Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Since I Don't Have a Mantel...

Hello?  Hellooooooooo???  Is anybody out there?  Boy oh boy, visits to SIASD sure have been few and far between these past few weeks.  Yeah yeah yeah, everyone is busy with the holidays, I know.  But come on, cut me a break here.  I'm feeling lonely!  I want my bloggy comments back.   And to be perfectly honest, it's frustrating and makes me mad that there are blogs I comment on nearly every. single. day. and many of those people do not extend the same courtesy.  There is a thing called blog etiquette people!  I could be really bitchy and just stop visiting those blogs, but I happen to enjoy all of them, so I can't do that.  But... I can start to name the names of the lame commenters!  Bwaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

*Jumping down off my bitch box*

So, as I was going to say, I don't have a fireplace in this house, so I decorated the top of my entertainment center instead.  I tried Artie's add more add more add more, but I don't think I have it down pat.  I just don't have that much stuff, and certainly not the beautiful kinds of things he decorates with.

And now that I'm looking at the pictures, I really do need to get rid of that fake plant for the holiday season.  Totally out of place.

I love that white ceramic Christmas tree.  I just picked it up 60% off at Kohl's and now I regret not getting the other similar pieces.  Ugh.

I set aside all the lower branches that Jimmy trimmed off the bottom of our tree so I could have some live greenery in the room.  I with I'd had enough to make a garland for around the sliding glass door, but alas, there wasn't enough.  Also, Frasier fir isn't the easiest to make flowing garlands with.

Hope all of you are enjoying the anticipation of Christmas just around the corner.  I'm trying to get my butt in gear with the baking but it's been a slowwwww process this year.  Someone light a torch under my ass!

Here is what I made yesterday.  Rainbow petit fours.  I may share the recipe on Foodie Friday, so keep your eyes open!

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30 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • cindy

    Your "mantle" looks beautiful! I think I'm going to re-do mine..Rick keeps asking me "is it supposed to look like that? It looks like its falling off." Whatever!...I hope Strudel doesnt 'eat' your xmas tree....

  • collinskid

    Justine! I think your entertainment center looks great! Very "Christmasy" You did a good job with the lights and greenery, not too much and not too little-just right, I would say.

    I know what you mean about cooking and getting prepared for the holidays. Yesterday I made 8(EIGHT!!) cheese balls to give to friends for the holiday. I don't want to see any more cream cheese for a loooong time. They are really good, and so easy, but trying to make that many did take up some of my time.

    The petit fours look so yummy! Were they hard to make?

    I found you from visiting Georgies' blog-Decisionally Challenged.

    You should post some of your recipes.

    Merry Christmas!!

  • Bird Shit and Baby Caca

    Loving the decorating! Loving the petit fours even more....I'm so hungry now....lol!

  • Anonymous

    pics of the petit fours are making me hungry and it's 2 hours until lunch!!

    Top of your entertainment center (paint it black!) looks great! Yeah put away the grass plant for the holidays.

  • Resh Rene`

    Hey! I've never commented before, but I'll start, since you asked soo nicely :) I started following your blog a few days ago and think you are a hoot!! I'm always alil hesitant to comment on posts cause it seems a little stalker-ish and I would rather do that anonymously muhahaha. I love your "mantle" piece and I am sure it smells as great as it looks...I miss the real trees :( I did a garlandy thing this year too on our bar, we lack a mantle also. Have a wonderful time decorating and I am hoping you share the recipe for the petit fours they look delish!

  • Michele

    I don't have a mantle either...and no entertainment center...waaaaaa. I'm just so slacking on the decorating this year..can't get my sorry ass in gear. I've got my 3" white tree plugged in so that's what we're usin...I'm a lazy SOB these days!

    Those petite fours look awesome...definitely need the recipe!


  • Sassy Pants Freckle Face

    LOVE IT!!!! <3

  • Sweet Mama Jones

    I'm loving the decorations! So gorgeous. (I'm with ya on moving the plant, lol.) And thank you for clearing up the petit four mystery - I heard someone talking about some the other day and had no frigging idea what they were. Now I do. See there, you educated me. :)

  • Amy

    Ooohh.. pretty!

    I'm going to go scouting in the woods this evening to find some "greens" of my own to decorate with... wish me luck. ;o)

    I've never been one to get a lot of comments. Not sure why.. I get a TON of hits each day.. but maybe 5-10 comments. I know how frustrating it can be.. but I'm just happy to have readers... comments is a bonus I guess.

    Petit fours are pretty... love the festive colors.

  • Amy

    You know that I am too busy over on Facebook grabbing those mystery eggs to come over and comment, but here I am! :)

    Love the decorations, they look great :D

  • Anonymous

    Love what you did with your "Mantle". I'll just bet you're one of the best cooks in Fl., everything looks like it could be in a Martha Stewart magazine. I agree with you, the comments are slow in coming. Guess everyone is busy.

