Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Look Inside

A few weeks ago I decided to move some furniture to make room for the Christmas tree.  I know, a bit premature but when I get any kind of domestic urge I just have to go with it because it doesn't last long!  Anyway, I took a few pictures along the way and figured I'd share them with you.

This is the oak bookcase that I bought at our recent garage sale.  I know, I haven't put anything on the bottom shelf yet and the top decor is atrocious.  I've told you before, I'm horrible at decorating.  Besides that, I totally hate that plate, but my mother got tired of it and gave it to me, so I figured I should display it for a few weeks before it enters the trash.  Heeheehee.

Anyway, I am an avid reader and literally have hundreds of books.  I've always wanted a barrister bookcase but of course there's never money for something like this.  When I brought it home Jimmy thought I was nuts to pay $60 for it, but come on, it is solid wood.  Sure, it wobbles a bit but it's really gorgeous.  Even though I hate oak.  Have I mentioned that lately?

While sitting out in my bitch cave with the window to my side open, I was able to get these shots of the family room.  That's the only wall I've painted in the house and I've grown to hate the color. It's a bit too deep and dark, but guess what?  It's staying that way!

Yes, that's a printer on the ugly speaker.  Can't figure out anywhere else to put it.  Okay, the truth is, I'm too lazy to move it.  So to explain the change.  The big couch to your right used to be right here in front of the window, facing the tv, and the smaller sofa was on the wall where the big one is now.  Got it?

No, my couch is not sprouting a horn.  I accidentally because I'm a lazy-ass left the vacuum out.

And can you believe we still have the old-fashioned, huge ugly box tv?  I want a flat-screen dammit!

See that beautiful poppy painting going up the stairs?  That is one of my favorite things that I own.  It was painted by that person who used to be a good friend and then tossed me out like yesterday's leftovers.  She gave it to me for my birthday and even framed it for me.  Even though she's a cold-hearted bitch, I still love it.

So, I do have burnt orange decorative pillows for the couches, but they're tucked safely away in a lidded basket since Strudel loves pillows.  And I do have a beautiful black and orange area rug, but Strudel thought that was a nice chew toy also, so it's put away in my closet for now.

Here I was standing close to the stairway looking out on the family room.  You can see my bitch chair through the window.  Nope, haven't decorated the bottom shelves of the sofa table yet.  See that rock thing?  It's a candle holder with an inscription in it, from my beautiful friend, Glenda, better known to all of you as Tootsie.  In the far corner is a ladder-like bookshelf that I got off of Craig's List months ago.  I had a close-up picture of how it's arranged but now I can't find it!

So, here's a closer look at the sofa table.  Is this shit exciting, or what?

Now you'll have to excuse the sag of the couches and such.  These things are pretty old... about 10 years or so I'd guess.

And that's about it folks.  Like I said in my post yesterday, I've started Christmas decorating but can't seem to finish it, so who knows when you'll see pictures of that, if ever!  All of you need to keep blogging about your decorating... maybe, just maybe it'll put a spark up my ass!

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27 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Amy

    Where's the tree?

  • Anonymous

    I love the color you painted the tv niche. Very cool color on the tables. You should paint the entertainment center and the new barrister bookcase that too. All the decor blogs I follow and everyone and their brother are painting "OLD oak" either dark or white!

    Totally digging your glass vases......I have bought 3 for myself so far!!

    Good luck w/the Christmas decor!!

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, orange accents?! Love!

    You could always paint it black?

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, and if you are doubting the power of paint.........check this out!

  • Sue

    I think you are a fine decorator. I don't know how you get in the Christmas spirit in Florida anyway. Don't you need snow and mistletoe to get you in the "mood"? And yes, I mean Christmas mood!!!

  • Shelia

    Hi Justiney! Oh, I love seeing your home! You've got some great things going on in here and you sell your self too short! I like your painted wall and your furniture is nice. Now one thing, you didn't tell us where you put your Christmas tree. Now get it all decked out so you can show us.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Cole

    I'm with Yaya; paint that sucker black!

    I like the way you decorated! You have a beautiful house!

  • Kristen

    I have a similar barrister case except with darker stain and glass knobs. I love it! Less dusting IMO... Love your coffee table set.

  • blueviolet

    I like it there. It's cozy, warm, and welcoming!

  • Cathy

    I actually like the color but ..yeah go for the black. I love black.

