Saturday, January 23, 2010

Join Me For The Sunday Scramble

Well, here we go.  The first official Sunday Scramble meme.  I'm curious to see how many, if any, of you will join in with me!

As Pooba Would Say, "A Turrible Turrible, Mess

This past week Jason did a post on his kitchen's multiple junk drawers.  Yes, he actually blogged about that.  Even made it not too boring, in fact.  Which got me to thinking about my junk drawer and how much crap is probably in there.  I didn't catalog it as J did, but I did take a couple of pictures.  I'm just thankful that Jimmy got it in his head to organize it a bit a few weeks ago so it's not too turribly embarrassing.

My question is, do we really need all that crap?  I mean, I even see a fake flower boutineer.  Is that even close to how that's spelled?


And while I'm at it, why did Blogger upgrade their editing program, only to take the spell-check out?  Does that make any damn sense to you?  I'll be honest and say I'm a pretty good speller, but come on, sometimes there are words that you just don't know how to spell.  I want my spell-check back!

Justine Is Awesome

Nope, not tooting my own horn here.  I'm talking about Justine Carrelli, the American Bandstand dancer from back in the 50s.  If you stopped by here last week you would have seen this post about how I came by the name Justine.

After finishing that post I searched hunted her down the web looking for any current information on Justine, and lo and behold, I found her.  She's a real estate agent in Las Vegas these days.  I sent her a quick email to tell her I was named after her and to my surprise, she responded the very next day.  I thought that was super sweet of her!  When I called my mom to tell her, do you know what the first thing she asked was?  "Is she fat?"  That's another WTF moment for sure.

Forever Friends

I haven't mentioned my oldest and dearest friend Sinead in quite a long time, but if you're a long-time follower you may remember hearing about her.  Friends from the ages of 3 and 4, we've stayed close all these years.  It's actually a little surprising because we haven't even lived in the same state for the past 15 years.

Sinead's hubby is Navy and they've moved quite a bit in the last 10 years or so.  California to Virginia, Virginia to Hawaii.  But now they're moving here to Florida!  And not just Florida, but to the Jacksonville area!  Holy crapola, for the first time in a decade and a half we'll be within driving distance of each other.  Well, her driving distance, not mine.   The panic disorder and all that.  I hope "Nade" isn't too camera shy because if she even dares to tell me I can't blog about her (with pictures) in the future, I'll just kill her.  Or write her off completely.  You hear that Nade???

Sinead and Justine, circa 1976?  Notice the smears on her face?  I don't think there was a day of her childhood where she wasn't sporting some kind of crap on her face and/or clothes.  Piggy.  Wow, that just made me remember Sinead's word for "pig" or "piggy".  It was pigro!  Weird.

Sinead and Justine, circa 1978 or '79?

I can't wait to sneak pictures of her with food smooshed on her face again!  Bwaaa haaa haaaa!

Just Pop It, Please!!!

For the past 2 or 3 months I've had this spot on my shoulder blade which itches almost constantly.  I'd rub it on door frames, I'd wiggle back and forth in bed to rub the sheets on it, but no matter what I've done I can't get rid of the itch.

It's a pimple!  It's an itty bitty, teeny tiny pimple and it's causing me the itchy-bitchiness from hell!  Why I didn't suspect a pimple from the get-go is beyond me, but there's a problem.  I can't reach the nasty little bugger.  The other night I threatened bodily harm to Jimmy if he didn't take my pimple popping implement to my back.  It took a bit of whining shouting, but I got him to do it.  He pressed and he pulled to no avail, causing me considerable pain while doing so.  He then said, "It's not a pimple!  It's a skin tag or something!  All I've done is make it bleed."

The next day I had Mikayla look at my back.  She said, "Daddy was picking at the wrong spot!  Here, lemme at it!"

Unfortunately, she was unable to get rid of it and now I'm stuck here waiting for another opportune moment to force ask Jimmy to give it another try.  Until then, I'm eternally itchy.

