Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday's Secret Mission Revealed

I know some of you are just dying to know what Jill and I were up to on Saturday after I mentioned our secret mission, right? Well, it wasn't only Jill and I involved, but the whole fam damily! Yep. Jimmy, Tiney, Mikayla, Madison, Jill, Alexa and Gianna, all on an expedition of the best kind. The kind where the family picks out a PUPPY!!!!!

Oh, it's something that's been on my fuzzy radar for a couple of years now, but something that Jimmy adamantly has said no to time and time again. Why? Because our last dog sucked ass! Not literally, but she did eat her poop, and that is worse than sucking ass if you ask me.

Her name was Snuffie, or Snuffalupagus to be exact, and she was insanely stupid. Or stubborn. Could be both. We had this dog for 6 or 7 years before we finally gave up and found her a new home. There's only so much puggy poo you can take on your carpeting, ya know? I would walk back and forth with this dog for 20 minutes in grueling Florida summer heat, but would she go? No! But five minutes or so after we returned to the air conditioned house she'd take a load off. On my carpet. Did I mention her other nick name was Snuffapoopagus? I won't even go into the whole face wrinkle crud that needed to be cleaned out every few days. GROSS!

So, Jimmy said "No more dogs until I'm really ready!", which took him approximately four years and, he had to pick the next breed. So, for four years I begged and pleaded but it wasn't me who changed his mind. Nope, it was a coworker who often talked about his golden retriever puppy. Jimmy grew up with a golden and has always loved them. Next thing you know we've got the breeder's number, found out she already has two litters growing and made an appointment to meet the 5- week- old pups. Saturday was the day! Waaaaaaaa hooooooooooooooo!

When we arrived, all the pups were in a fenced play yard and when I saw all of them I said to myself, "How the hell can we pick one puppy out of 15?"

It wasn't easy. First, we observed.

Look! A puppy pile-up!

Oh Lordy, who could resist?

Then we met the Mommy, Chanel, the other Mommy, Georgia and, the Daddy, Gator. Now Gator is a beautiful boy, and the same can be said for Georgia, but Mama Chanel had a really hard time with delivering this litter and boy did it show. She was skinny (Jill said this is normal for a mama dog after having a litter) and not even very "golden" colored. Jimmy immediately said we had to pick a pup from Georgia's litter.

Okay, that'll be easy with all of these to choose from!

Here's Daddy, Gator, with Chanel behind him.

Until I met Chanel I thought I had the biggest, saggiest, had- the- booby- juice- sucked- out- of- me, ta-tas, but this poor girl takes the cake. They were ginormous!

Ah, but the babies her and her friend Georgia popped out!

Look at how white this golden boy is! They're actually keeping him to use as a stud.

Poopy Pants thought it was great fun to repeatedly throw her beloved kitty in with the puppies.

He's down! And one! Two! Three! He's out!!!!!!

I love me some puppy kisses!
Aw, could this possibly be my new baby? And why am I biting my lip?
Madison says maybe she could suffer by having this puppy.
Mikayla says, "I am not leaving here without this one!"
Madison and Alexa were having a blast. Jill just held Gianna and looked on with jealousy and depression. She wants one! Neener Neener Sis! You can just bite my fuzzy-lovin' ass. You already have three at home!
Dang, I think we tired them out a bit.

Ah, bliss!

Jimmy, the hard-ass, became like a big squishy marshmallow around the pups.
"I think I want this one!", he says.

Another group nap.

So, who did we choose?

This one!!!!!!!!!!! Is she not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Come on now, this deserves a collective Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
And guess what? It's one of Chanel's babies! Hey, when a puppy "speaks" to you, her mother no longer counts!

Madison had my camera, and she made me so proud. She got a picture of our puppy taking her first dump for her new Mommy!

Unfortunately, we can't take her home until April 4th, the day after she gets her health certificate from the vet. We're all crawling the walls like ants in anticipation of bringing her home. The crate is bought (the one we had the girls in from my last post), she already has a couple of toys, and we're researching a good dog food that won't put us in the poor house.

Now all we need is a name! I think we've got one picked out, but neither of the girls are too excited about it. On the other hand, I adore the name and isn't that what really counts here? ME? Although I'm quite happy with the name that's in my head, I'm going to put up a poll to get bloggy opinions. Let's see if you all have great taste in naming dogs, such as I do.

One more thing before I go. Something that had to be photographed for all of you decor gurus who make your front porches look like heaven.