  • Tootsie

    Justine!!! you brought tears to my eyes with that candle!!!
    I kind of like that color you is warm.
    I think it is funny that you are puppy proofing...I did that for a while too with Miss Pooh...she was rotten through to her core for a few years!
    I am in love with your sofa table. and I am seriously jealous of your warm weather is -21C tonight...that is a big change from the +9C we had last week!
    I have no Christmas spirit this year...but am super excited about the new look I am giving my house...BUT..."Busy" is nagging to put some trees up...she desperately wants her own in her room...but I have to dig through the garage to get it out...Friday is the tree day...she is counting down...and I am dreading! lol

  • Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    What are you talking about? Your house is gorgeous!The cove is a pretty color. I'm with you on the plate. That is an interesting piece of art.

  • cindy

    Okay, now that I have stopped laughing...(cold hearted bitch/ and 'isnt this exciting shit'....LOL!)Anyway..I like the color of the niche and I think I agree with everyone else paint the 'sucker' black. (Isnt it nice when people tell you what to do with your furniture when you did'nt really ask?!) I dont like oak either...and it can be hard to paint. Good luck!

  • Bird Shit and Baby Caca

    Totally loving everything! Come decorate my!

  • Anonymous

    God Justine, you just crack me up with your honesty. I don't think I know another person that is as comfortable in their skin as you are. Now for your living room, I love that little nook that you painted it really pops. I know WHEN the MOOD strikes you, you'll have that room beautiful with all the trimmings of Christmas. I started another blog page , will you please, when you have time,go check it out and see if it published . You know I'm as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to the computer. I still have to copy and paste my Blog List yet, but I'll git er done soon.

    Love Ya,

  • squawmama

    Hey girlfriend... I am much better and finally getting back on the computer and blogging once more... It was just hard sitting here sick... Loved the color of your wall and the bookcase is awesome... If you don't like the wood color change it... but it does look like a great deal... Have fun and get in the SPIRIT my friend!

    Love & HUGS

  • Mariah

    I LOVE garage sales and dislike oak too. You vacuum? That's awesome

  • Gayle

    Hey there,
    Your home looks cozy and comfy.
    As a home should be.
    I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!
    Hugs and love,

  • Ginger

    I was strolling through the pictures and thinking I like the wall where you tv is...then you commented you hated the color now. It really does look nice.
    I'm not much into decorating either. Rather be playing games on facebook. lol.
    I think you've done a great job with your house. It looks all clean and neat...nothing lying around. Maybe Jimmy put it all on your pillow. lol.

  • Grand Pooba

    I love that you love that picture so much even though you don't love your friend so much.

    I want your house. Look at all that open space! I love space. I want space. Gimme some space.

    I haven't started my Christmas decor either. I am going to TRY to do it this weekend. We'll see.

  • Picket

    Hey you! I have had you on my mind all morning...I hope your mama is doing better and I hope you are taking care of yourself...I worry about you sometimes! I think your home is beautiful and I am so loving your tables!!!! That bookcase is gorgeous and it would have done been painted black in my house! lol That along with those chunky tables ohhhh I can see alittle country in you! lol lol I feel better already! lol You take care girl and for goodness sakes plug up some Christmas lights!

  • Buffie

    The only "cold hearted bitch" is you right now! I wish I could take back the beautiful cutains I gave you!

  • bj

    I am lovin seeing your pretty family room, Tiney. I love your tables...and you are nothing but smart to put things out of the way of that "Eat Everything in Sight" Strudel dog.:)
    I'm sure wantin' to see your Christmas tree so....bring it on.
    Hope your mama is doing better every day!!
    xo bj

  • Life with Kaishon

    I love that bookshelf you got for $60. Seriously amazing! I think it was a steal! Kaish needs one for his room! Even shelves at Ikea are that much and they are crappy as can be!

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    OOPS, I had a moment of menopausal clarity. I realized I've forgot to give you the name of the eco-friendly furniture stripper. That spreads easy and smells like green apple.

    Okay, I'm headin' to the garage to find it. Then I'll email to you.


  • bj

    O, yes...I DO remember this pretty room....
    That Buffie woman is waaaay old enuf to know better than to be so ugly to another person. Shame Shame on her. I'd be so ashamed...she needs to find JOY IN HER HEART or's just not right to treat other people like that. What goes around..comes around..
    xo bj

  • bj know what I think is sooooo funny. That she doesn't like you anymore but sure as hell reads your blog. That is crazy!!