Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Time To Play Tiney's What the Hell is THAT?

Yep, it's that time again! Time to play that oh so fun game of Tiney's What the Hell is THAT? We haven't done this in a few months and I finally decided to get off my butt yesterday and take some pictures.

You know the rules. Look at the pictures, give them your best guess, and then list your answers in your comment. Whoever comes the closest to getting them all right gets...

... Well, nothing, but it's fun anyway dammit!

Have fun, and make my proud!








Until Next Time, Tiney

20 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • ~Mary

    1. Volleyball
    2. I have no idea!
    3.Bongo Ball roller?
    4. Vibrator
    6. Paper towel
    7. ceiling of patio?

    Those are my BEST guesses....I really thought about it.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm........ok, here's Kiki's best guesses:
    1. volleyball
    2. birdhouse
    3. bug zapper
    4. inside of dishwasher
    5. part of the apple logo from your laptop
    6. roll of paper towel
    7. ceiling

  • Ma'dame French

    Ok here is my best shot....

    1. Soccer ball
    2. Cigarette in an ashtray?
    3. ??/football mask??
    4.Spinner for a mixing machine??lol
    5.Paper towels seat/
    Who knows I am probably way off....good pics though!;0) French

  • Sue

    these pictures are so good that a dummy like me can only guess 6. as paper towel, I can't get any of the rest!!

  • Bridget

    I'm not even going to try because #2 is impossible.

  • Ma'dame French

    OOps I forgot the laptop computer one!!

  • Michael

    I'm so bad at stuff like this. My blog pal Thomas just did a contest where you had to come up with definitions for the word verification words when you leave a comment. I failed miserably. But I'll give it a whirl.

    Ok, 6 is paper towel. 7 is a porch ceiling. 3 reminds me of an oven rack, but I can't figure out what the background is. 1 reminds me of a soccer ball or something, but I'm not sure. 2, 4, and freakin' clue!

  • jill jill bo bill

    1. Soccor ball
    2. birdhose opening/peg
    3. Lampshade
    4.dishwasher with steam coming out
    5. granite with a apple sticker on it
    6.paper towels
    7.ceiling light

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    2-Monet Painting
    3- Mini cell bars
    4-Millennium Falcon cockpit
    5- CSI body chalkline
    6-maxi pad

    This is pretty hard guessing for my menopausal brain. I can't wait to see what they are. You know I like a good reveal.

    Sweet Wishes,

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Okay, here are my guesses:

    1)the stitching on a soccer ball

    2)I was going to say a painting on a wall, but I think the person who said it was a birdhouse is right.

    3)Some sort of outside light with a guard over it

    4)Your dirty dishes in dishwater

    5)The Apple logo from your computer

    6)A paper towel

    7)The ceiling on your porch or patio


  • Jason, as himself

    1. The stitching in your bra.

    2.Some sort of mildew.

    3. Looking at a lighthouse through jail bars.

    4. Queludes.

    5. Plush Apple beach bath towel

    These were SOOOO easy.

    6. maxi pad close up

    7. light fixture on a porch ceiling

  • Jill

    1 soccer ball
    2 a swatch from laura ingles clothing
    3 jail for robots
    4 no freakin clue?
    5madisons computer some part of it
    6 paper towels
    7 patio ceiling

  • Anonymous

    1. Football (our kind!)
    2. Bird Nesting box
    3. Hand whisk
    4. Your snozzle mask
    5. Laptop lid
    6. laydee pad (knowing you!)
    7. Porch ceiling

    At least I had a go this time!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    outdoor lamp
    paper towel for sure!
    yeh and the ceiling of your patio

  • xinex

    Hmm, these aren't easy. I will have to cheat a little bit.
    1. volleyball
    2. part of a vase
    3. a hanging lamp looking through an iron bowl
    4. a cookig pot
    5. an apple logo
    6. blanket or bedspread or a robe?
    Hey Justine! You've asked me for a long time if I will ever start a blog and now that I have, I never get a visit from you. Waaah! Now, I am hurt and crying. LOL! Come see me sometime!....Christie

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Okay I'm answering without looking at anyone's answers. I didn't look at the ones Bigeee emailed either...

    1) A volleyball
    2) A peg on a painted rack?
    3) Your heater fan
    4) What the heck?
    5) An Apple logo
    6) Bounty paper towel
    7) The ceiling to your deck?

    Ooooh great pics. This was fun. I'm off to see everyone else's answers.

  • Rachelle

    okay here's my guesses ~
    1. stitching on some type of ball
    2. chalk drawing
    3. fan
    4. plastic bottle
    5. apple computer logo
    6. paper towels
    7. notebook paper

  • Rhea

    Oh, good, I didn't miss the contest!

    1. volleyball
    2. bird house
    3. bug zapper
    4. this is the hard one. I say a hair dryer or a flashlight...
    5. Mac apple symbol on a computer or iPod.
    6. paper towel
    7. ceiling outside on porch or garage?

  • ~♥~ Monica S

    1) Soccer ball
    2) bird house
    3) hmm.. lamp?
    4) food processor
    5) apple wrap paper
    6) paper towel
    7) garage wall


  • Raxx - A day in the life

    checking for answers!