Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving SUCKS

Yeah, I'm still excited about moving to a new house, but man, the actual moving part truly sucks ass. I'm sorry I haven't been a good bloggy friend the past couple of days, but ooh baby have we been busy!

Jimmy has worked like a friggin' machine the past two days. I was out yesterday running errands and getting my hair cut. When I returned home 3 hours later, he, his secretary and another guy from work had moved out EVERY piece of furniture in my house, sans kitchen and patio tables. Nothing was left. Not a bed, not a couch, nothing to sit on but a folding chair. Last night I slept on a blow-up bed that deflated. Twice.

Today Jimmy moved and unpacked stuff for another 10 hours or so, barely stopping to eat. I, on the other hand, have done almost nothing compared to him but I feel like I've been hit by a train. The last couple of times we moved, his employers have paid to have it professionally packed and shipped. Doing it yourself truly bites. Especially when half the guys in the neighborhood are sitting around drinking beer, watching you (Jimmy) haul shit back and forth for hours on end without offering any help.

I'd like to publicly thank Black Michelle, Ron and Linda for pitching in like they did. You guys rock!

Anyway, we're allowed to move into the house permanently any time we want, but first we have to get the electric turned over to our name. Anyway, I know this was short and incredibly boring, but I just wanted to let you all know why I've been so unusually quiet the past few days. I love and miss you guys so much already!

Until Next Time, Tiney

49 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Tootsie

    you will do your share when you DECORATE this place right????? DECORATE IT JUSTINE OR I WILL COME OVER THERE AND KICK YOUR NON - DECORATING ASS!!!! and Jill will help me...right Jill?

  • Secondary Roads

    Here's wishing you health and much happiness in your new digs.

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    I feel you ya, moving sucks!!

    I was watching a kitchen make over with my mom and sister Sat. and we were all so in love with the it. I told them about your wanting to lay on your new countertops naked, lol... we had a good laugh!

    Hope you're in safe and sound soon~

  • Michelle

    Best of luck with your moving. I just helped my parents move last weekend. It is so much work.

  • Elizabeth

    Jimmy is quite the worker! It must be keeping his new physique in shape, too.
    I can't believe those neighbors! They're your neighbors now and in the future and they just watched! What happened to a good old neighborhood "barn raising" to help each other when needed?

  • Anonymous

    I know you're exhausted and poor Jimmy, he sounds like a machine. Norm is like that too, if something has to be done, it's like he becomes super human. Leaves me in his dust. But, now, you've got the task of getting it all organized. My girls all came to my rescue, when we moved into this house. Hang in there sweetie, you'll get it done.

    Love Ya,

  • Picket

    Morning girl....ohhhh it is so good to be able to visit again! lol

    Girl I have move so many times in my life (it's my gypsy blood) I am an expert at it...if I'd lived close by me..Bill & the Burlys would have taken care of you and had stuff hanging on the walls before dark! lol

    I am excited for you sweetie...a new layout to decorate..I bet the girls are excited...thanks for coming by to check on me...and girl I am loving my new should of seen mama & daddy sitting in them yesterday..mama said she could sleep in them! lol lol Have a great day girl...can't wait to see your new place with all of your touches in it! ♥

  • 3 Bay B Chicks

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  • Rhea

    Moving is a HUGE pain in the ass. But getting into a better home is so worth it!

    Glad you've had SOME help. Hope you're in a real bed soon.

    And I love that photo...

  • santamaker

    Good luck with all the boxes...just a short move down the street sounds sooo easy, huh?

  • Shelia

    Hi Justiney! I've missed you but I certainly understand. Moving is such hard work. Your times coming, honey! Just take it easy while you can - you'll probably have to open all the boxes and put everything up. I wanna see! Good luck, my funny friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Ugh, I really hate moving too! And I'll be doing it again soon. I'm tired just thinking about it! Especially since I am moving into a smaller place. I have so many boxes and so much crap from the LAST move two years ago!

