Friday, January 15, 2010

Sharing Their Joy

I'm guessing that many of you already know Alicia from YaYa Stuff, and if you do, you know that for over 7 years her and her hubby, Josh, have been fighting the agony of infertility and subsequent miscarriages.  Then the frustration of trying to adopt a child... a child of any age... it didn't matter to them.

Over and over they've had their hopes turned up only to be let down in the end.  I've been with Alicia for over a year now, watching her fight through her emotions to stay a positive, upbeat person.  I thought she had been doing a great job.  She was still posting her famous dance vlogs and leaving us with a smiling "Lee" picture at the end of most posts.  But I missed it.  I glanced over the fact that even though she was smiling, the sparkle in her eyes wasn't quite there.

Then, the best news ever came to all of us this past Tuesday.  They'd been chosen from over 200 families to be the parents of this beautiful little boy, Alex.  I nearly fell off my seat when I read her Facebook update.

Does it get much better than that?  Red hair and blue eyes, just like YaYa.  Oh, her and Josh are going to be the BEST parents and I'm so excited to be a part of the whole process!

If you've never met Alicia, please, click on over to her blog, YaYa Stuff.  She is a wonderful, hysterical, happy-go-lucky woman and she has finally realized her dream of being a Mommy.  If for no other reason, just stop by to congratulate her or give her a {{{{{cyber hug}}}}}.  Her dance vlogs alone are enough reason to visit.

I love you Yaya.  And this, my friend, is the real happy you, and I'm sooooooo glad to see her!

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