Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eight Paws = Trouble For All

As some of you already know, Jill, Alexa, Gianna, and Cannoli spent this past weekend here at my place. Although the weekend was filled with adventures in shopping, kids having screaming meltdowns, more shopping, some delicious spaghetti with clam sauce, more shopping, some more cranky kids, and a 4-hour garage sale extravaganza, this post is dedicated to our new fur babies.

You'll soon see why two puppies intent on trouble get a kick in their asses by karma. Or by two not-so-happy mommies.

Mikayla took this video so you'll have to excuse the bopping to and fro. Also, Jill and I had no clue she was taping, and if you listen closely you'll hear us talking about poop, hair, toilets and such. I'd suggest you turn up your volume.

From here, I'm going to let the pups tell their tale.

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