Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tiney's What the Hell is THAT? Answers Revealed!

Okay, you guys do disappoint. But, you also cracked me up so I'll forgive you for sucking at some of the guesses.

I have to say there were a couple of people that made laugh so hard I nearly wet myself.

One of Gail's guesses was "your snozzle mask". I guess she was referring to my nasal pillows on the CPAP machine that I so lovingly have dubbed snausages?

Mary had a couple of funny ones too. A bongo ball? (Uh Mary? What the hell is a bongo ball?) Her other one was vibrator? Ya know, I do realize that I get a bit risque here on the Froggy Bloggy, but even I wouldn't post a picture of my vibrator! If I had one. Which I do not!

Now, I think Sara and Jason were having too good of a time making up fake answers to be bothered with actually trying to guess from the pictures. But, these are the two people that made me laugh the hardest. In fact, my daughter hushed me and Jimmy called, "Do you think you could contain yourself in there?"

Sara said:
2-Monet Painting
3- Mini cell bars
4-Millennium Falcon cockpit
5- CSI body chalkline
6-maxi pad


Jason said:
1. The stitching in your bra.

2.Some sort of mildew.

3. Looking at a lighthouse through jail bars.

4. Queludes.

5. Plush Apple beach bath towel

These were SOOOO easy.

6. maxi pad close up

7. light fixture on a porch ceiling

Now I must say, the next time we play I am not publishing any of the comments until the reveal. Why? Because the lot of you are cheaters!!!

Without further ado, here are the answers!





Madison holding her pooter on her knees while doing a Power Point presentation. Did I ever tell you my 7-year-old is a genius? LOL


Sure, you guys guessed patio ceiling, but you didn't guess that it was the reflection from my makeup mirror! And yes, the ceiling is scuzzy and the light fixture filled with dead bugs, but can I get all the way up there? No!

By the way, my cousin, Chessie, is feeling kind of lonely over there on her blog. Could you click on over and give her some comment love? She doesn't post often enough, but when she does, it's might entertaining.

Until Next Time, Tiney

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