    What do you absolutely HATE about people in general. (that wasn't a very "positive" question)

  • Amy

    I've only "known" you since January, so I've missed a lot.

    Did you go to college, if so where?

    Before you became a stay at home mom, what did you do?

    What kind of books do you read?

    How did you meet Jimmy?

  • Tootsie

    ha ha!!! well....I might need to think on this a bit...I already ask you whatever I feel like and know you will answer me anyways!!
    love you

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Oh man! My brain is too foggy to come up with an intelligent question. So I'll have to ponder that and get back to you.


  • santamaker

    What's your idea of the "perfect" day?

  • MJ's doghouse

    WELL SINCE I AM A NEWBY AT YOUR BLOG and i only have my dogs blog...i wonder alot about you. I think you and your sister are amazing...i also think you should write a are hilarious...or a radio hmmm i wonder if you ahve ever been to canada...and what is your favorite middle of the night nobody is watching snack...and what embarasses you,,Pam

  • Missie

    Hey Ginger, I can answer part of your question YES she does have an accent and it's adorable! It's more pronounced when she is fired up about something! :) Hmmmm, I answered a question but didn't ask one. I am going to have to think about this one.......

  • bj

    Mornin', Tiney...
    Do you cuss in front of your girls?
    Have you EVER thought of writing a book?
    Do you drink coffee?
    Have you and Jill ever had a BIG fight or just the small ones sisters have?
    When you worked before marriage/children, where did you work?
    What do you do most of the day while the kids are in school?
    O and regarding our fellowship group. We meet every Sunday, in different houses, and everyone shares in bringing food.
    It IS our church and I love it a lot.

  • Secondary Roads

    I'll start by modifying the the most frequently asked question. Would you consider writing a book?

    What makes you angry?
    What makes you happy?
    What are you passionate about?


  • thatgirlblogs

    ever have a near-death experience?

  • imjacobsmom

    Hi Tiney, I don't have a question, but the guilt has set in that i haven't been by since the change over. I am highly addicted to Yoville and i will be back to blogging shortly after i burn out on it! Next time you are on -look me up! I have been popping in and out trying to catch you! I have so many places to show on there that I think you would enjoy! ~ Robyn

  • Ginger

    Thanks Missie, I thought she might say "No, I don't have one"...when I was betting she does. Not that it matters...just couldn't think of any smart questions to ask. lol.

  • ~♥~ Monica S

    Your blog is just as funny as ever!! LOVE your new background!! AND where did you have this made??? it's adorable!!! LOVE those two girls up there!! ;-)

    Will have to think about a question though... a real one I mean! ;-)


  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    You may have answered this and I missed it...
    but anyhoo~
    You talk about the phobias/anxieties you have. Have you ever saught professional help, etc?
    I worry about you girl!
    And I love your accent btw!

  • MJ's doghouse

    hurry up and answer them ....geez

  • angie rules? Bold. But, not surprising since you are always so up front and honest.

    I want to know how old you were when you kissed a boy for the first time.

  • raxx a day in the life

    Have you ever thought of doing reality tv?

  • Grand Pooba

    Okay, here are my dumb ass questions.

    1. I remember you saying you don't drink, why? Is it just a personal choice?

    2. Who is your favorite blogger?

    3. Do you have any enemies?

    4. What's your favorite thing about being a mom? Least favorite thing?

    5. Do you pick your nose? lol

    6. Where's the craziest place you've ever "done it"?

    Yep, I'm gettin up close and personal now!

    7. What is your biggest regret?

    8. How old are you? Haha! (You don't have to answer that)

    9. I love your tattoo, is there any others that we don't know about? Or piercings?

    10. Who's number one on your list? (You know the list that if you ever had the chance, the hubby would let you have sex with this person) And vice versa for your hubby? (I gave my husband a free pass for Gwen Stafani even though he wanted a free pass with Angelina Jolie. Come on Jolie? Ew no way!)

    Ok I'm done. I hope we're still friends.

    Love you!