Word Twist

Do you have certain words that you always type incorrectly, no matter that you've typed that same word a millions times?  For many years I couldn't even type my own daughter's name properly.  Mikayla came out something like Miklalya or something.  And YouTube.  Holy crap, almost every time I put that into Google I type YouTubel.  Why does my ring finger insist on hitting that L?

Favorite Bloggy Quote of the Week

Brought to you by Jason, of The Jason Show, while explaining the health benefits of potatoes in any form:

Low in carbs, low in fat, low in calories, and packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, anti-oxidants, protein, probiotics, lycopene, iron, omega-3s, folic acid, potassium, lithium, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, podium, immodium, and fiber, potatoes just might be nature's most perfect food!
So, now it's your turn to link up your scrambled thoughts, if you choose.  If you choose not to, it's okay.  I won't cry or anything.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Really.  It's okay.  I'll still love you.  Sniff.  Sniff.

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26 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Gucci Mama

    Linked up! My post is scheduled for 3:30 this morning so it's not visible yet, but I did it! It's coming!

    I'm twitching over your junk drawer. ;)

  • bj

    OMGosh, Justine...I forgot all about sorry.

    And, are you tellin' me that they are no longer called
    NAVAJO INDIANS but NAVAJO NATIVE AMERICANS ? Nawh...I don't think so!!

    And I just WISH my junk drawerS looked anywhere nearly as neat as yours...

    And...remember, I am the one that spells HUGE HUGH.!!! :)
    love ya... bj

  • thatgirlblogs

    sunday scramble. hm. lemme think about this one.

  • Sue

    Happy Sunday Scramble! Your junk drawer looks pretty neat. And I am so happy that your friend is moving near you! I wish mine would move back east from Indi!

  • Cathy

    I'm linked up..I'm gonna have to work on this a bit more.. Glad to hear your friend is moving back..I bet that will be fun.

    The pimple.. I got hooked on watching youtube videos of popping zits.. it's awesome. I totally missed my calling.

    I want the old old editor back. I can't center my text, everything looks weird.

    Ok, got shit to do.. see ya.

  • Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria

    Justine I wished my junk drawers looked as neat as yours do...I glad your friend is moing closer to you...sounds like you had fun week with a zit and all ha ha!! Hope you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  • Shelley

    I love the idea of this!

    Junk drawers? We have a Junk Room (aka-teenage son's room).

  • Screwed Up Texan

    Re Potato: True, if you leave the skin on.

    Re Spell Check: Firefox internet browser has it auto built in.

    And while we're on the subject...I HATE the way Blogger changed blogger in draft's photo upload from great to the STUPIDest upload possible recently.

    BTW, funny post, I laughed the entire way through.

  • Acting Balanced Mom

    had never heard of Sunday Scramble... I try to scramble less on Sundays than any other random day, so my post for today is organized... didn't link up to the scramble, but would be happy for visitors or comments

  • blueviolet

    That doesn't even qualify as a junk drawer! That's clean and tidy. I'm pissed!

    Girl, use the old editor. I hate the new one too!

    SO COOL you're getting your best bud back!!!

  • Amy

    I did NOT let you down Justine... HA!.. I linked up.. so lets do this again next week.. only I'll need a reminder.. cause well.. I just will. Spell check gone??? I didn't even notice. I tend to make mistakes more from typing too fast than anything else. Spell certain words wrong??.. yes I have one.. RESTAURANT... I just freaking spelled it wrong again... URG.. now it has that ugly red line under it. Hold on... Ok..I fixed it. I swear (only I don't) that I spell it wrong every. single. time! Later Gator!

  • Helen

    Hi there! Just wanted to stop by and say anything growing on a body part that itches should be looked at by a dermatologist ~ please take it from someone who knows.

    Junk drawer looks so much better than mine - and I have two!!!

  • Cole

    I linked up, Tiney!

    OK, you may not need that plastic flower - but those drawers look really organized.

    HURRAY for having your friend within driving distance. How cool!

