Friday, May 22, 2009

My Dog Ate It

How many times have you heard that excuse used? Well let me tell you, sometimes it's the truth, the whole truth and, nothing but the truth!

Since having Strudel here for the past month and a half, nothing, and I mean nothing within her reach is safe. Puppies in general, and goldens in particular are known for chewing and/or eating anything that comes their way. Unfortunately, in my case, this also includes my skin. It's painful enough when she gets in her "play" bite mode and she sinks those puppy hypodermic needle-like teeth into me. It's much worse when I stupidly pull away while said teeth are sunk into my skin.

My poor ugly foot!

They say that eggs are really good for your dog's shiny coat and I'm all for that. Unfortunately, nobody told Strudel that you're not supposed to eat a hard boiled egg with the shell still on it. All Jimmy's fault, of course. He was doing his weekly boiling and peeling of 36 eggs and obviously one got away from him. So now we're back to funky Strudel poop, but this time it was kind of cute looking. I won't go into details, just that it reminded me of something like this. Mmm... chocolate with coconut!

I don't mind when she stalks and then eats a bug that's crawling around out here on the patio. One less thing to bite me and cause me to commit buggy murder.

And I do realize that for a dog it's got to be fun chasing around a hopping toad and picking it up with your mouth. But toad skin has some mild toxins in it and if your dog eats one he or she will be foaming at the mouth like Cujo within seconds. It is because of this that I found myself diving after a toad last week, trying to grab it and at the same time keep Strudel from pouncing on it joyfully.

But not all things that Strudel deems tasty are actually, well, edible in any way. We've been having a hell of a time getting her house trained, so Jimmy suggested that maybe I should try wee wee pads. I figured, what the hell? I've tried everything else. So, I spent $10 on a pack of them, put one down and left the room.

She ate it.

No, not just shredded it and played with it. She ATE IT. All that was left was a bit of fluff here and there. I shit you not. And she peed it not. Er...

So! This is all normal puppy stuff, correct? This is all stuff I can deal with, however annoying it can be. But then. THEN she messed with something of mine that is near and dear to me, something that keeps me at least partially sane. Something of which I cannot live without. Something that if I have to live without, everyone around me is going to suffer.

My computer's power cord.


But somehow, even though she'd bitten right through the protective covering and the wires were exposed, it was still working. Until the other day when I decided to switch outlets.

I plugged my computer into the kitchen outlet, then turned around to get a glass of water. Suddenly, I hear a POOF, and turn around to find a puff of smoke and the cord in two pieces. One on the floor, the other dangling out of the outlet.

But wait, this wasn't just a power cord. This was a brand new, $48 power cord I'd just bought two weeks ago. After I'd dropped the first one from the counter to the kitchen floor SPLAT!

I kind of lost it then. I mean, I'd bought my laptop used from Buffie's husband, Mike less than a year ago. But now the great deal I got wasn't going to be so great if I had to invest $100 in power cords, right?

So I bought a new laptop.

I believe it's a cheap piece of crap, and it's damn tiny too, with only a 10.1" screen. But ya know what? I'm happy. I can't wait till it gets here. And ya know what else? It's red! And that? Totally excites me.

I'm hoping that by some miracle the two-piece power cord can be spliced back together and work again, this way my old laptop can be passed on to Mikayla. I really was kind of fond of my little Dell Dinosaur and don't want to see him rotting in electronic purgatory.

So we'll now be a four-laptop family. Jimmy, with his lightning fast Dell from work, me, with my $329 Acer (but it's RED!), Mikayla with an old Dell that's been passed down through the ages, and Madison, the almost 8-year-old with the $1,700 MAC. Oh yeah, we're all about equality here.

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

47 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Jason, as himself

    Hey, things looks so different around here I thought I was in the wrong blog!

    These puppy casualties are brutal! Especially the power cord one. That one takes the cake.

  • Ann

    A red laptop... I LOVE it!

    I also have a fondness for red shoes. And red purses. Funny, nothing else I wear is red, just those things.

