Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunday Scramble

Here I am again, twisted and disconnected thoughts awaiting your perusal.  Let's get started, shall we?

    • Thursday was Strudel's 1-year birthday!  We celebrated by doing... nothing.  According to Golden  owners far and wide, a  Golden Retriever stays in the puppy stage for a good 2 years.  Yay me. Not sure I can survive it.  This week?  She ate two pencils, my new-ish throw pillow, the new, $20 remote Jimmy just bought a couple weeks ago, another People magazine and a tennis ball. All dogs love tennis balls, right?  Well, Strudel loves them so much that she tears them into teeny tiny pieces. 

    Gotta love this dog.  Or hate her.  I'll leave it up to you.

      She looks so innocent, but I promise you, she's not.  In fact, she's not even allowed on the couch!

        • Wednesday night I was running late to pick up the girls at CCD (religious education).  I was shoveling spaghetti in my face as quick as I could but even so only had time to eat half of it.  I quickly grabbed my purse and ran out the door.  Halfway there I realized I was wearing my slippers (okay, I'll be honest and say I pick them up wearing my slippers most of the time, and on purpose) and no bra.  Yes, no bra... with the DDs flappin' in the breeze.  I had to walk to their classrooms with my arms crossed over my chest. Not an easy feat considering my boob to arm- length ratio.
        • Sinead and her family are here!!!  Not sure when I'll get to see her because they're in a kind of moving-from-Hawaii limbo.  They're here, but all their shit is somewhere on the Pacific ocean.  It could be a month or more before they have any furniture.   While on the phone with Nade yesterday she whined in my ear, "It's cold here!  I don't like it!  I want to go back to Hawaii!"  What a pussy.  This is Florida, she's from NY for cripe's sake, where we used to endure blizzards.  She's crying because it's 65 degrees. She may just wake up on Sunday and start sobbing when she realizes the high for the day is only supposed to be 56 degrees.  Bwaa haa haaaaaaaaaaaa!
        • Do your tomatoes wear diapers?  Well, mine do.  But only the ugly ones.  I shit you not, I even took a picture for you. 

            Why do they call these ugly tomatoes?  I don't think they're ugly at all.  Nice and red and with just a few puckery wrinkles.  To me, that just gives a tomato character. Sure, this one has a tiny bruise but it's not his fault... someone obviously mishandled him.  Poor thing.

            So as I was saying, Publix always seems to have the ugly tomatoes in these foam diapers.  Can't for the life of me figure out why.  And isn't this discrimination against the Romas, the fresh-on-the-vines, the Beefsteaks, etc. etc.?  Why don't they get foam diapers?

            • Okay, who here has read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol?  This is so not my typical kind of read, but after hearing Jimmy nag me for months on end to read it, I either had to actually crack it open and give it a try, or take the book and bash him over the head with it.  Whereas I wish I could say I did the latter, I'm actually glad I did the former.  This book rocked my face off, as Amity would say.

                And now I have him reading this series...


                Frickin' awesome books, but I don't think he's ever read a book with actual sex scenes in it.  I may have traumatized him for life.  Goody!
                • As I sit here out in my bitch cave in the absolutely freezing 61.5 degree weather, I can hear Mikayla inside, yelling at Jimmy.  She just said, "Daddy! Stop it with the popcorn now!  You're disgusting!"  Jimmy has this thing with eating the un-popped kernels and I can attest that the sound of him crunching them is, in fact, disgusting.

                • And now, for my favorite bloggy quote of the week:
                This one comes to you from my friend Recia, at The Crazy Train.  The reason this quote had me peeing my pants is because Mikayla just pulled this one on me a few weeks ago.

                "If you are the spanking probably have good kids...but in some places it's frowned upon. CHILDREN KNOW THIS...who the hell told them? SO they might respond to their punishment with "I'll call CPS" and you can respond with..."well they'll have to find your body first" :)"
                •  Note to Self:  Please remember Recia's come-back to that particular threat.

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                  22 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

                  • bj

                    Strudel is too sweet looking to be doing all those mean things...I love that tomatoe diaper..have never, in my entire life, seen them before...
                    I seldom, SELDOM, ever wear a bra..Just hate them so much but....I do wear panties!!
                    This has been such a H.A.R.D. day...going to bed RIGHT NOW...
                    love, bj

                  • Sook

                    ha ha the first picture cracked me up! :)

                  • Anonymous

                    Strudel looks like such an angel, how can he be so destructive? LOL. I love the Bitch Cave idea, maybe that's why I love my little office, it's not in the mainstream of the house. Couldn't be outside though, I'm not tough enough.

                    Love Ya,

                  • Amy

                    Yeah..I admit, she sure looks innocent.. but those eyes don't fool me! NO BRA? OMG.. you are a brave woman. I would LOVE to have 65 degrees right now. It's in the 20's here, with 5 inches of white stuff... yuck! Tomato diapers.. nope.. never seen them before... I think their kinda cute. I'm sure its to keep them from getting more bruised... don't ya think? Hilarious quote... never know when that one may come in handy.

                  • blueviolet

                    I think Strudel is especially adorable but I don't know how she got to be such a naughty one!!!!

                    So glad Sinead is nearly there!

                    I think my daughter is reading the Dan Brown book. She's read everything he's written so I guess that says something.

                    Happy Sunday, woman!

                  • Resh Rene`

                    Bahaha I just finished my jump on the bed and scream "Justine quoted me " dance!!!. The hubs said he quotes me all the time...hmmmm wonder what he wants?

                    I can not believe she is that distructive. Yeah I can who am I kidding, we had one just like her but in pit bull form.

