Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly... and The Holy

The Bad:

Oh what a stressful weekend, but with such a beautiful result.. Sunday Madison was to make her first holy communion and prep work here at the house was in full swing. Earlier in the week I had painted the alcove behind the entertainment center and did some mighty painful damage to my back. The pain kept me up during the nights, getting out of bed was a 10 minute ordeal with lots of grunting and the occasional scream, and getting down the stairs was more of the same. But I had a whole house to clean and organize and no husband to help me. Thank the good Lord for Motrin. If not for that nothing would have gotten done.

My in-laws drove here Saturday night (4 hour drive from the west coast) and my mother-in-law was a huge help on Sunday. But Jimmy? Oh my, he did nothing but make my life more stressful. See, for the two months we've been in the house I've nagged and nagged for him to get his various boxes out of the pool table room and the family room, but to no avail. "I don't have time. You can do it yourself." were some of the excuses. So when did he "organize" all of this crap? TWO HOURS before the family was to arrive on Sunday! But did he go through the stuff and organize? Oh, no no Nannette (as Shelia would say)! Instead he carried boxes up the stairs and put them all in the guest room closet. Except for decor stuff of mine, which he quickly and haphazardly stuck on any available surface, disregarding all the decorating I'd been doing for weeks. So as I'm trying to do my hair, do Madison's hair and get her dressed, I was also running back and forth removing items from different surfaces in the house and stowing them wherever I could. Yep, just what I needed.

At 12:30 the family descended on my house and off we went to the church. Picture if you will, 168 children making their first communion and the church stuffed with all of their relatives. This is a rather huge church but it was bulging at the seams.

Now I suffer from panic disorder and this was not an ideal situation for me. It may not have been too bad if we only needed to be there and hour or so. But three? Oh boy, I was one miserable girl. I did my best to zone out for most of the mass, but needed to get outside for fresh air a few times. A few glances at my brother and I saw he was in some alternate zen state of mind, far removed from the exceedingly long and boring celebration. If only I had the power to do that!

Okay, so maybe he was just snoozing, but still.

The Good:

Back at the house food was prepped and appetizers were laid out. My family swooped down on the goodies like a pack of starving animals. Jimmy says he's never seen anything like it in his life, the way my family can plow through a plate of 7- layer Mexican dip. I told him to shut up. We're Italian, we're fat, and all of us had low blood sugar by that point. Neener neener you little wiener!

I realized at some point that Jill and I never have pictures taken together. I made the mistake of handing the camera to my brother, Jeff. I say mistake, because he's just as sick and twisted as Jill and I, but hides it better.  Usually.  He grabbed Alexa's Magnadoodle, wrote on it, and made Jill hold it, but we weren't allowed to look at what he wrote. This is the outcome.

Oh, the respect he has for his little sisters, eh?And Sis? Must you always have that sexy, come-hither look in your eyes? You're making me look bad. Like innocent or something. Eeks!

I guess from now on Jill's ginormous boobs will forever be known as ginormous glands.

Hey! I resemble that!

So thank you brother, for taking the opportunity to ruin what could have been halfway decent pics of the sisters together. It's not every day that we both have our hair and makeup done at the same time, ya know! I'll forgive ya though, 'cause it was pretty damn funny at the time.

He didn't leave his poor, defenseless wife out of the hilarity either. I love the look on my nephew, Jeffrey's face. It tells it all, don't you think?

But what I said about Pat being poor and defenseless? I lied. She is the #1 bitch, which truly pisses me off, because that's MY title!

The Ugly:

It's all about Jill here. Have I ever told you she's a klutz? I'm talking a serious threat to those around her at times. First I had her on some light KP duty. Just rinsing some dishes to put in the dishwasher. Next thing I know my trifle bowl is in a million pieces, half of which were down the drain.