    Happy VGNO Justine!!! (And try to keep all valuables up - up - UP high!)

  • Jill

    OMG!! My cat broke one of my brown vases in my bathroom (shattered and not repairable) and the ear of my beloved kitchen pig (glued back on but I see a line and the of course bugs me).

    Your poor foot, looks painful!

    Dave has a really nice HP and Alex has a nice Dell..........I have a dinosaur desktop in my kitchen nook, but it's so slow that my bunchkin takes pity on me and let's me use her laptop. Took me quite awhile to learn how to use the mousepad and I STILL send messages before I am done! Oh well. Love your red laptop-- very very cool. Have you checked Craigslist for a power cord??

    Great post,

  • Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    Two words...Bitter Apple! Seriously. You can spray that on your feet, hands or anything that Strudel bites and the biting will stop. Also, power cords also. We have a 3 month old baby Huey/aka a pit bull puppy. He has eaten the outside furniture and my shoes. But that was before bitter apple. You can find it at Petsmart.

    I sympathize with the potty thing too. Humble (baby Huey) doesn't get it either.

    Hang in there.

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    Oh my dear friend, you've only just begun! Oh yeah, the bitter apple does work. I used the ointment kind to cover all the furniture legs when Murphy was little...

  • Tami

    Oooh my gosh! I'm rolling, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I seriously DONT mean to laugh, but I can picture your face, and the expression of puppie eating her wee wee pad, and the bit of fluff.. ROLLLLING *clenching stomach. and the cord.
    I DON'T mean to laugh, but my Lord woman, the way you wrote it, I'm dyin!

    Sorry for your skin too..hahaHilarious. I mean sorry.
    You made my night, and I needed that!

    You rock!

  • Shauna

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ HUGS ♥

  • xinex

    Ouch! That bite looks painful. You have a hungry dog, or is he teething? Lucky Madison for getting the best laptop deal! Justine, the coconut cupcakes are really good, especially the cream cheese icing on them....Christine

  • roy/elisabeth dean

    I KNOW what you mean! Joe Cocker is eating everything in sight. I've already tossed many shoes out that he has chewed. This week he has eaten a couch pillow and all of the fringe off the dining room rug. He has a bit of seperation anxiety!
    I hope you are putting antibiotic ointment on that foot! Ouch!
    Like the new computer! I should look into that for Molly~
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Ginger

    I forgot to tell you, I love the new look of your blog. Did you do all that yourself? Very cool.
    I hate puppy teeth, they are so stinking sharp they can penetrate anything. I thought you were keeping the little fur munchkin in a training kennel.
    I am so bad at housebreaking puppies, the last two dogs I've gotten were adults cause I couldn't go through that again. Puppies are adorable though, I just can't afford to replace everything they chew up.
    Why does Jimmy hard boil so many eggs? Hard boiled eggs do get stinky after they digest. lol.

  • Donna Marie

    Holy Puppy Poop Girl!!!! That little puppy sounds busy as a bee! Geez... be bit your foot, the eggs, a frog, your power cord...geez..what next? A red Acer??? Keep your eyes on that little bugger!!!!

    Your little Acer looks hot! I got a new HP for xmas... I love it! My Sony Viao was 2 days older than dirt! I was sooo happy to get a new one!

    Donna Marie

  • Tootsie

    bad puppy!!! laptop is red too!!!!
    hang in there Justine....I was thinking of you when I watched that movie Marley and Me....DON'T WATCH IT
    my eyes are puffy still from all the bawling I did last night!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    You know that I would totally have loved it if you posted the poop and shells incident. I'm just that kind of dirty girl, lol.

    So did the plastic part of the wee wee pad come out yet? My dummy dog used to eat the plastic newspaper wrappers, and yep, sometimes it had to be PULLED out of his rear end after he ate it! *shudder*

    That really sucks that he bit through your power cord! At least you got another computer, so that rocks.