  • Dawn

    Junk Drawers. Ugh! I did a Tackle it Tuesday post last year about our junk drawers. I got them all organized. Are they STILL organized? Hell NO!

    Sorry about the pimple. They suck.
    I had one come up on Friday on my chin. It's more of a cyst really. You know, the underskin kind that never comes to the surace, but hurts like hell?!?! Yes, in a matter of hours it had swollen so much that is jacked up my smile. I sat with an ice pack on it for an hour. Sheesh! I'm happy to report that two days later it is looking much better. At least I can smile normal. LOL!

  • Resh Rene`

    As soon as I am able to decampify, where the hell is spell check? I will be posting mine....and your junk drawer..not so bad.

  • Anonymous

    That's awesome that you'll be near your BFF again! Mine lives in Cali and I live in NY. So sad. :(

  • Ginger

    I think I did something wrong (but what else would you expect from this computer illiterate?) cause it didn't post. I will try again and hope it doesn't show twice.
    I liked your post. Wish my junk drawer looked as good as yours.
    How neat that your friend is moving close to you again. I see some neat blogs coming from your adventures together.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, how great your bud is moving close to you!

    Ew, on the pimple.

    I find myself cleaning out my one junk drawer near constantly. Yours is in good shape!

    Very cool that the "original" Justine wrote you back!!

    Loving these random scrambles.

  • Life on the Edge

    Ok, it's late in the day, but I finally have a Sunday Scramble post up!

    I agree with the lady who said to get the pimple looked at. Might not be just a zit. However, I am one of those people who cannot leave a zit alone. I hate the look of that white crap in there, and to me, it is like poison under the skin. I know you are not supposed to pop them, but I CANNOT leave it alone!


  • Shelia

    Hi Justiney! Oh, how marvelous your childhood friend is moving closer to you! Love your olden pictures and you're just as cute as a button!!
    Can't wait!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Julie

    I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading!!! Happy Sunday!

  • bj

    My dear JUSTINE, my little "girl with the spy glass, just waiting for bj to slip up...again".......

    For your sweet information, I DO know how old I am. Believe it or not...Oh, I do have SENIOR MOMENTS...a lot!! But so far, I can find my way home from the grocery store, I don't get lost unless I am out of my neighborhood, I can still dance, I haven't burned anything I am cooking in quite awhile...AND I DO KNOW HOW OLD I AM... imagine that!!hahaaa...
    Do the math, sweetie...I was born Dec. 31, 1937. I will be 73 December 31, 2010. ;O)

    Now, I gotta go read some more of this wonderful Sunday Scramble..
    and then work on a post to try to PROVE to my readers that I still have a ways to go before the old 73 mark. !!
    love you, bj

  • Picket

    Wow girl That was great!!!!! Loved the pics of you and your friend when you were little! lol Lordy girl I don't dare take a pic of my junk drawer!!!!! You sure did cram alot of fun reading into that quick scramble!!! See you on the Farm!!!!

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Can't wait to see pics of your bestie when she moves within (her) driving distance to you! ;)

    I might have to rethink making Sundays my bloggy day off so I can play along! :)

  • Grand Pooba


    There's just so much here to comment about I don't know where to start!

    First, LOVE that you incorporated "turrible" into your vocab, and I'm sure it won't show up on spell check either so no loss there.

    I read Jason's junk drawer post and I have to say I did get inspired to get rid of my junk. Problem is I don't know what's junk and what's not, I end up throwing away what I think is junk but to Albert is not!

    So cool about your friend, I want pictures when you finally get together!

    I can't believe Justine wrote you back! That is awesome, she does rock.

    Dude, I want at that zit.

    I can never spell wierd see? My fingers just automatically type it that way.

    I totally suck, I can't be counted on for these regular meme's. Did I mention I suck?

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    J~ you're lucky it's just a drawer.
    I've got a family room of inventory that needs to be organized.

    I could never post again without spell check in my arsenal!!

    You're sooo lucky to have your BF moving close by...."GOOD TIMES!!"

    Sweet wishes,