Friday, February 27, 2009

So I'm Taking a Break from Unpacking...

And just visited my new friend, Stacy's, blog. She had just visited Ann's blog (I've never met this chick) who is having a Virtual Girl's Night Out party. Well hey, I've been packing, unpacking and cleaning for days on end. I could use a bit of a party! So I hopped on over to Ann's and she's got this cute little word/sentence game going on. She got it from someone else's blog but my eyes are crossing trying to keep all this straight, so screw it.

Anyhoodle (love that... got it from the Sistas at Holy Crappers) here's my sentence:

I did the macarena with an I-Pod in my bathroom, because I'm sexy and do what I want.

Now, I don't own an I-Pod and even if I were going to dance to one if I had it, I certainly wouldn't be doing the macarena. Maybe the Cha Cha Slide, but that's as far as I'll go people. And dammit, if I'm in the bathroom I'm gonna do it naked! That's right! I'll let the fat fly! It's quite liberating to knock yourself out with your own boobies.

I think I'm tripping on Clorox Cleanup.

Anyone wanna volunteer to help me clean 6 bathrooms (between both houses)? No? Well, you suck!

Must take my Cinderella ass back to the hovel. I mean, kitchen.

Until Next Time, Tiney

28 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Debbie

    Hi! Came over from the GNO. Glad you found it. Your sentence was a little better than mine!

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    AHAHAHAHAHA! So glad you decided to take a break from packing/unpacking and join the party!! You ROCK!!!

    Happy VGNO!

    And here's an extra drink for ya...and some Kahlua Chocolate Covered Cherries - they'll make the Clorox fade to a distant memory... ;)

  • Jason, as himself

    Your house has six bathrooms? Or did I just misread? And now I'm going to play that sentence game.

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    Holy Crappola! You have 6 bathrooms now?!? I thought the new house was just a little bigger than the old house. Hurry Cinderella, errr I mean Justine, get the lead out & TAKE SOME PICTURES! ☺ Diane

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    OH NO, this is sick! I paid Ann a visit for the word game, which I had received last week I think in my e-mail & had deleted. This is disgusting!


  • Mrs. B. Silly

    Clorox cleanup must be some good sh*t! Got any brownies made with that stuff?

  • Ann

    Great job!
    I'm so glad you joined the party tonight, even with all you have to do. Now I know about you!
    Please come by and visit this chick again! :->

  • nikkicrumpet

    HAH...even exhausted you're hilarious....I'm glad you took a break long enough to entertain us. And I want video of you doing the macarena...BUT NOT NAKED!!!

  • xinex

    Glad you're taking a little break, Justine. I would help you clean the bathrooms if I were there but I am glad that I'm not. hehe!..Christine

  • Jill

    Cinderella ASS? You and her don't belong in the same sentence. More like the wicked witch of the west!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    You're okay Tiney. Me not so much because I ran over a stuffed animal at the dinner table because I'm NOT crazy!

    Ok, so how does one run over a stuffed animal at the dinner table? Perhaps it was a turkey stuffed with dressing? But then why would I run over it? I haven't turned vegetarian. One never knows.

    "It's quite liberating to knock yourself out with your own boobies." roflmao! Omg, you had me laughing so hard at this one!


  • Anonymous

    The bathroom thing sucks doesn't it? Now I want a video of the new place you hear and a wave from Jimmy and the kids.

    Have you decided where you will put your xmas tree? That's the first thing I always look for when house hunting.

    ssshhhh, (have you noticed how many people don't read your posts properly btw??????)

  • Anonymous

    Ok, now I have to go check this out.Sounds insane. Sure hope you're almost done with the cleaning so you can come out and play.

    Love Ya,

  • Kris

    I hated I missed the party, but if it involved dancing the macarena, I'm not sure you would of wanted me there. Now, if it involved kaluha.......I'm sure you would of wanted me there.

    If I read correctly, which I think I did, you have 6 bathrooms when you combine the 2 houses. Call Merry Maids.


  • sue

    hey justiney, knock yourself out girl! Er.. I mean don't knock yourself out cuz you'll fall and crack your head on the toilet! take that deserved break from unpacking and cleaning but don't expect to see me on your doorstep with a mop and toilet brush, I got just 1 bathroom remember, so I don't know your pain! LOL!! I know Ann, you'll have a blast at her parties! xoxo

  • squawmama

    Hey I already volunteered to help...LOL LOL I love the Cha Cha Slide... We could do it together BUT not in the bathroom naked... That would be scary...for both of us. Not to mention we'd definitely kill each other and then they would rename it the Fat Fat Slam dance... LOL LOL I say hire Molly Maid service to finish the bathrooms and have fun... Love YA


  • Rhea

    yeah, you lost me. A friend of a friend's game...clorax wipes...six bathrooms to lost me. hehe

  • Paris

    Girl..If we lived close, I WOULD help you clean, cause that's what friends do!! :)


    PS I would dance to "Dont Cha"!

  • tardevil


  • Lori

    That sucks cleaning all of the bathrooms...I have to clean the two upstairs today, but I decided to blog... Anything to prolong cleaning.

    Emily's almost 12... and you don't really want to know about me falling playing softball. Well here is a little bit of what happened. The ball was hit out field and I was running after the ball and just fell don't know why but my legs just gave out, and I bit the dust. That was just one time, but there are many more!!! I'm to old (as Emily says) and way to out of shape to play ball.

    Enjoy cleaning I think I'm going to have a beer now! It's noon and Saturday!

  • Anonymous

    Ok Girl, I added some info for you to read about Mackinac Island. I try not to copy and paste to much from the internet, but I guess I should this time. Happy Cleaning.:)

    Love Ya,

  • Shelia

    Oh Justiney! I love you honey, but I can only clean my own bathrooms! Now you behave!
    Yep, those are daffodils on the vase.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Lisa (aka) French

    You know I missed your crazy cinderella Azz!!! I would help if I were closer.....Love ya and see I was already working on a post when I got your message;) Hugs French xoxox

  • Lisa (aka) French

    OK I am back...this was too funny here is my sentence...
    "I yelled at a smurf sliding down a hill because that's how I roll"
    Lmao this was funny;) Still wondering what color a smurf turns when you choke it???? he he he French;)

  • santamaker

    Been missin' you! Wish bathrooms would clean themselves....

  • sue

    I kept wooley sheep but moved him over a couple pegs! We're gonna get 10 inches they think, Yahoo!! TTYL!! xo

  • Anonymous

    Well Justine it's Sunday March 1st...........hopefully all is well with you and you are settling in the new place and the old is done and clean!!

    Be a good girl today,

  • Anonymous

    You never done one of Ann's GNO's before?