Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Susan Loves Me! She Really Does!

Do you see what Susan from A Southern Daydreamer bestowed upon me? Because Susan knows so many bloggers that she could have given this to, it truly touched me that I was one of the chosen! Thank you so much, Susan!

But why do all these awards have to come with rules? I HATE rules and am known to break them from time to time. Okay, almost always. I'll let you see what the rules are, but that don't mean I'm following them!

Rules are as follows:

* Accept the award
* post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
* Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered.
* Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So like, I don't have 15 newish blog friends to share this with. I do have nine though. Hopefully that will fulfill my obligation. If not, the award just might be snatched away from me!

Cole, from All the Small Stuff definitely deserves some bloggy love from me. Not only is her blog great, but Strudel won an awesome giveaway from her last week. A year's worth of Bark magazine! Now, Strudel as yet doesn't know how to read, so I guess it will be my job to read it to her. Thanks Cole!

Ooh, this is exciting for me. Everyone knows Nikki Crumpet, correct? Well guess what? Now her daughter Lindsey has her own blog, At Least My Dog Thinks I'm Interesting. Oh, the joy!!! Welcome to blogland, Lindsey!

Amy, from Keeping the Sunny Side is next on my list. Sweet, sweet girl, and a great blog to read!

Now here we have Robin from Love Ya, Mean It. Robin is an award winning author, and when she tells a story, she really tells it. No detail is left out, which I love!

Andrea, from My Chihuahua Bites is one of my new favorites too. The first time I saw her blog it was a video of her Chihuahua watching a movie. I was hooked instantly!

Ah, I love Lilly at Pray For Roy. Her hubby, Roy, is presently battling cancer and Lilly keeps such a positive attitude, raising money for Relay for Life with as much heart and zest as I've seen.

Now we come to my good friend Chuck, at Secondary Roads. Two more different people have never graced this planet but I love him dearly, and for some reason he seems to like me too. He even gave me the Zombie Chicken Award recently, and to me? That spells L-O-V-E.

Have you met Ginger from The Gingerbread Shed? I love anything that she writes, but especially when she regales us with pictures of her new baby chicks. I am soooooo jealous. Yes, this Zombie Chicken has chick envy.

I loves me some Yaya. Alicia from Yaya Stuff is a woman on a quest. A quest to become a mom, through the obstacle of infertility. She shares much of this experience with us, but also is funny and goofy as hell. Love this redhead! I always have had a thing for redheads. But we won't go there. Heeheehee.

So that's it. Those are my nine, fairly new blogs that I find absolutely worthy of this lovely award. Girls, (and Chuck), take it with you and wear it proudly!

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

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