    I think my moving date is going to be in about two weeks. They still haven't got a plumber in there to fix the leaks that happened when they turned the water on! It almost DID flood the place! lol Yes, I am not too fond of the flooring in the place either, but it will do.


  • xinex

    Good luck on the move, Justine. I know it is a lot of work, done a lot of moving myself but think about all the fun organizing and decorating after...Christine

  • squawmama

    Hey man... I move all the time... what's the big deal...Oh ya... My house has wheels...LOL LOL Yes packing and moving is a HUGE PITA... I am sure you did more than your share too or at least you will... I cannot wait to see the pictures of your new place... Did you sell your home down here yet?? Well I miss you but we understand you have to do what you have to do.... Love ya lots


  • Lisa (aka) French

    I am sorry I have sucked ass lately at keeping up with anything blog wise!!! Hope the move gets you into a happier place that you really like!!! WTG Jimmy for wroking like a dog and thank goodness for good neighbors too!! Hugs French;) xoxox

  • Philly

    Packing and moving does blow


  • nikkicrumpet

    I know it will be worth it...but the getting there really does suck! Hopefully you'll be done and ready to relax in your much nicer new place! I wish we were all there to help you watch Jimmy move stuff!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    LOL! Great pic.

    Well no wonder you were so quiet this weekend... Poor Jimmy. Hey, it's a good workout.

  • Paris

    Moving does suck!! Looks like I will be doing it sometime in the near future too! :P And hahaha on the picture. LOVE it! should do a post on the Ghosthunters...You can drool over Steve whilst I drool over freakin' Grant!! haaaaaaaaaaaa!! :)


  • ~Mary

    I HATE moving too....I'm in the process as we speak. I don't have 'that' much stuff though. Only a studio apt's worth....
    BUT....I still hate packing.

    Can't wait to see pics of the inside when you're moved in!

  • Beckie

    I'm totally with you in the hatred of moving. Ugh what a messy and tiresome thing. Luckily you're only moving into different house. Imagine if you were traveling across country to move? LoL. If I were near you I'd volunteer me and my hubby to help and believe me, he wouldn't' sit and watch, he's participate! LoL. I'm glad it's getting done quickly and I can't wait to hear about your excitement over being in a new home! Congrats and once you get on again I'll be here waiting eagerly!

  • Anonymous

    and how does Rocky feel about being abandoned by those he loves?

    A Racoon is for life - not just for Christmas!

    You only moved so I couldn't come and seek you didn't you?

  • ~♥~ Monica S

    Take your time.. We'll be right here!!


  • ~♥~ Monica S

    Take your time.. We'll be right here!!


  • mrsben

    When we moved YEARS ago, it was just two blocks over so know what you're saying girl. It is still WORK! (I was twenty-three years younger than I am now.)

    Wishing you and your family happiness in your new place! {{Brenda}}

  • Anonymous

    OMG.......I am ROTFLMAO that the bed deflated on you. You poor thing you. I don't mind moving to new places. It's fun to me to make it home.

    Your neighbors suck (not all of them) that they just watched. The least they could have done was hide in the house!!

    Keep will get there.


  • sue

    awww you're sweet to take a bloggy break and come by to see me! I haven't moved in 20 years and I have no plans to either, I can't imagine at my age doing all that work! Take your time decorating and enjoy your beautiful house! xoxo

  • Diane

    You're right - moving sucks! I've had to move all the small stuff the last 2 times & thought I was just going to die. Then I had to put it away. You have my heartfelt sympathies! ♥

  • Rachelle

    Hope you get settled in soon! Good luck with the move ~ how exciting to be in a new place!

  • NurseChessie

    I told you that you were off your rocker from the very start!! did you even lift one box?
    love ya
    chucklin chessie

  • Jill

    I wish I was there to help and I am sure everyone is wondering why I am not.