  • Cathy

    My sister in law has a big golden..he was a one of my post a few weeks back.. he eats the dry wall in the garage. He ate her brake line of her suv.. but he is a sweety pie

  • Holy Crappers

    Ya gotta love the puppies!! I was lucky, Rosie is small, didn't bother too much with our stuff. Toilet paper was her downfall. Had to make sure bathroom doors were closed at all times.

    Take care of that bite on your leg, looks nasty.


  • Amy

    Madison is my kind of girl.. joining the Mac family!

  • nikkicrumpet

    It's funny what we put up with from our dogs!! Crumpet was a total power cord chewer...if it transferred electricity...he ate it! He chewed through so many cords and cost us soooo much money. The biggest was him chewing through the cord to the salt system we put into our pool. We paid a ton extra to get the salt system so we didn't need to use the harsh chemicals...he spent 10 minutes ruining it. I thought my hubby would kill him for sure. He also chewed through the pump cord to our pond and all of our outdoor lighting. Thankfully they grow out of that stage eventually!

  • Joyce

    Love puppy stories. Wonder if your dog lights up now when he poops:) My dog ate a full white sports sock (mid calf length) and I thought the washing machine ate it. You guessed was like a slot machine the next day he expressed it. Gotta love those puppies to make you laugh or else you would pull your hair out:)

  • Swirl Girl

    Not a 'dog' person myself. I go for fish.

    And I want a laptop all my own. No matter what size.

  • Grand Pooba

    Ouch! Poor foot! When my dog was a puppy he at all my shoes. And when I say all, I mean ALL my shoes!

  • Happy To Be

    May you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  • Elizabeth

    Have you tried cage-training her? Or have you gone to any classes with her? We found that worked really well with our dogs.
    BTW, I really like your new profile picture. I've got to get one, too!

  • squawmama

    Yupper girlfriend... We once had a puppy who ate a couch... No not the whole couch but the entire dust ruffle off of the front... Staples and all... Then she got up on a chair to my desk and got the RED roll on ink and bite it on YES my white carpet... so do puppies get into things,,, YES!!! Strudel is normal... Loved all your little stories though... Have a Safe HOLIDAY weekend... Love YA


  • Dawn

    I HATE the puppy training stage. But, I love puppy breath.

    Girl, you have a way of telling a story that has me laughing out loud!!!

  • dana

    He reminds me of my pet rabbit. Yep. Had one for 8 years. 100% litter box trained. But rabbits like to CHEW THINGS. I had noticed that no one had called me for three peaceful days....then I noticed the telephone cord....hanging....into space. Then I started moving furniture like an mover, and ALL my cords were chewed in two. I'll never know what kept him from getting electrocuted.

  • Cole

    1. LOVE the new look of your blog.
    2. Puppy proofing is a biatch.
    3. add character, and I have tons of puppy bite scars to prove it.
    4. At least it's a good excuse to buy new stuff!!

  • Kris

    OUCH!! Those little bites can be the worse.

    I'm sorry, but I think it's hilarious Struddle ate the weewee pads. :)


  • Fragrant Liar

    Puppies are galloping tornadoes. So are kittens (and I should know, as my arms have all the playful bites and clawmarks to prove it). But you gotta love 'em anyway, right?

    Congrats on the new laptop. Now you can keep on keepin' on with the waltzing fingers. :)

  • Lavender Chick

    Wow! I've missed a lot in the past week.... Love your new look! It's very fitting. Also, I'm loving that Strudel. Enjoyed the videos at the beach. And - just so you know, we'll be blogging along together on our red laptops!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Shall I say it? I WARNED YOU ABOUT GETTING A DOG! lmao!!!!

  • Lisa (aka) French

    Ouch on the foot and thank goodness its you and not me dealing with that chewing I hate that about dogs er pups lol!! French;)

  • Shelia

    Oh, my goodness, Justiney! You've got yourself a little booger! You know I've heard about a spray that is supposed to keep the puppy from biting what ever is sprayed with it! I can't think what it's called!

