Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It’s a Dog’s Life

Life here at Tiney’s casa has been interesting lately, to say the least. Having a new puppy in the house is both pure joy and frequent aggravation.

For the past several years the only fuzzies we had were our kitties. Kitties, in case you don’t know, are basically self reliant. Feed them well, change their litter, give them some lovin’ and that’s about all there is to it.

And then there’s Strudel.

Picture 014

Just look at that fuzzy face. Could you stare into those woeful eyes and not fall in love?

And that sweet puppy tongue. Every little puppy–breath-infused lick makes me melt with love.

And when she’s sleeping? Nothing could be cuter and more peaceful looking.

Picture 061

It’s even cuter when her half-sister, Cannoli is here for a visit and they nap together. Here they are sleeping with Strudel’s “baby” stuffed dog.

Picture 004

Look at those faces!

Picture 007

Awwwwww! I’m in love!

Later that same day they took another nap on the baby, this time forming a choo choo. Can you tell who is who?

Picture 011

Picture 014

Cannoli is a few shades darker than my Strudely Doodley.

Now don’t these pictures make you want to go out and get yourself your own fuzzy puppy? I highly recommend it, although make sure you’ve got enough time for training and lots of patience.

I’ve got plenty of time. Patience? I’m not so good at.

Strudel is really good at going potty outside like a good little girl. But she’s also quite adept at going potty inside on the kitchen floor too. I have a neighbor who told me of a little known training trick. If your puppy goes potty on the floor, don’t yell at the puppy, yell at the poop or pee.

Yeah, you heard me. At any given time of the day you can find me leaning over a puddle, yelling, “Bad potty! Bad bad potty!” Then I have to do a little dance whilst holding paper towel in one hand, enzyme cleaner in the other, while Strudel tries to eat the cleaning supplies. Oh yeah, fun times! I won’t go into the fact that if it’s a #2 accident that I don’t see right away, it magically disappears. Into Strudel’s belly. She does not do this outside, so I can only assume that she does this to get rid of the evidence, knowing she’s just committed a house training misdemeanor. She’s just lucky that the local law enforcement (moi) loves her so much, and will even let her lick me after a certain amount of time has passed for her mouth to be deemed clean enough for kissing.

She is exhibiting some true signs of talent though. You can see here that any sign of unwanted intruders will be dealt with swiftly and with little mercy.

Especially if they have any paper in their pockets.

I think she’s also learning the “attack” command, but none of us have taught her that. Either she’s completely brilliant, or she’s a puppy savant, because hey, it’s usually one of us she’s biting into.

Picture 003

Thanks baby girl. I didn’t like those pants anyway. Or my black croc. Or my black slippers. Or my pink ones.

She is quick to learn though. Check this out. I made this video just for all of you.

I’ll do a lot of things for and because of this fuzz-butt, but picking up poop is not one of them. I did what I call “poop patrol” once, and that was enough. It is now the job of the little ones, and for some reason they find a certain amount of joy in doing this. This has to be a trait they’ve gotten from their father.

Why is it that I can ask Madison to pick up dog shit and that’s not a problem, but asking her to clean her room is like waging a war? Again, her father’s genes.

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43 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • LoveMy2Dogs

    I love a puppy! And yes they can aggravate the crap out of you. Day and night but I still love them.

  • Cole

    Holy Cannoli...or, um... Strudel! That's awesome that she sits and speaks on command already!!

    We had a little "problem" with poop too. I'd see a mistake, go to get toilet paper or paper towels to clean up; return to the scene of the crime and it's GONE. Ewwwww. Thankfully that stage passed quickly.

    She is too cute! Are you crate training?

  • Anonymous

    Strudely doodely is so cute. Where on earth is Madison FLINGING poop? LOL Hope it's not the neighbors yard! LOL

  • Rhea

    There's a reason those little fuzz butts are so adorable.

    BTW, this is the third blog I've visited today with puppy pics. You guys are killin' me!! I so do NOT need a puppy.

  • xinex

    Awww, the dogs are so cute! I love the pictures of them sleeping together....Christine

  • Ginger

    Hi Justine...I think those two pups are about the cutest gals around. They look precious when they are sleeping. I'm glad the girls are helping you on poop patrol.
    This is a cute post. I love seeing how Strudel is growing. I couldn't play the video though, on my crummy computer.

  • Cathy

    You need a helmet cam...

  • Shannon

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    I can't handle this much cuteness this early in the morning!

    And such a smart girl, too!

  • Secondary Roads

    Jill sent me.

    Nice videos of the Strudel gal.

    I have something for you on Secondary Roads. Please stop by.

    -- Chuck

  • Calming Scents

    she's adorable! We had our sons puppy a couple of weeks ago for 10 days. He's not fully trained yet, but we ended up making it 4 days without any presents in the house!

    I would do it in a minute if i didnt work full time, I dont like them in crates for hours on end. That time he was here hubby and I were taking turns running in from work just to get him out for awhile. It was a very tiring week, but man was he a blast.

  • Amy

    Those are two adorable puppies! Ahh.. so sweet to see them napping together.. so neat they can be so close. I love that she can sit and speak already.. that's great!

  • Philly

    Those puppies are just too much. I so wish they stayed that size!!


  • Bird Shit and Baby Caca

    The picture of them sleeping together is so adorable!