                    Talk about cold wait till you see what happened last night cause it was cold...I actually have some pictures to prove it!

                    Glad u scrambled this morning.

                  • MommaPebz

                    Strudel is just adorable!!!!! She looks like a little trouble maker though lol!

                  • Anonymous

                    OK, first off.........get dressed to pick up your children! That's just wrong having your "girls" bouncing away.

                    Never seen diaper wearing tomatoes in the midwest. Of course I don't grocery shop either.

                    Strudel is a hand full, that is for sure. Your uncle David keeps telling you on FB to get rid of her!

                    I like to eat the half way popped kernels of corn! Oh well, to each his own.

                    She is a's about 25 degrees here right now.

                    Gotta check into that book.

                    Have a great day! KIKI

                  • Picket

                    lol oh my word I am dying here..BJ's comment about not wearing a bra but she does wear panties!!!!! oh lordy...that woman is a riot!!!!! ok ok I would have to find a crack and crawl in it if I left the house 'unharnessed'!!!!! lol lol Girl you went to their school like that??????? lol lol You a full growed woman..have I taught you nothing!!!!! lol One day mama forgot to put her's on and she went into Wal-Mart...told daddy she wasn't going all the way back home just for that...but hey she is 74...she can be free! lol lol
                    Love the pic of Strudel...she will mellow out one day and you will love her even more..I sure miss my litle Maggie...thanks for the laugh girl...I better close this 'book' or autograph it one...catch you on the farm sweetie! ~Picket~

                  • Sam

                    Aww, I like the idea of Sunday Scramble. I'm off to work in a few, but I'll definitely try to get over here and participate next week!

                    I'm totally following you now... That's AWESOME that you like Ghost Hunters, hehe! Have you ever watched Ghost Adventures? The guys are yummy over there :)

                  • Anonymous

                    Happy Birthday Strudel!!! So cute!!
                    Well...not the remote eating part...

                    I haven't read a book in over a year...oy.....

                  • wendy

                    That quote was funny. My mom used to tell me when I was little "behave, or I'll bury you in the back yard next to your sister". YIKES.
                    I believe in "controlled" spankings.

                    No bra ---Ahhhh, feels so good doesn't it.

                    doggy so cute --hard to believe he is so destructive, but you always have PROOF . We are looking for a standard sized Red Poodle. I really want one. But then again I think, I don't want to house train it and all the "puppy things" that go along with that eh.

                    65 degrees-----------SHUT THE CRAP UP. It is not even zero here today. BUT, the sun is shinning. Hawaii, sh-miaii

                    love tomatoes --especially on grilled cheese sandwiches.

                    ta ta my friend, this got a little long

                  • Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria

                    Girl I have never seen a diaper on a tomatoe...must be a fl. thingy ha ha!! Are tomatoes are house broke in Calif. Strudel is so cute girl...I had a golden and it was always a puppy good luck...Hope you have a GREAT Sunday my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

                  • Shelia

                    Oh, Justiney, just the smile I needed today! Strudel is so precious looking but I can see 'the devil dog' in those pretty little peepers! I'm just trying to be funny, she's adorable. Sorry she chews up everything!
                    Now I love the picture in my head of you bopping in to get the girls with your DD flying in the wind! :)
                    You're a hoot and a half! :)
                    Be a sweetie,
                    Shelia ;)

                  • Tootsie

                    strudel...I'll take her/him...whatever

                    never checked my boob to arm

                    cold? WTH???? send them here...then they can complain! Florida???? give me a break...I'd probably be wearing shorts and tank tops! ha ha

                    I'd love to link in...but I have NOTHING to say! will email soon...miss ya

                  • Robin Costello (Delswife)

                    Sooooo, what happens when you take off the tomato diaper? Does it shit all over the place? ;)

                  • NurseChessie

                    Sorry I'm late here, but I worked yesterday.. I must say that I am laughing my ass off about the "they have to find your body first" quote. awesome, really.
                    Next, is that I just finished naked in death and I LOVED IT!!! but jimmy is totally in for it with the sex scenes! lol. and for the record my last book took me 6 months to read.. and I finished this one in under a month. yay me! thanks for the good referral

                    love ya
                    see ya soon

                  • Michele

                    Awwww...sweet, sweet Strudel...just love that face!

                    Ha, I wish I had that comeback about finding the body first. Cassie used that response to me when I backhanded her in the mouth when she smarted off to me. Dammit...and I broke one of her brackets on her braces too..!

                    Yup, Glenn and I ice fish in one of them houses out on the's toooo fun!


                  • Cole

                    I wanted to participate this week... but it's been a rough few days. I promise I'll partake next Sunday. :-)

                    Happy Birthday to Strudel!! That picture of her is great.

                    No bra in a church?!?! That might be the most action your priest has gotten in years!

                    I have never seen a tomato in a diaper. I'm kind of fascinated by it...

                  • angie

                    That tomato looks so delicious. I'm laughing about you in the freezing cold 61 degree weather. I'm in the same boat. And then I see that some people have like 40 inches of snow. :)

                  • Jason, as himself

                    1-Cute golden! I love that face.

                    2-I read The Lost Symbol, and yes, it was quite good, but I liked Angels and Demons and Davinci Code better.

                    3-I'm so glad I don't need to remember things like bras.

                  • Grand Pooba

                    boob to arm ratio? LMAO!!! So what is your ratio anyway?

                    I need to read that dan brown book. Alex finished it a long time ago and it's just been sitting on the shelf waiting for me.

                    So what religion is CCD with?