    Sorry about your puter, but hey, you're getting a new tiny red one! Hope you'll like it!

    Yes, that's my house.

    Hope you put some antiseptic on your nasty looking bite!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Cathy

    Now listen sister..anything that has web feet are duckies in world plus I was yelling at G not to run over them.. I was a mess...anyways. They were awful cute little geeeeeese...

  • Rachelle

    Boy, you have sure got your hands full with Strudel! And isn't it amazing how our kids end up with all the really nice stuff and we have to settle for less? Good luck with your new computer!

  • MJ's doghouse

    I am not sure if they sell it in the states or not...but my puppy was a heck of a chewer 8 years ago....she ate anything...and the first 15 month cost us about 1800 bucks in vet we bought pet costs us about 25.oo a month....for a dog....and worth every penny...we have never ever had to use it and she is almost good luc....oh and ACers are supposed to be really good computers for the price...and red is really cool

  • Yaya

    Oh the puppy stage. Let's see, our dog Max ate a couch and 3 chairs. Yup, you heard me right. He burned through our whole family room, Luckily we were fresh out of college at that point so everything was hand-me-downs, but still. Oh and I used to sell Mary Kay and he ate about $100 worth of merchandise.

  • xinex

    Hi Justine! Thanks for coming by. Happy Memorial Day, hope your day's going well so far. We're in Pensacola to visit John's dad but driving home soon, about a 5 hr drive. Anyway, I made 50 favors. Thank goodness it was a small wedding. I made 250 on my youngest daughter's wedding a few years ago but a different one. About Estonia, we went there because it was an itinerary included in our Scandinavian tour but never knew about it until then. Take care!..Christine

  • Lindsey!

    I keep thinking I want a new puppy till I remember all the things that get destroyed when you have a puppy:)
    Good like fixing the old power should work I have done it with three cell phone chargers!

  • raxx a day in the life

    Ok, my keyboard at home stopped working, it's cordless, I checked the batteries, nothing........ heesh!!

    So here I am commenting late on your blog, oh I tried using the onscreen keyboard, that is sooooo crappy!

    Anywho, seriously, did you get your foot checked? it looks bad! I remember when my rott was a puppy, sneakers and slippers were destroyed, bycycle wheels, wow, it was bad.

    How many computers does one home need??? We have the one desktop, and a laptop, we never use the laptop and it's fine! one per person?? Americans..........

    Good thin little strudel is so cute though.

  • Mariah

    Strudel didn't mean to, she was just hungry. Liking the new look, it's so 'springy'

  • LoveMy2Dogs

    We USED to have a puppy just like yours. She would eat and/or chew anything that wasn't at least six feet off the floor. I know it is no fun. Needless to say we had to give her away to someone with a fenced in yard where she could run and play. Whew, thank goodness.

    And what is up with the weekly 36 hard boiled eggs?

  • AndreaLeigh

    love the red laptop! woo hoo!

    george ate the pee pee pads as well. I finally gave up on using them. he ate poop as well. he's decimated my computer cord and my hot glue gun cord.

    what a stinker.

  • DysFUNctional Mom

    Hey, I saw your comment over @ Texas Word Tangle and had to come visit. I live not far from you and visit your area every chance I get! We were just there on Sunday.
    I love your pet pics, and had to laugh at the laptop cord fiasco! I looove goldens.
    Anyway, come visit my blog sometime & it's nice to "meet" you!

  • Tami

    I wanted to tell you..I have something for ya over at my blog. come by and get it =)

  • sue

    that was your foot?? I wish you showed the whole foot cuz I'm thinkin that sure doesn't look like a foot to me! SEE, I'm just glad the dog is yours and not mine LOL!!

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    Studel reminds me of one of those " Whole Tree Mulcher" machines. I bet he makes the same sounds when everythings going in and coming out! YIKES!

    Sweet wishes,

  • Four in Costa Rica

    I haven't been so happy to be dog-free since I read Marley & Me! The dog biscuits are very cute though.

    Love the springy new look of the blog!