    Merry Christmas,

  • Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria

    I'm here for you girl...even in my Old Red Robe and my hair not combed ha ha!! Now girl I love that white tree what does it say on the front of it...Justine I just started making my breads yesterday and i have a ton of cookies and candies yet to do...Now Len can't eat the stuff but I love to give it to my kids in their grab bags...Oh yes did I ever tell you I still make up Christmas socks for these kids at their age ha ha!! only now I just fill a BIG Christmas bag with all kinds of neat stuff I buy durning the year for them ha ha!! Hey and the one will be 50 this Friday and still wants a Christmas sock from Mama....See I told you I have kids older than you girl...Loved your Christmas card my dear friend...and I have something coming your way from my mountain top to you...Now get off your Butt and bake girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  • Stephanie

    I miss having my house all dolled up for Christmas this year, but James leaves in the moving truck the day after, so I have to have it all packed up. Sigh. I'll just enjoy the beauty of others' decorations and plan to double up on my own awesomeness next year.

    Your "mantle" looks lovely! I agree, though, about getting rid of the plant. ;)

  • Cole

    Loving the "mantle" missy! Very pretty!

    My comments have fallen off too.

  • KK

    Looks great! I know I comment on about 60 blogs a day and get 10 back! Oh well at least those 10 are reading :)

  • Ginger

    I hear ya on the comments. I read and comment on some blogs and never hear from the person back. After awhile I just stop reading their blogs.
    I've been slacking on blog reading lately. Too involved with facebook and my dial up is so stinkin slow.
    I have a fireplace but no mantle. Seems stupid whoever built it, on to add it on.
    I think your decorations look good. At least you got them up!!
    I am lazy this year. Just can't seem to get into it.
    I've looked at your friend, Artie's blog before...I don't think anyone can top his decorating. Heck, pick his brain, ask for tips. Problem is, all that stuff costs money.

  • Shelia

    I'll always comment, Justiney! I know exactly how you feel. I comment on some blogs so much and wonder why when they don't reply. I don't expect them to each time I comment but out of courtesy they could sometimes! Boogers!

    Now, Justiney, you don't give yourself enough credit - the display is really very pretty. You've added lots of Christmasy stuff and the up close pictures are so nice! Pile on that stuff!

    Your petite fours looks so pretty and delish. You are a fab cook!

    To answer your question, no, no more snow! It had been almost 100 years since the last snow that stayed on the ground. So I don't think we'll be getting any more any time soon.

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Darla

    Know how you feel about commenting and not even being acknowledged that you were there...Feel a bit ignored, me too, sometimes..Love your make shift mantle....and the dessert looks way cool...didn't know you were Justine's sister..I haven't been over there in a while...hope all is better!

  • Tootsie

    well you can't bitch at me for not commenting...I ALWAYS come by when you make a new post! lol
    got your card today!!! thank you girl..it is awesome!
    I like your mantle the way you have done it...(well pretend mantle) I also like that white tree!
    yep..that fake plant needs to go bye bye for a few weeks, but since it's fake..oh well...lol
    hope you are staying busy..I already know you are warm...(jerk)...lol
    I just came in from freezing my hands spray painting a bunch of pop cans to make snow men out of! yea...I'll post it later...lol
    have a gooder!

  • Rena

    It looks great, Justine. I like the white tree as well. What other pieces did they have?

  • 9405018--Pat

    Hi great job on your entertainment center.....your dessert looks yummy...thanks for sharing ..Pat H

  • Cathy

    Love you "mantle" I love the crystal berries they are very pretty. We don't have a mantle or entertainment center so I don't have anything like this. I thought about the piano but just haven't made it that far. Merry Christmas to you all.. hey, it's going to be in the teens tonight..could ya send some warm weather this way.. Home it in on the ole' weather GPS..SW Ohio..

  • Jill

    It looks really pretty but you should have taken the fake plant down first!

    Ho Ho.. Freakin HO!

  • thatgirlblogs

    thanks for visiting me on my SITS day xoxo

    now pass me a petit four. can't spell it, but I can eat it.

  • blueviolet

    I like those sugary berries. They look super pretty. I love how you saved the branches from the tree to do that display. You did a nice job.

    I have a garland on my mantel but it's fake, fake, fake.

  • Anonymous

    Wah! This post made me sad! We had to take down all our Christmas decorations in order to show our house and now our house is so not festive. :(

  • Amy K.

    I love your mantle. I've never been that much into decorating for the holidays, however.

    And sorry, but I despise those Petit Four things. Yechhh!

  • bj

    ahhh, Tiney...I love your "mantel"..all Christmasy and festive...The little white tree is precious.
    And, you KNOW I am going to need that recipe!!
    O, and I NEVER have dressing on a salad...don't much like them, for one, and they are waaay too high in calories...I have to save all my calories for S.W.E.E.T.S.,
    don'tchaknow....!! :)
    Your Christmas home is looking mighty pretty!!
    xo bj

  • Rachelle

    Your decorations look great Justine - and your goodies look yummy! My sister and I are going to do some baking on Saturday - neither one of us a big bakers so ought to be interesting!

  • Life on the Edge

    I am so freaking far behind in blog visits, but I'm finally here! Love how you did the entertainment center! I would venture that MOST people do not have pretty mantels, so this is a great solution.

    Dang woman, all that baking and cooking has produced some super yummy looking stuff! I'm a bit envious since I do have the wherewithal to do Christmas baking. Good job!