Next, I'm standing in the kitchen with Jeff and Pat, making coffee. Jill is again at the sink, this time rinsing her hands or something. I took the coffee filter out while it was blistering hot and hightailed it to the sink to dump the grinds. I put my arm over and across hers and said, "Hot hot hot. Jill, move please!" Well, for some reason, she decided to flick her arm. What happens? The filter goes flying out of my hands, ground coffee flies through the air, landing on the counter, the floor, and all over the back of Jimmy. Even though he jumped and cursed because it was red hot, I couldn't help laughing. Then Jill goes on and on about how I pushed her arm, it wasn't her fault, yada yada yada. Well, Jeff and Pat were my witnesses. She pushed MY arm. Neener neener sister dear! So then I made her clean up the mess.

For the rest of the day, people kept moving breakables out of her way.

The Holy:

After all, this day was all about Madison so now it's time to show you pictures of my little princess! She was so excited to get dressed up, and I have to say, her dress was exquisite, if also a bit on the itchy side.

So that's it folks.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and my holy little girl.   I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting as much as usual the past few days.  My computer's power cord died and I have to steal time on Madison's laptop when she's not in school and not using it for homework.  Ugh.

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

38 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww!!!! She's so cute!!!

    Love the pics of you and your sis! Lol!

    Boxes shoved in a closet...totally something I would do.

  • Paris

    Ohhhh..I SO wish I had a sister like you. You two have so much fun!! Crack me up until I cannot breathe, you know that?? :)

    And that white dress?! Whoah!! BEAUTIful!! =)


  • Tami

    LOL, I had to edit my video of my sister , my niece and myself.. You guys crack me up.. I hate having my family over.. loud mouthed Italians are what we are! We ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER! Then threaten each other with I'm telling uncle so and so, so he can kick your ass with his bat and bada boom your a goner. LOL
    I kid about it, but my husband grabs his head after and says OMG, it;s quiet! heh heh.
    Ya'no what you married when you married it!


  • Ginger

    First off, Madison looks adorable in her beautiful dress, so I know all the stress was worth it.
    I have panic attacks too, so I know what you were going through. I'm glad you got through it okay.
    The pictures are good of you and Jill, but hilarious with the signs up.
    I hope your back is feeling better.

  • santamaker

    I'm glad that you were able to look back at this weekend and celebrate the humor in all of it. Hope you are feeling better and your little "angel" looked precious.

  • ~Mary

    wHAT FUN TIMES!!!!

    Your daughter looks so pretty in her white communion dress!

    Luis also lays things down in all the wrong places, and un-does all the cleaning I've done. I HATE IT!!

  • Cole

    Madison looks so sweet and innocent! What a cutie!

    The rest of your story sounds like a holy nightmare...and JUST like my family!

    FYI, I'm the family klutz (complete with walking into walls...and then apologizing to them), so if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in person - DO NOT hand my anything breakable!! Heeheehee

  • nikkicrumpet

    Hey you should have slipped Jill a few bucks for burning Jimmy's back hehehe. And that dress is MAGNIFICENT!! OH MY she looks like an angel!
    I loved the sis pics...the signs just made them that much more fun. I bet it's a hoot when you all get together. I'd love to be a fly on the wall!

  • Shelia

    Hi Justiney! What a weekend! I love it that your entire family is kinda crazy!! LOL
    Madison is so pretty and her dress is just precious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • Stephanie

    What a beautiful girl!

    Um, can I just say that Jimmy could use an attitude adjustment? I prefer positive reinforcement, but sometimes more severe "behavorial correction" is in order. I prefer the Footintonuts technique.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Awww, Madison really does look like a little princess in that dress! It does look like a dress that would be itchy though. I am so glad that she wasn't scratching herself in an embarrassing manner during church. Now that would have been something to blog about!

    I love your brother's idea with the Magnadoodle and not letting you see what he wrote until after he took the pics. Yep, you can tell that he belongs to you guys! lol

    Sounds like a great day.


  • Holy Crappers

    What a beautiful dress!! I just love communion dresses.


  • Anonymous

    Madison looks like a gorgeous little angel in that dress. Not the hell child you'd have us all believe!

    As for the rest - another reason never to invite you to my house. You know what I'm like....I'd have palpitations!

  • Secondary Roads

    Nice to know that you and your family are well. Your friends out here in Blog Land were concerned about your absence. Madison looks great. Fun watching them grow up, but a bit sad too.
    PS: You know who sent me . . .