Why not try this now that spring is here? I think Picket will especially appreciate this element of outdoor decor.

I could explain to you the reason behind this, but nah, I'll just let you use your imagination.

Don't forget to scroll to the top of the page to put your vote in on the puppy names!!!

Tiney out.

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Until Next Time, Tiney

42 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they are all so cute, I would have been in that pen playing with ALL of them.

    Name your new pup KIKI!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhea

    You're killin' me with these puppy photos. ADORABLE! I'm so excited for you!! BLOG FODDER! And a cute cuddly pet. lol

    I voted for Kiwi...but now that I've looked at her photo more, I might be leaning towards Strudel. I'll think on it.

    The shoes on the fence are cute. Not sure why they're there...except as a security system where smell keeps bad guys away?! hehe

  • Kris

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' how sweet.

    I will have to really think on the name, but the first name that comes to mind is "Bella"

    Have a happy day


  • roy/elisabeth dean

    Such a cute pup! Our pup is named Delilah and she is perfect. Sometimes, when she is especially perfect, we call her delightful delilah. think about it~

  • Picket

    Oh my word....look at all those little 'Sugie Boos'!!! I love this!!!! Sorry I can't help with the name...I always have to see and touch a pet before I can name it! lol She will make a wonderful pet for you girl....now what is up with that defacing of the picket fence!!!!!! Oh what horrors...covering the pickets like that...I can't even stand bird poop to get on mine! lol lol

  • Jill

    YOu mean I found Snuffie a new home! I did! NOT YOU!
    I want a puppy so bad from the same litter! it is killing me inside. I WANT ONE! So they can grow up together. HELP I CAN't stop thinking about it!

  • Shelia

    Oh, Justiney! A new puppy! I'm so happy for you and your girls, even for Jimmy! :) Oh, she is the cutest thing! Okay, a name...I say Goldie Locks and you can call her Goldie!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • Lisa (aka) French

    OMG how could you NOT love that cute widdle face???? I can't wait to see the name you pick;) French

  • xinex

    Oh, that puppy is soooooo adorable! I bet you can't wait to take him home....Christine

  • Tootsie

    oh heck...just take them all home! that's what I would want to do! they are wonderful. And you now have the type of dog I have been wanting forever!!!!!
    just make sure you give it a few little Tootsie kisses for me!
    lucky girls!
    and Jimmy...lol

  • nikkicrumpet

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so flippin cute!! I can't wait until you get your little furry nugget. You're going to have such a great time. I think you should name it "NoPoopyOntheRug" It would be a good omen. You can call him nopor for short

  • Cathy

    Oh how darn cute...wish they would stay that small. My SIL has one and he's a dang horse..I mean he could do damage if he knocked ya down.

  • ~Mary

    HOW CUTE!!!
    Makes me want a puppy!!

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, they are so adorable. What made you finally decide on this one? I know your girls are so excited. Good luck with the training, Casey will soon be 8 months, he is such a ball of energy. Way more than what I have.

    Love Ya,

  • Buffie

    AWWW! is right!!!! Adorable!!!! I bet ya can't wait to get it home!

    Buffie :)

  • Philly

    That face!! I just love me some puppy.


  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on getting a golden retriever! They are one of the most loving and smartest dogs on earth! We named our new little golden retriever puppy Sasha. I plan to raise her to be a therapy dog. Good luck!

    Paula in Houston

  • Amy

    Those are some dang cute puppies! I think you found a keeper!

  • HeatherF1

    Our old dobie was a poop eater, too. It made it really hard to love her at times.
    I like the name Reba...a red headed country gal...
    Congrats on the new puppy!

  • Ginger

    I would of never been able to choose just one from all those precious pups. Have you seen Marley and Me? If not...you've got to. The best part of having a puppy is the sweet kisses they give, the worst part, potty training. I wish you luck!!!
    I suck at thinking of good names for dogs.

  • Ginger

    After I left my comment, I scrolled back up and saw the poll you are taking for the names. "Willow" is adorable.
    Every time I've tried to sign on as a follower, it won't let me do it.

  • Mrs. B. Silly

    Aww, I wuv da puppies!
    For some reason, when I click on your button in my blogroll, it tries to take me to the wrong url and then says it can't be found. It puts in "thefroggybloggy" instead of the right url, I didn't make any changes in my link, don't know what's going on!