  • Shelia

    Afternoon, Justiney! Oh, I hope your moving is going well! I know, when I unpacked those glasses at home I thought, am I crazy? Yep, I think I am! :)
    You're not so tiney (get it:) little name is entered in my giveaway.
    Take care, sweet friend!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • Nancy Jane

    Good luck with the move. I hate it too, and our last move was the worst. If we have to move again, I swear I'm selling everything in the house. I never want to pack another cardboard box! Hope you and the family find happiness in your new home. Nancy

  • Anonymous

    I hope you're getting somewhat organized by now. When I posted that racoon, I thought of you, I thought you probably think this damn thing is cute. LOL I just read Nikkicrumpets blog, it was good what she did with you and Jill.
    Post some pics when you get rested.

    Love Ya,

  • santamaker

    Hi Justine,
    Hoping you are getting your little nest all fluffy and comfy.
    I meant to tell you that those little legs and shoes under the dishpack box was hilarious!

  • Jason, as himself

    Truer words have never been spoken. I feel sorry for you right now.

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Moving really does suck - especially when you have to do it yourself, without the help of 'professionals'. I've moved so many times, you'd think I would have amended my pack-rat ways, but alas, I still have a gaggle of boxes of miscellaneous stuff stuck in the attic - not to mention the mishmash of stuff stashed everywhere... ;) I don't look forward to the next time we decide to move, and we've already established that we will be moving at some point... :)

  • vintagewindow

    Good luck on the unpacking. I know moving is such a pain, but it's always nice to put everything back together....uhm, what am I talking about I still have boxes of crap in my basement from the move 3 years ago.

    I love the photo of the box landing on the witch. Too funny.

    To answer your question on the floorcloth. I use a heavyweight canvas. I buy it in bulk rolls.

    Have a happy day


  • Lori

    Thanks for following me!!! Moving does suck.. I am usually the one drinking beer watching other people move. I hate moving, but love to drink a beer and tell everyone what they are doing wrong and how to put boxes, furniture etc in a truck. But that's just me.

    I hire movers that's how bad i hate moving...

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Ginger

    I hear ya...moving is the hardest job...packing and unpacking, yuck.
    The one good thing though, is when I move I declutter.
    Glad you had some help.

  • Picket

    Hey girl...just wanted to come by and check on you...hope the unpacking is going well...just make sure you find the toilet paper and clean unies first and the rest will fall into place! lol

  • Michael

    Ohh...good luck with the move! I wanna personal tour of the new digs when you're settled!

    Take care,
    Michael :o)

  • Paris

    Hey chickie!! :)

    Thinking of you. How's the moving going? And where is GRANT!!! Hubba hubba! :P


  • Happy To Be

    GM Justine...girl you make moving even sound funny !! when is the BIG day..the first of the month?? and I bet you can't wait to get into a new awesome home..Ok skip the question I just asked seen you could move in any time..duh!! I need to read more..Now whats going to happen to Ricky Raccoon with the moving girl?? I bet he'll find you..they know where to look for food..animals are very smart..I told you I have 3 peanuts boxes out side to feed the squirells..and if they run out they come up to my sunroom and peek in the window...Like to say hey where's my nuts lady!!!Good luck with the move girl..wished I was closer by I would help you...if nothing else than to Fan you went you got hot!! hope you have a great weekend dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  • Shelia

    Morning, Justiney!! Are you all moved in yet? I'll bet you're tired, I know I would be.
    Thanks for looking at my enchies. I love sour cream in mine, but Mr. Precious doesn't so I have to add it on the side!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  • Sara

    Hello Miss Tiney, My computer died right after I sent my last email to you. Long story....long computer! You're my test shot. I'm not suppose to be playing on it till it regains all it's juices. I had to stop by and pay a visit. How exciting about the move in. I would imagine you're a bit busy, hopefully Not to busy for the GH premiere next week!! How's Rockey taking the move? I better go before my laptop crashes again. I'll be in touch.

    Sweet Wishes,

  • NurseChessie

    Guess your still dragging all your stuff box by box down the street. How much longer? Another week?
    miss ya!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE your socks!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE your socks!