  • NurseChessie

    love that Strudel. What a cutie. It really would have been funny if Madison had flung the droppings in your direction! And really, she didn't look that upset to be scooping the poo... and for the record WHEN i get a puppy someday, I will be paying the poop service.. it's totally worth it!
    love ya

  • sue

    The pups are so darn cute, but just like having a 2 year old in the house! I already have one of those and one is enough for me! LOL. I tried a couple times to train a puppy and just couldn't do it. But I have been told crate training is the best way. Don't know and never will know! You will be showing us dog pictures within 6 months of this 100 lb fully grown dog, they grow SOOOOO fast! ENJOY!! xoxo (btw, no UPS man yet!)

  • cindy

    Strudle is adorable!
    What ever happened to Rocky the raccoon?

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I can't believe you can train a puppy so young to speak and sit! How freakin adorable! I'm impressed.

    And Madison is so funny. She's so PRETTY too!

  • Cathy

    Do you and Jill Twitter?

  • Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    Love the puppy breath and the playfulness until they drop.What cuties they both are!

  • nikkicrumpet

    woo hoo that is one smart dog! And send your daughter over here for poo poo duty!!!!! I could sure use the help!

  • mrsben

    Ohhhhhh sooooooooo adorable and pretty smart to-boot! Thanks for my smile of the day Justine.
    Hugs -Brenda-

    P.S: (Re Strudel eating her feces is apparently not uncommon for puppies. I have been told, puppies often learn it from their caring Mothers who only wish a clean environment for their little ones.)

  • Rachelle

    Strudel is adorable! (and Canoli too!) She does make me want to run out and get a puppy ~ almost! I don't think we could handle a dog! So for now I will just have to live vicariously through you and Strudel!

  • Lisa (aka) French

    That puppy is utterly adorable!!!! But I am soo glad you are dealing with all the puppy ramifications and not I;) French xoxo

  • Robin Costello (Delswife)

    Awww. I wanna puppy!

    I am pretty sure everytime I come here I whine the same song, huh?

    Sorry I didn't get to answer you before, my internet is pretty spacey. I try to get as much as I can get done before it blinks out on me again.

    To answer your question, Del is loving having his old job back. He has a cussy manager possition, I'd kill to have it.



  • Tootsie


  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Aww, Strudel is so cute! I loved the pics of her and Cannoli together! I need to put one of my kids on poop patrol too since it is time to start mowing the lawn.


  • Fragrant Liar

    Aw, they are both sweet! and then you have to clean up all the poo and shredded papers and torn shoes... I will stick with my kitties.

    I LOVE how you guys named them Strudel and Cannoli.

  • jill jill bo bill

    OMG that is the cutest dog EVER!!!! I almost wish I had one. Almost.

  • Picket

    Morning girl....love those furbabies and she is so smart to sit and speak so young..
    Thanks for coming by & about those plates ...I do alot of measuring! lol lol
    I am gonna print out some of the sepia pics of the grandkids...I have alot from Easter that were beautiful..I even made a CD for baby-daughter-in-law of her family in the sepia and she had them printed out for framing (She is the mama to that sweet dumpling baby girl that has the chubby little face and arms and was picking up Easter eggs)
    I hope you and Strudel have a great day girl!

  • Jill

    I don't think you will be able to teach Cannoli to bark she's very quiet! I am going to work on giving paw and rolling over.. this should be fun.
    I loved the video of her...!

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    What talent!!! She seems so young to master commands. I think the teacher has a lot to do with the success! She's got a great mom-teacher. I really want a pup but...I think diva kitty would make the poor things life miserable.

    Sweet wishes,

  • Ann

    You cannot deny how incredibly cute your puppy is!!! Just adorable.

    I have lost many shoes to our dog, a choc. lab named Benny (or Shithead, it depends on what he's done). Ah, dogs.

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW......how freaking adorable. Why is it that adults sound like weirdos when they talk to animals and babies? And Madison flinging the poo poo? LMAO!!

    Great post,

  • sue

    YAY!!!! My surprise is on its way!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  • Shelia

    Justiney! I've missed you! Aw, look at that sweet fuzzy face - she's adorable! Yes, she's really smart, already learned to sit and speak! I know house training is kinda hard! I used those little doggie pee pads! Seemed to work for Chloe Dawn. Strudel and Cannoli look just alike, what preciouses!!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  • Four in Costa Rica

    Oh my gosh, just when you think it doesn't get any cuter you put the two puppies together! I love their names, by the way. The girls must be having so much fun with Strudel.


  • Anonymous

    Seriously too cute! Too many bloggers are getting puppies and it makes me want one!!!

    PS grabbed your button!

  • Ana l Bamboo Flooring

    OMG! Strudel is adorable and cute! I can't help not to fall in love with him...
    He's really cute!!

  • Michael

    Freaking adorable!!! I need a golden fuzz-butt of my own!

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    So CUTE! Loved the videos - we have a corn field that our property sits up against, so we do some poop flinging, too...although I've been tempted to fling poop in our neighbor's yard since they don't keep their rottweiler out of our yard and he's been pooping on our back porch and in my flower beds...grrrr! :)

    LOVED the pictures of the puppies napping! I have GOT to get some doggie treats so I can teach our puppy some tricks - our older dog learned quickly, but he interferes whenever I try to teach the new puppy because HE wants the treats! LOL! :)

  • Gossamer Creations

    Your puppy is so cute. We got a (Golden) puppy last weekend she looks very similar to yours and she is so much fun. She is my son's first puppy of his own but we are all crazy about her. Love your post.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • AndreaLeigh

    hilarious. my dogs used to eat their poop as well. they've stopped now.

    are you crate training? it is seriously the best thing ever for potty training.

    my dogs do the choo choo. they will usually lie together and form the ying yang symbol. haha.

  • santamaker

    Cutie patootie, your little fuzz butt is nothing but precious!