Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Almost Time!!!

Because of the poll I put up, I do know that there are quite a few of you that are ready to make my Sunday Scramble a weekly meme.  Now, put your money where your mouth is (and your fingers where your keyboard is) and let's make it happen!

What IS the Sunday Scramble?  Well, it's just a chance for you to put up a quick (or not so quick) post about the little things that have gone on throughout the week... things you probably don't find important enough singularly to blog about, but as a whole can make an amusing post.

It's for those of us who find our brains feeling scrambled more often than not.  It's me, giving you permission to be silly, random and even incoherent.  No need to tell a full story, no need to even make sense.  If it's popped into your head in the last week, type it up and publish!

I'll be putting up my Sunday Scramble post on Saturday night, around 11:00.  Mr. MckLinky will be in attendance to take your name and post, so please, come back then (or Sunday any time) and join the madness that is the Sunday Scramble!

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