Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is My Secret Santa Single? 'Cause If She Is, I'm Willing to Switch Teams For Her.

I'm not sure who my Secret Santa from Georgie and Amy's Secret Santa Soiree is, but holy crap, I hit the jackpot with her!  We all had a limit.  A $20 limit.  Basically she hit it with the shipping!  And then... then I open this box filled to the brim with wonderful goodies!   Oh my goodness, I was doing Gloria's happy dance again!

I forgot myself and ripped open the package before taking a picture of it.  Well, I couldn't really rip it because it had miles and miles of the most unusual turquoise colored tape on it and it was some really sticky stuff.  But, I did manage to get hold of myself and grabbed the camera just in the nick of time.

Look at how cute she decorated the package!  Notice, she even drew a snowman and then put a snowman head sticker atop his cute body.

Artistic, right?

Then I slowly tore through that bitch like there was no tomorrow opened the box to find this...

 Look at all that pretty, sparkling paper!

Soooooooo sweet...

 I was just about to rip into those two puppies when I turned them over and found this...

Yep, she even thought to send something for each of the girls!  Mikayla was more than happy to pose for a picture with her pretty trinket box, but Madison, although completely thrilled said, "No pictures!"

Look Elizabeth!  My other kid is wearing your bracelet too!

My secret Santa loves me.  I mean, really loves me.  'Cause look at all this loot!!!

"J" Post-Its...

The most adorable metal mermaid that I hung on Gregory Peck for her shot.  And oops, I got Strudel's furry ass in the picture. 

A little bottle of yummy smelling antibacterial, but I didn't take a picture of that because, well... it's antibacterial stuff!

I have wanted one of these flameless candles for a while now, but every time I pick one up I say, "Naw, I'm not going to spend $10 on that right now.  But look!  Now I don't hafta!!!

Look at those two adorable snow people embracing!

And soooo pretty when it's living with my other snow people and turned on!

Ooh!  And look at these!  Four of them!  I haven't decided where to put them yet but I love love loves them!!!  Can you love snowman place mats, Shelia?  You bet your melting snowball you can!

And oh my goodness, I loved these on the spot, even though I had no clue what I would do with them.  But then it hit me.... berries!

Is this not the coolest thing?  Five little bottles with snow flakes, all held in a metal holder.  Don't the berries look great in there?  I'm going to get some of that fake snow stuff and put it in the bottles to hide the stems.  I LOVES THESE!!!!!

So did I make out like a bandit, or what?

Dear Secret Santa,

I don't know who you are or if you're married.  I am, but that can be changed, because after seeing all the love and thought you put into this package, I'm ready to take a leap of faith and become a lesbian.  I also see that you're from Massachusetts.  I've heard your state is beautiful and if I moved in with you we could enjoy long snowy nights by the fire, admiring all my goodies.  I mean the goodies in the box!  No!  No!  The cardboard box, you tart!  Ahem, as I was saying.  I love snow.  I love presents.  I love ocean breezes and cozy nights by the fire.  If you're willing, I'm willing.  Just putting it out there for ya!

Love love love,

Your Secret Santa Recipient
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