  • raxx a day in the life

    Another enjoyable read Tiney, I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms!

    I fell off my chair laughing at hubby's reactions to your family eating........

    Mickayla looks angelic, arent girlies the sweetest??

    and yes, I am trying to get bloggers to visit me here with my pictures, just wait till I go to Tobago!

  • Beckie

    Your daughter is GORGEOUS!! OMG!! And the family events are hilarious although as comical as the magna doodle was, I still think those pics turned out fab-o!!!

  • Lindsey!

    She looks so precious! I was laughing like crazy at work over the magnadoodle pics! So funny!

  • sue

    Hey Tiney, lots of fun going on as usual, had me laughing the whole way thru it! Madison looks beautiful in her oh so beautiful dress! Have a great week sweetie!! xo

  • Swirl Girl

    what a beauty!

    (I mean, You..your sister's glands...and your lovely holy daughter!)

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Madison looks so pretty! She cleans up good. lol. But seriously she looks like a little angel. Peyton said she is soooo pretty and her dress is beautiful... she asked Do you think she can be my friend, because she is so pretty!

    What did you mean under the pic "I resemble that" Did you mean "resent"?

    I do love the magnadoodle pics. So funny! And you both looke nice. You need to photoshop that magnadoodle out of there!

    I think Jill owes you a trifle bowl!

  • xinex

    Congrats on Madison's First Communion! That's always an exciting event! I got tired just reading all about your activities. Your "Sis" pictures are great. You are so sweet together and it looks like your brother is just as nuts as you two. LOL! It must have really been fun in your household when you were all growing up....Christine

  • Leave a Trail...

    LOVE YOUR BROTHER'S HUMOR! Can you wrap him up and send him to California? That's great!

  • Tootsie

    wow...what a story! but the best part was the photos of that beautiful little lady! tell her I had tears looking at how big and grown up she looked in that gorgeous dress...Ya did good Justine!
    hi Jill...and Jills boobs...(they are like a whole other being!)

  • Picket

    Hey girl...loved the pics of you & Jill...and Madison is gorgeous..what a beautiful dress!

    Ahhhh family..gotta love em! lol lol

  • Rhea

    Madison looks beautiful! That dress is gorgeous!!

    I love the photos of you and Jill. Too sweet...and hilarious with the magnadoodle.

  • rosemarie

    your story was much like my family..lol,your daughter is so beautiful,i can guess with all you went thur ,you were happy with the party ,im sure your daughter was so happy ...

  • Amy

    LOL.. brothers!

    Madison looks so pretty!

  • niartist

    I came looking for pics of struedel in her new frock - but haven't found them yet! How beautiful your baby is! :)

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw.......she looks adorable!

    You and Jill are wacko!!


  • Michele

    She looks absolutely adorable! Sounds like you guys had a hoot of a weekend! Love the pics of you two...and the signs are a riot!


  • Lisa (aka) French

    Funny captions;0) your daughter looks beautiful.....ohhh you'd better look out down the road;) Hugs French;)

  • Grand Pooba

    What a gorgeous dress!!!

    (The magnadoodle cracked me up!)

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Madison is breathtaking! That dress is gorgeous! The pictures with the mangadoodle? Priceless! :) And the icing on the cake was Jill 'accidentally' getting hot coffee grounds on Jimmy...(snicker!)

  • Shelia

    Hey, Justiney! Just popping in to say hi and thanks for visiting Stella and me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    Ahhh, the pictures are wonderful! Your brother's a hoot & where's his picture? Loved all the stories, they're great! ♥ Diane

    ps Congratulations Madison! You look so beautiful!

  • mrsben

    Madison looks absolutely adorable.
    A real little Princess. Refreshing to see that there are still some little girls who like to get dressed up in 'fancies'. The dress is lovely!

    Glad 'a good time was had by all'.....except Jimmy?

  • Rachelle

    Madison looks beautiful! Congrats to her on this special occasion!

    P.S. What's a trifle bowl?

  • AndreaLeigh

    madison looks beautiful!

    (what are those flowers in that hanging basket??)

    love the pics of you and jill. BEAUTIFUL!

    i get so stressed out about company, so I totally relate to the running around feeling you had.