  • Vickie

    Awe! Puppies!! Poor Chanel and her droopy boobies. They will never be the same. Hopefully she is not a vain doggy:)

    I just started following Jill last week and she sent me to check you out. You gals are hilarious. I wish my sister would blog. We would have a ball!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Awww, I think you found the perfect puppy! Looks like your kids, and the pups, had a great time playing together.

    I think you should name her Noodle. Cinnamon is a close second.

    I think that the shoes are drying on the picket fence because you had to wash them after you all stepped in dog shit, lol.


  • Lori

    What cute puppies.... I love them all. I picked Kiwi, but my dogs names are Alice, and Sparkles what do i know...

    I have to agree with kady about the shoes on the fence... You all stepped in doggie dodo..

    I've tried to come by earlier but it kept saying return to blogger, so I went to Jill and come that way. Oh and I'm snagging that great button...

  • mrsben

    Awwwwwwwwwwww so ADORABLE! Oh, decisions, decisions. Re a name...have friends that were at loss for their dog's name so they finally took their two daughter's, scrambled 'n deleted the letters and came up with Charét. For ourselves, we thought we had a name picked out, but after a few days of observing her personality a name ENTIRELY different just 'popped up'. Five years later, can't see her being called anything different. :) Soooooo, good luck on choosing one.

    She is as beautiful and as sweet as your two girls are and such a perfect addition to your family.

    Hugs -Brenda-

  • Mariah

    Oh good God they're cute. I have a golden retriever, they are the BEST

  • Lori

    To answer your question about the money. The site directs you to the state treasury department, and you have to print out the forms and fill them in, so you don't give all the info over the internet. You mail it to the state treasury dept. This was on dateline as well.
    It worked for me...

  • Elizabeth

    I love goldens, too, but I'd prefer a smaller dog for myself and my living space.
    I voted for the name Noodle, because I had a dog once named Doodle!

    I want to hear all about the new domain experience once it starts working properly!

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    OMG I'm suffering from some major puppy envy! I wish they could bottle puppy breath... Okay, I'm really not weird & I only have 5 dogs. What's one more... So what if the one more grows up to weigh more than all 5 combined...

    Justine, they are all so gorgeous & I know the feeling when you try to narrow it down to one. Murphy's mom had 10 pups & 8 survived. We had to choose from 6 black 8 wk old cocker puppies. The girls were spoken for & the only one that kept coming to me was a little girl. Steve even offered to buy 2, a boy & a girl, if she could come home with us. No dice though. Steve was sitting on steps going up to their kitchen & Murphy kept trying to climb over him to get to the kitchen. Yes, he was a chow hound at 8 wks old & still is! My big boy was 13 yrs old yesterday!

    I voted for Willow because I was a Buffy the vampire slayer fan. How about Buffy for a name??? ☺ Diane

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    Oh, BTW...

    They sell stuff to put in their food to stop the poop eating! They're eating it because they're missing something in their diet. Sometimes after they get into the habit of eating feces, they just eat it out of boredom.

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    I'm having another senior moment...

    Are you practicing with the shoes on the fence posts for the puppy? Just remember, if you put it down, she will come! It will either be eaten or peed on!

  • Ann

    It is so hard to resist puppies!

    And I have to say I love seeing a "real" porch.

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! PUPPIES!!! Nom nom nom! ;) So CUTE!!! You're in the 'hurry up and wait' stage we were in once we picked out our puppy and had to wait a month before we could pick him up...it'll be here before you know it, and then let the fun begin! ;)

  • Anonymous

    I just found you again. Ok so I will be round there just after Easter to see that gorgeous puppy.

    I couldn't choose from that lot.

  • Rachelle

    Awwwwwww! Very sweet! And you are only bringing one home?!? lol

  • santamaker

    ...and they call it puppylove...
    so sweet and cuddly!
    Why are we picking all food names here? >LOL<
    I think Cinnamon would be a good one with one little adjustment... Cinnabun! How's that? You can call her "buns" for short.

  • Shannon

    Awwwwwww! I would have a hard time choosing... they're all so cute!

    Now I've gotta go check out the name poll...

  • Jason, as himself


  • Michael

    I want a puppy!!!! Goldens are my favorite...such great dogs. I'm so jealous...she's adorable! And I love that she's one of Chanel's puppies...even cooler!

  • AndreaLeigh

    so cute! a day with puppies sounds like my idea of heaven!

  • Robin Costello (Delswife)

    I want a puppy!

    Actually, I want 2 puppies. I want little ones- so I have to get 2 of them to equal 1, right? You're with me on this one, I know you are.